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A History of Idiocy

I am furious. And I have good reason to be furious. I was going to write an article about a subject I have been thinking...

Arab Leadership Quagmire: Do they need more weapons or more wisdom?

The GCC Arab Leadership Puzzle Western political dinner tables spare not a day without hollow waves of laughter about what the Arab leaders say and...

Master of Mischief

"The creeping enlargement of the settlements is reaching a point where every Palestinian village is surrounded by them, making life for the Palestinians intolerable – especially since young settlers carry out almost daily acts of terrorism (so defined by Israeli security officials), physically attacking villagers, burning mosques, houses and cars and felling olive trees."

Also broken in Ramallah

"The Arab Spring might have taken some time to reach Palestine, but as one Arab leader said, spring is a season that comes back every year....For a long time Palestinians were willing to put aside differences because of the need to unite against the Israeli occupier, which does not differentiate between Palestinians. However, more and more Palestinians are becoming convinced that their acquiescence to and support for the current Palestinian leadership should not be taken for granted....The bones that were broken in Ramallah this week will take long to heal. The political hurt is likely to be felt much after the physical injury heals. The faster this issue is taken seriously the better for all."


"Our treatment of the African refugees and migrants has nothing to do with the old conflict with the Arabs. It cannot be justified with arguments that concern the war and national security....This is Racism, pure and simple."