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Ireland: Overcoming a History of Hurt

One hundred and seventy years ago, Ireland was in the throes of a genocidal famine during which the island lost between twenty to twenty-five...

Pakistan – Losing Sight

"Pakistan needs a strategic change and new policy direction disconnecting its affiliation with the US warmongering - a new political system and indeed much desired New Leadership. There is no systematic mechanism to expect this change to come out of the piled up political garbage of the PPP-Generals' administration. The logical way out is the immediate formation of a non-partisan civilian government replacing the Zardari gang, and under new, educated and intelligent leadership providing a breathing space and an opportunity to make the navigational change, out of the prevalent and dangerous political present."

Iran’s Islamic vision of the Arab uprising

"...Tehran has accused the West of deliberately trying to save Gaddafi by prolonging its military operation. Many state-run media have declared that had NATO leaders desired to overthrow Gaddafi, they could have done so in much the same way they overthrew Saddam Hussein in 2003. Instead, the West wants to keep Gaddafi in power, but as a weak leader. This enables it to penetrate Libya and control its huge gas and oil resources. Once again, there is no mention of the social issues involved in the Libyan crisis."

Mobilizing for September?

"The September initiative does not exist on its own. It is part of a wider political campaign. But by the same token, if it does represent a significant opportunity to further the liberation of Palestine, do we have the luxury of ignoring it? The discussion must be held, and soon."

The wages of Palestinian ambiguity

"By asking the UN to dictate a solution to the territorial issue--a state within the 1967 lines with its capital in Jerusalem--the Palestinian leadership is in effect accepting a partial settlement, restricted to territory, in order to bypass its own impossible preconditions for a comprehensive settlement. Yet a UN resolution rejected by Israel could merely exacerbate the conflict."



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