Sudan-Egypt relations are based on common constructive interests

Sudan-Egypt relations are based on common constructive interests

Khartoum (UNA-OIC) – Sudanese Prime Minister Dr. Abdalla Hamdok met here on Monday with visiting Egyptian delegation led by Finance Minister Dr. Mohamed Ahmed Muait, in the presence of Sudanese Finance Minister Dr. Jibril Ibrahim.

Hamdok said that the Sudanese-Egyptian relations are based on constructive common interests for the two countries. He added that the Egyptian delegation’s trip to Sudan is a practical response to the recent visit of the Sudanese delegation to Cairo.

The prime minister affirmed that the exchange of visits between the two countries would result in tangible projects and joint work programs to become a model for the African and Arab nations. He also praised Egypt’s experience in economic reform.

For his part, Finance Minister Dr. Jibril Ibrahim said in a press statement that Egypt’s experience in economic transformation is very useful and important for Sudan because of the similar economic conditions of the two countries. He described the Egyptian delegation’s visit as timely, in light of the current reform efforts in Sudan across all sectors, especially in the economic field.

In turn, Egyptian Finance Minister Dr. Mohamed Muait appreciated the firmness of the relations between Sudan and Egypt. He stressed the importance of cooperation and coordination between the two countries in the various economic fields, including trade exchange and the exchange of visits and experiences, as well as information about the Egyptian experience in the economic reform for the sake of enhancing the livelihood of citizens and improving Sudan’s financial conditions.

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