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"Our treatment of the African refugees and migrants has nothing to do with the old conflict with the Arabs. It cannot be justified with arguments that concern the war and national security....This is Racism, pure and simple."

A nation that wants to live in peace

"No country in the contemporary age can claim or testify that Iranians have plotted to undermine their security and stability. Iran hasn't ever threatened any country with military expeditions to expand its ideology. The revolution of Iranians in 1979 was that of a kind of culture and religion. Iranians have always longed for living in peace and tranquility. It's Iran's independence and its non-alignment with the world's superpowers that troubles them."

The War Party is alive and kicking

"This is not the first time Grass has come out with critical views of Israel. In a 2001 interview with Spiegel Online, he offered a solution for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. “Israel doesn’t just need to clear out of the occupied areas,” he said at the time. “The appropriation of Palestinian territory and its Israeli settlements are also a criminal activity. That not only needs to be stopped -- it also needs to be reversed. Otherwise there will be no peace.” Again, Grass is right. But who is listening to him and who will stop Israel? Surely not those who could have made a difference to bring a peaceful solution to the problem!"

Murder Is Legal, Says Eric Holder

"If the people of Iraq and Afghanistan hadn't risen up and defeated the trillion-dollar U.S. military with some homemade bombs and cell phones, and were Iran not threatening to fight back if attacked, this might be all fun and games.  Except that Holder isn't talking about those wars that still sort of look like wars.  He's talking about a war paralleling the Soviet Threat, a war that is everywhere all the time, a war that encompasses the murder of anybody anywhere as an "act of war," even if there's nothing warlike about the victim or the situation other than the fact that we are mudering him or her."

The Laughing Beast

"If the Israeli army were to announce that it was entering Syria to rid it of its dictator, and would withdraw immediately after, people would laugh. Israel? Withdraw? Israel entered Lebanon in 1982 to “free an area up to 40 kilometers from the border of Palestinian terrorists”, and it took it 18 years to leave - and that only after losing an intensive guerilla war. Israel occupied the Syrian Golan Heights in 1967 and has shown no intention of ever leaving....If Israel did anything about the Syrian situation – did anything at all – the whole world would ask itself: What are those Israelis up to now? What are their devious designs?"



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