Stalinist Israel Firsters in Times of War



Until 1948, there was no Israel. The United Nations took Palestinian land and gave it to a number of Jewish terrorists to rule — Jewish terrorists who had bombed and killed Palestinians and others in an effort to force hands of power to see an Israel formed. Today’s freedom fighter, in many cases, was yesterday’s terrorist.” Because of this quote in a Sept 19 editorial, the Oneida Daily Dispatch fired Managing Editor Jean Ryan and City Editor Dale Seth. And you thought it was a free country. It is, until you take on the Stalinist Israel Firsters. They immediately mounted one of their campaigns and the result was that two courageous journalists were out of a job.

Journalists, on the whole, don’t make a lot of money. Like many other working class Americans, they live pay check to pay check. So, when their livelihood is threatened, not to mention their reputations, other journalists pay attention. If you want to move up to a major paper like the New York Times and the Washington Post, you need certain bona fides, including how to properly bow in the presence of the Israeli Lobby. They are the kind of Lobby that does not threaten to cancel subscriptions, but also can withdraw lucrative advertising contracts. The Zionists are control freaks on the boundaries of any debate relating to the Middle East. They want the first word, the last word and most of the middle. Individual journalists who resist their incessant harping about the greatness of everything Israeli, can find themselves labeled anti-Semites or worst.

These Zionist media freaks see the world in black and white; you are either for Israel or you are for Auchwitz. What about the Palestinians? Well, they apparently were just rude enough to stand in the way of the ‘Chosen People’ returning from Polish and Russian exile to righteously dismember the ancient villages and towns of the native people of the Holy Land. Even today, as Israeli bombs and bullets wreak havoc in the streets of Palestine, CNN is reporting that the Israelis are ‘patrolling’ the birth-place of Jesus.

The constant Yiddish din about Israeli democracy never fails to ignore that half the people living in historic Palestine are now classified as second-class Israeli-Arabs or have to endure endless humiliation from a despotic Israeli occupation army. And, if a journalist brings up 1948, well off with their heads. And so it has been, for fifty years. These days, our media lords, are especially sensitive to anything that might shed light on the history of the Palestinian people. If they start telling you the truth now, they will also be the need to explain the incessant lying they have force fed the American public, all in service to a foriegn state. One does not have to probe the last fifty years, when a single year will do. Reviewing the coverage of Ariel Sharon’s reign of terror and how it was covered by the New York Times is very instructive.

Sharon is a war criminal. Compared to him, Waldheim is a choir boy, Haider of Austria a saint and Senator Kerry’s misdeeds in Vietnam a mere prank. Sharon is up there with Milosovic and Sadam Hussein. He is a serial mass murderer from Qibya to Sabra and Shatila. It is rumored that Sulzberger ceased hounding Senator Kerry and Haider, when the subject of Qibya was mentioned. At the New York Times, Qibya and Sabra and Shatila are unmentionable. So, why would a major ‘American’ paper, so initimately involved with Israel, where they have fully staffed news bureau, bury the atrocities committed by an Israeli head of state? Well, for the same reason journalists get fired for daring to question the manner in which 78% of Palestine was ‘vacated’ in 1948 to make room for a State as Jewish as England is English. But, that kind of history was supposed to have been already deeply buried in some obscure archives. The Israel Firsters never take kindly to anyone who challenges their fictional narrative of what exactly happened to the Palestinians in 1948.

The State Department would do everybody a favor if it issued an official ‘American’ narrative of what happened in 1948. They have the documents. It was a Zionist agitator working at the State Department that actually drew the ‘partition plan’ of 1947 that allocated the choicest 56% to the Jewish State. Incidentally, this ‘Jewish State’ was gerrymandered to have a bare Jewish majority, since these recently arrived Jewish immigrants, armed to the teeth by the British, amounted to only a third of the population of Mandate Palestine. Those who argue against these figures, can refer to the partition plan itself and the associated documentation. There is also the myth that the Arabs refused the partition plan and moved against Israel in 1948. Well, that is not Ben Gurion’s version. The Jews of Palestine had already conquered almost 50% of the area alloted to the Palestinian State by the time the first Arab soldier joined the battle. All these Israeli myths have been roundly debunked by Simha Flapan and other Israeli historians. Those who still parrot the official mythology are practicing a vile type of cruelty. Because basically they are telling the Palestinians that their ‘expulsion’ was a good thing. It was during this critical period that the Irgun and the Stern Gangs (Begin and Shamir) were involved in blowing up the King David Hotel, assassinating intermediaries, killing British soldiers and assaulting and deporting Palestinian civilians. So, did those two journalists deserve to be fired? Or is this the Stalinist Isaeli Lobby flexing its muscle to assure that no American journalist deviates from the Likudnik party Line?

Mr. Ahmed Amr is Editor of in Seattle and a regular contributor to Media Monitors Network (MMN).