Stop sitting on the fence



Chances are if you are reading this, you are one of our regular visitors. But there is also a good chance that this is your first visit. In either case, the title of this article has just been changed to “get off your ass and do something about it.”  We have been warning for over a year that Sharon was out to add to his felonious rap sheet by steadily intensifying the dose of repression.  Any half interested observer, including White House officials, were completely aware of Sharon’s agenda. Sharon is a predictable thug who sends plenty of advance warnings before going on one of his killing sprees. It has taken a great concentration of effort for the Bush administration to avert its eyes from Sharon’s obvious course. Hiding behind 911, Bush deliberately ignored reality and subscribed to a fictional ‘restrained’ Sharon who was helping our ‘fight against terrorism.’

A number of American media personalities, have also been fully engaged in collaborating with Sharon’s designs. They should be individually identified for the sake of helping their future biographers with research materials.  It is time we created a journalist hall of shame to permanently exhibit the work of media ‘stars’ who supported the vile repression of the Palestinian people.  It is also time to definitively record the role of George Bush and Colin Powell in allowing Sharon’s goons a growing latitude to experiment with a military solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Bush is either an accomplished liar or a fool for swallowing whole every Israeli excuse for murdering and humiliating Palestinians.  To be kind to our president, let us assume him to be a fool. What is Powell’s excuse? What is the CIA’s excuse?

What we need to do, right now, is be certain that neither Bush or Powell have any personal problem with tormenting the Palestinians. It is a question of lack of character, a deficiency of moral fiber and the absence of a spine. It sometimes appears that Bush enjoys what Sharon is doing to the Palestinians as much as he used to enjoy executions when he was the governor of Texas.  But he is our president and the least we can ask of him is to answer some damn questions and expect a coherent response.

We can do nothing to change the mind of Yiddish supremacist psychos like Sharon and Netenyahu. They don’t mind being labeled war criminals.  Among Israelis, being a war criminal demonstrates aptitude for governance. So, forget about any intelligent discourse with the Likudniks.

We can do little about Israeli intentions to gradually move towards a mass expulsion of the Palestinians. Except maybe get an explicit policy statement from George Bush that no American government will ever allow such a catastrophe to take place. He should be made to promise at least that much. A recent survey, by the Jaffe institute for Strategic studies, revealed that half of Israelis, and by extension half of American Jews, support the mass expulsion of the native people of the Holy Land. Let Bush address the fascist tendencies in his vaunted ‘democratic’ Israel. Ask the state department how they reacted to the Jaffe report. They gave it a shrug of the shoulder, while the Yiddish supremacists in the media pretended they never heard of it.

Israelis have never cared about their reputation among Arabs or even Europeans. By extension, American Jews never seem to care that Arab-Americans know exactly what lies in their dark Yiddish supremacist hearts. They only care about the kind of press they get.  And because the Yiddish dominated media industry is more than willing to champion Israeli repression, they do whatever they think they can get away with. They than depend on Jewish journalists like Thomas Friedman and Safire to perform their vaudevillian cleansing rituals.

Since, you probably don’t have enough pocket change to buy the New York Times, The Washington Post and CNN, there is also very little that you can do about our veracity challenged ‘journalists’. Consider that Alan Keyes, formerly of hate radio, a stifling boring African-American wacko with an extreme right wing agenda, is employed by General Electric and Microsoft.  This guy yawns on his own show. And yet Bill Gates was unable to hire any other African American except this champion of the Apartheid regime in South Africa and the Reagan/Bush policy of ‘constructive engagement’?  These days, Keyes actually denies that there is even an Israeli occupation. What does that tell you about the character of Bill Gates? Want to do something, tell Bill Gates what you think of his relationship with Alan Keyes. If you live in Seattle, talk to your neighbors about how Bill Gates is doing with his media empire. Bill loves to hear from his neighbors.

Or take Aaron Brown of CNN who thinks that in light of the Israeli assaults against the Palestinians, we should spend a whole segment investigating anti-Semitism in France.  Maybe Aaron Brown should do an investigation about the incredible number of American Jews involved in a massive smear campaign against Palestinians with the express purpose of making them an easy mark for Israeli goons. Maybe his investigation could include some self-examination. Or maybe some Rabbi on Aarons ‘God Squad’ can explain why the only Jewish country in the world is such a racist country. Or why the Yiddish dominated press is so vicious in its portrayals of other people’s religions. Take the time to challenge Aaron Brown to challenge his own people and his own bigotry.

I am certain, that in a matter of a few years, the technological revolution of the Internet will result in putting curbs on the political power of our Yiddish supremacist media lords.  But the Palestinians cannot wait a few more years or a few more months.

So, back to what needs to be done once we get off our ass. How about a little honesty, for a start.

Let us be honest enough to admit that the United States is recklessly engaged in an effort to prevent the Palestinians from achieving their freedom and liberty.  Not for any reasons of American national security interests, but because Bush thinks he can gain a little domestic political capital for his indifference. Let us be honest enough to come to terms with the rampant anti-Arab bigotry that has become institutionalized in our mass media and at the State Department.  Let us be honest enough to admit that George Bush is a morally challenged man with the intellect of a common bigot and the avarice of a Texas oil man.  Let us be honest enough to identify Colin Powell as a willing collaborator who approved of Sharon’s war crimes. And let us ignore Zinni, because he was assigned to be ignored.

Now what to do with all this honesty. How about letting others know how you feel.  How about making a pledge to circumvent the bigots in the mass media by encouraging other Americans to get wise to the fact that folks like Sulzberger are warped war criminal loving Yiddish supremacists.  How about making a pledge to never again vote for another Republican and follow it up with a pledge to never vote for another Democrat. Be a Libertarian. Vote Green. How about you tell your neighbors and your coworkers that they need to open their eyes to see that the men who run the show are very capable of advocating murder for the crime of being an ‘ethnic’ native of the Holy Land, a Palestinian.

America’s policy towards the Palestinians is based to a large degree on crude bigotry. George Bush is a product of five decades of ingesting defamation on TV and having it reinforced by his daddy.  Part of the Yiddish Supremacist agenda has always been to make Americans hate Arabs, especially Palestinians.  The defamation is deliberate and calculated. Folks like Sulzberger and Levine pay no regard to how it might effect the lives of their fellow Americans of Arab origin.  To them, the cause of Yiddish supremacy is important enough to import Israeli racism and distribute it widely using the multiple avenues of their media properties. America is in desperate need of a frank public discussion about the fact that the Yiddish supremacy movement is very real, very powerful and every bit as nasty as the marginal White supremacy movement. Ethnic supremacy movements need to be confronted, especially when they are faith based and prone to attract zealots. Abrahamic supremacist movements, including Islamic supremacists, need to be confronted and diminished. That goes for these crazed Christian doomsday cults that think the repression of the Palestinians is ordained by God.

But let us be clear to make an important distinction. No supremacist movement in American history has ever achieved the power of the Yiddish supremacists. They have created for themselves a unique power base by controlling the fourth estate and most of the whore house that passes for congress. That is the sorry fact that allows them to perpetuate the fiction that they alone are talented enough to guide all public discourse, especially on lofty matters like foreign affairs, the economy, national security and ‘national values’. But believe it or not, this power base can vanish in a blink of an eye. The Yiddish supremacist movement will disappear once their media properties are correctly identified as ‘ethnic.’ That is all it will take for the rest of us to find our voice. Sulzberger’s New York Times should be made intellectually honest enough to admit that, as the flagship of the Israel Firsters, it allows Sharon the favor dictating a ‘Safire’ article. And Safire gets to boast about the fact that Sharon called him to dictate two articles. Thus vastly elevating Safire’s status among the Yiddish Supremacists on 43rd street.  Can the President of France do that? Can the Prime Minister of Canada do that? Not in Safire’s space. Not in Sulzberger’s place.

America desperately needs non-Jews to find a way to be heard on public policy issues, including foreign policy.  This ethnic monopoly of the means of mass communication allows Sharon and Netenyahu Likudniks to hold the whole world hostage for the demonic aspirations of a few thousand land thieving militant Jewish settlers. Just convince enough Americans of that one ugly truth. Than ask them to think about the role of that same mass media machine in pumping up the ‘dot.scam’ bubble and ripping off the retirement savings of millions of Americans. Then ask them about the role of the very same machine in reducing the options of 300 million Americans to a choice between Al Whore and another Bush. Question the role they had in making Enronitis vanish and Mark Rich disappear. Then ask about the role of these very same media barons in obstructing a healthy public discourse on the foreign policy mistakes that provoked the terrorist assaults of 911.  Ask the questions they never ask  and their slick spin machines will crumble down to their natural size as ethnic publications. Seize this moment. No other issue so glaringly demonstrates Jewish media dominance like their overt bigotry in covering up for a war criminal like Sharon. Let us make Qibya and Sabra and Shatila household word. And always remind the bastards that if they had properly scrutinized this thug’s past crimes, maybe he wouldn’t have murdered another thousand Palestinians.  One tip. Never be polite to a Yiddish supremacist.  Imagine them with a KKK hood and you will get a mild version of the violent racist beast that lurks within their souls. Sulzberger is for Sharon what Goebels was for Hitler.

Other things to do. Watch George Bush’s lips. He urges the Palestinians to end the violence, even as they are experiencing the full brutality of the IDF goons. He says he didn’t give Sharon a green light but ‘understands’ why murderous collective punishment techniques need to be applied to the Palestinians. If that is not a green light, maybe Powell giving Sharon a few weeks to ‘finish the job’ is. If all this is so essential to American national security, why lie about it to the American people?  Why pretend that Sharon is willing to negotiate, when he has made it very clear that all he wants is to ‘win’ a military victory and expand the exclusive Jewish settlements? Why play around with the right wing kooks who want to label Arafat a terrorist and ignore the evidence that Sharon is a perpetual war crime machine? Why does the president of the United States allow this war criminal to publicly spit in his face and humiliate him in front of the whole world? And why did Bush reciprocate Sharon’s kindness by being the only world leader to stand shoulder to shoulder with this garden variety thug? Why is Colin Powell so smug when he knows full well that he was an architect of policies that are largely to blame for so many needless deaths? In Bosnia, in Rwanda, in Iraq, in Chechnya, in Palestine and in New York? Why is there still no independent Federal investigation into the causes of the 911 atrocities?

American foreign policy is not in good hands. The bottom line is that Bush and Powell cannot explain their weird relationship with a thug like Ariel Sharon. To make matters worst, they have encouraged him to go on a major killing spree to cover up for giving him other green lights.  If these wizards think that it is in the national security interest to abdicate power to the Israeli Lobby, let them explain it to the American public and the folks in the Middle East. Bush and Powell continue to adhere to the sham notion that the atrocities of 911 were not a result of a disastrous foreign policy. That, by itself, was enough of an insult to our collective intelligence. Now, they want to lead us down an even more blatantly wicked assault against the Palestinians using 911 as an excuse. It takes perverse logic to conjure up both sides of an argument designed to avoid responsibility.  Someone needs to question these wizards and get a straight answer. And it won’t be Amanpour of CNN. She is on a secret assignemnt for the Mossad. That someone is you. Stop griping about Ted and Andrea Koppel, Tommy Friedman, Wolf Blitzer, Aaron Brown and William Safire and the lesser Israel Firsters. Sulzberger and company will not change their ways. One of the ways they force their policies down America’s throat is by asking ‘Israeli’ questions first.  They also avoid asking the questions you want answered. So, ask them yourself. Call the State Department and challenge them to be coherent.  If the guy you get on the phone acts like a warped bigot from the Israeli lobby, ask for someone else and ask to have them fired. Keep asking till you get an answer that makes sense for you as an American.

So forget about that letter to the editor.  Chances are your Senator is already bought and paid for.  But the State Department is still technically an American government agency responsible for providing you with coherent answers to coherent questions.  They will give you the run around.  Ask for someone you can quote by name.  If nothing else, let them know that you are documenting which individual State Department employees are party to this audacity of capitulating to the lobby of a foreign government. Who the hell do these people in the State department think they are working for? It is your dime. Demand that they perform their duties like they are receiving a pay check from you. Because that much is certain.