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U.S. uses NATO for Black Sea military buildup

"The Black Sea region was completely inaccessible, was terra prohibita, to the Pentagon during the Cold War era. NATO expansion, with the incorporation of new members and partners, has opened the sea to U.S. military penetration, presence and use for what are termed downrange operations - armed interventions - to the east and the south."

State Department Reveals 21st Century NATO’s Global Priorities

"What has already been decided, as confirmed by Deputy Secretary Kaidanow on April 26, is that NATO will remain the world's only nuclear alliance, one which will continue stationing U.S. strategic weapons on air bases in European countries under NATO's nuclear sharing arrangement."

U.S. backs Japan in looming confrontation with Russia

"Japan is already one of the world's major military powers. The U.S. is the world's preeminent, having approved a World War Two-level $725 billion National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2011 in December....The two strategic military partners are preparing to confront their only competitors in East Asia and the Western Pacific: China and Russia. An altercation near a contested island grouping may prove the spark that sets off a conflagration involving the world's two main nuclear powers."

America to rearm Georgia for New Conflicts

"Never before have military forces from the world's two major nuclear powers been on opposing sides of a battle line during wartime....By increasing the provision of sophisticated weaponry to Georgia, Washington is taunting Russia on its southern border and running the risk of a military conflict that may draw it into a direct confrontation with its main nuclear rival."

America recruits Russia as Junior Partner to maintain Global Dominance

"Russia might also be confronted with territorial claims by Estonia, Latvia, Finland, Georgia and Ukraine and be compelled to make concessions in the Caspian Sea. The Kaliningrad exclave is not free from potential claims by Poland, Lithuania and even Germany...By aligning itself with the U.S. and NATO, Russia has nothing to gain and everything to lose."



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