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Apartheid in Hebron

Last week Israel announced that the heart of Hebron would henceforth be a separate municipality directly governed by Israel's Civil Administration. There are about...


"Our treatment of the African refugees and migrants has nothing to do with the old conflict with the Arabs. It cannot be justified with arguments that concern the war and national security....This is Racism, pure and simple."

Norway: NATO rehearses for War in The Arctic

"The Standing NATO Mine Countermeasures Group 1 was deployed to the Norwegian Arctic island city of Tromsø for the exercise. NATO established a Joint Warfare Centre in Stavanger, which at the time hosted the nation's military command headquarters, in 2003. According to NATO's Norfolk, Virginia-based Supreme Allied Command Transformation, the center is "the jewel in the Crown of Allied Command Transformation."

Politicians being dumb and dangerous on Israel

"All this might just be dismissed as "political pandering" or more "harmless hot air" from politicians who specialize in both. But it is dangerous and has consequences.  In the first place, actions and statements like these send absolutely horrible messages overseas about the inability of American politics to deal fairly with any Middle East issue that involves Israel. And so these behaviors end up undercutting U.S. diplomacy. Secondly, these actions, and the bizarrely skewed, one-sided politics they reflect, tie the hands (or, at times, force the hands) of Administrations, negatively impacting the ability of policymakers to act. And finally, in the end, these comments and actions embolden hardliners in Israel and the Arab World, who both come to believe that there are no restraints on Israeli behavior and no way that Arab concerns will be heard or respected in U.S. policy debates....And so, far from being harmless hysteria or just plain dumb, all this posturing can be damaging and dangerous. It is a good part of the reason why we are in the mess we are in the Middle East and why a just resolution of the Arab-Israeli conflict appears to be so intractable."

America’s Gulf: Updating the Greatest Ever Environmental Crime

"Only corporate interests matter, not people whose lives they destroy, Obama officials doing nothing to help them - instead being complicit partners in the greatest ever environmental crime, whitewashing it by giving the all-clear, declaring "mission accomplished," and protecting corporate criminals at all costs."



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