Somalia marks 61st Anniversary of Independence Day

Somalia marks 61st Anniversary of Independence Day

Mogadishu (UNA-OIC) – The Federal Republic of Somalia on Saturday marked the 61st Anniversary of Independence Day in the country and overseas, Somali National News Agency (SONNA) reported.

A colorful event of this historic day was held at Villa Somalia, which serves as the official residential palace, in the attendance of President Mohamed Abdulahi Farmajo, Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble, Deputy Parliament Speaker Abdiweli Hussein Mudey, Mogadishu Mayor Omar Mohamud Filish, and other dignitaries including government officials.

President Farmajo delivered a keynote speech on this occasion, in which he called on the Somali people for unity, noting that division often causes poverty, hunger, and lack of development opportunities.

“Northern regions of Somalia had a leading role for the struggles of freedom movement and unity,” he said, urging the youth to assume their role in the unification of Somalia’s population, currently estimated at more than 20 million.

For his part, Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble sent a congratulatory message to the Somali people on the 61st Anniversary of Independence Day.

Somalia is now marking a week of independence as the northern regions of the country (Somaliland) gained independence from the British colonization on 26 June 1960, while the southern regions got independence on July 1st of the same year and joined together to form the Republic of Somalia.

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