State of Dreams

Now I lay me down to sleep….. 
sleep woman and enter 
a State of Grace 
for you see dreams are of 
what we are made 
Here you lie, a forgotten breath 
within this place of dreams 
I am a Nation 
or am I but a seeker 
in the void? 
Jew or Arab 
I am neither and 
I am both 
What difference to this place 
I come to every night? 
This place I call my own, is yours as well 
Here in this dream state 
The color of your flag is but Symbolism 
in all its splendor 
Here archetypes battle on the fields and 
images of who and what we are 
become confusing kaleidoscope visions 
within the dreamscape of our nightly journey 
to a State of Grace 
This place where I sleep 
Therefore I ask 
Who is the rightful owner of this country? 
And in this dark place of the sleeping sun 
where does he lay his head? 
In this country behind the veil of light 
we are free to roam at will 
In this place of rest 
I lay my head 
Now I lay me down to sleep….. 
At the endings of the day I leave in wakefulness 
the struggles in my life 
Here at the doorway to the night 
I pull the blanket of sleep over me and 
Awaken to a State of Grace