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Robert Fisk’s Douma report rips away excuses for air strike on...

It seems that many who supported the weekend’s air strikes on Syria are overlooking the significance of Robert Fisk’s report today from Douma, the...

Dr. Shakeel’s Venality — An Analysis in the retrospect

"The so-called Human Rights Commission of Pakistan and other elements referred to above have been bragging that the requirements of transparent trial in case of Shakeel Afridi have not been fulfilled, a wrong impression they want to spread amongst the public and also endorsing the American plea on the criminality of Afridi. They forget that the man has been convicted by a court of law under the relevant provisions of FCR for having links with the terrorist organization. Justice will take its own course when his trial commences in the regular court for the Abbotabad crime, carried out for a foreign spying agency against the interests of the land."

NATO War Council to target Syria

"The U.S. and NATO have been itching for a pretext to attack Syria, and Turkey, the only NATO member to border the country, has always been the pretext which would be employed to justify military action against the Arab nation....Last Friday's incident and the NATO meeting following it signal the fourth act in a tragedy that the world community has precious little time to stop."

Resumption of NATO Supplies and its Consequences

"More than a decade has lapsed and now every Pakistani is in the know of the situation we are confronted with. Our so-called allies are now turned into our worse enemies, ever ready to inflict heavy blows on us in whatever shape they can manage to do. We have lost more than 45 thousand souls including more than 5000 of our armed personnel. We have been ruined economically in the so-called war on terrorism, by having received a colossal loss of more than 75 billion dollars. Our atomic installations are under threat both from India and Israel backed by the same ‘friend’ of ours. During this trying period the U.S. made the civil nuclear deal with India to our utter dismay. We were threatened every time and for the most part kept off by mere promises."

Unending Wars against Mankind: Afghanistan and Iraq

"Afghan landscape tells its own story with millions uprooted from ancestral homes and forced to go to foreign countries in search of protection and mere human survival. The aggressors do not wish to see the problem, that they are the real problem, not otherwise. How soon the aggressors would leave Afghanistan, nobody can tell. The ancient and civilized people of Iraq and Afghanistan know it well who are the peacemakers and who are the aggressors."



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