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What’s the UN doing to Stopping Genocide of the Rohingyas of...

One of the sinister methods employed to justify genocide has been to deny the history of the targeted victims. And that is what the...

It’s Genocide. Full Stop.

"The most obvious and glaring flaw in the argument of those who insist on defining genocide by relying on huge numbers of dead and on numbers of dead compared to the total numbers in targeted groups is that they are useful only after the worst has occurred and the numbers of the dead, in their millions, can be estimated – when it is too late for the law to serve a prevention function. Reliance upon such definitions robs the Convention of its intended prevention function."

"Look upon your works, ye Israel, and despair"

"It is worth noting both that every Israeli Jew, with the exception of a religious group, is first an active-duty soldier for three years and then a reservist to age 55, and that it was a reserve major who massacred hundreds in Jenin in April 2002 while another crushed Rachel Corrie beneath his tracks and then reversed over her to ensure she was dead in Ghazza."



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