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The Pornography of Violence

"It is this culture that glorifies violence through pre-emptive strikes not just in the towns and villages in harm’s ways in places like Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan but also everywhere within the USA. It finds excuses for the trigger-happy executioners that shoot and kill their victims (often a minority inside, and of ‘other’ race or religion outside the USA) without feeling any guilt or remorse. In a clear case of cognitive dissonance, the general public, mesmerized by hateful messages from the ultra-nationalist, racist and bigoted elements within the politics and political discourse of America, thus see no evil or crime for these criminals. At most, they see Zimmerman as a threatened victim within the society, and Bales as a victim of unpopular wars -- started by George W. Bush, and now continued by Barack Obama – who had made bad decisions or acted in self-defense....When America refuses to punish its criminals for their crimes against the ‘other’ people, it destroys more than its concept of justice. It devalues the lives of their victims. These criminals deserve the contempt of this nation and not either excuse or applause."

The savior in each of us

"Here we are 2000 years later still awaiting miracles from outside instead of believing that we can effect change as Jesus taught. The 1960s civil rights movement had a saying: ‘free your mind and your ass will follow’. Time will tell how many people (Westerners and Arabs, Christians, Muslims, or Jews) will run like scared lemmings over the cliff and into the abyss before enough people finally stand-up and free their minds."

The Mossad’s Pulitzer Prize Murder

"...here comes the overriding philosophy that Israel espouses and which the west in particular so surprisingly accepts time and again. Because it is a nation founded on guilt and on the belief that most of the world is "against them" Israel's so-called security considerations justify any and all abominations, first and foremost murder. This is the logic that Israel used in the killing of over 1,400 Palestinians in the Gaza Strip and the rationale for the assassination of Abu Jihad, Sheikh Yassin and Abdul Aziz Rantisi. This is why the Goldstone Report was trampled on by Israel and its allies and this is why Israel's occupation of Palestine has endured for over 40 years along with all the violations this entails for the occupied people."

The Goldstone Report and the debate in Israel

"...Judge Goldstone’s UN Report and its findings critical of Israel’s attack on Gaza found a significant measure of support from leading Israeli intellectuals and journalists. Hopefully, this criticism of Israel’s military tactics and treatment of the Palestinians in Gaza will cause many Israelis to reflect on their policies toward the Palestinians and to reconsider how Israel relies on the use of military force to achieve its political ends."

The Bailout of Abominations

"Yes, my friends, full-fledged socialism has finally arrived, not with the bloody violence that some commies hoped for, but with the shameful collaboration of the people’s elected representatives, under the guise of saving one and all from an impending financial and economic catastrophe too horrible to contemplate. Never mind that this whole rationale was little more than a Chicken Little tale--it worked, didn’t it? If you have any doubts, simply have a look at the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008."



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