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Ramaphosa at SAJBD: Pandering to Apologists for Israel’s Apartheid Regime or...

President Cyril Ramaphosa is due to address South Africa's Jewish Board of Deputies (SAJBD), in what has become a ritual for leaders of the...

British Defence Chief: NATO absolves Germany of Nazi Past

"When Germany was reunited in 1990, contrary to the George H.W. Bush administration's pledge to Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev, NATO immediately moved not only "one inch" but over 200 miles to the east, beginning the process of absorbing all the Soviet Union's former partners in the now defunct Warsaw Pact....Germany has aided NATO's expansionist and expeditionary designs in the past thirteen years and NATO has rewarded it: Germany is now the world's third largest weapons exporter, its arms sales abroad increasing with each succeeding year."

Dragons of Greed slain by common man; Think what he could...

"The way to stop the insanity is the same way we stopped the debit card fees; you send your message to the president, to your congressman and to your senators. If we make enough noise, they will listen, or, they simply won't get reelected."

More outrage over Helen Thomas comment than Murder of U.S. citizen

"...while I don't agree with Thomas as I've already stated, it makes a difference to me that her comment was not given in her official reporting capacity but in response to an off-the-job question. Like everyone else, she is entitled to a personal opinion. Those who question her professional integrity need to provide evidence from her voluminous work to corroborate their concerns of potential professional bias...It is particularly disingenuous that Ari Fleischer should be the one to lead the call for her head...What moral authority does he have to call for the firing of a reporter who has served American audiences with integrity and honesty for decades while he himself was a mouthpiece of lies and propaganda that cost Americans their lives and treasures in a needless war?...If anyone should have been fired for offensive conduct, it was Fleischer, a man who duped - or allowed himself to be used to dupe - the American people."

"Liberating" Muslim Women

"Setting Islamophobic propaganda aside, societies and governments must work together to solve the negatives issues all women face in today’s world."



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