Six Statements

In deciding to launch its troops against the cities of the West Bank, just when an Arab summit was trying to invest in a new peace deal, Israel showed to the whole world once again, which party is actually seeking peace and which is seeking war. The Pinochet-like rule of Tsahal’s most fascist general has reached a peak never attained by his predecessors since the Palestinian and the Israeli leaders signed up for the Oslo agreement in the White House garden. True, the peace process was lamentably limping and stumbling well before Sharon rose to power. But it is also true that his election has been prepared by the Israeli society, in full knowledge of his belligerent humor. Thus, for the Israelis, Sharon was the real alternative to any difficulties encountered in the peace process. He represents the old Zionist dreams of a regional superpower.

Despite all the talk about peace with the Arabs, the Israeli society is not actually ripe for an honest deal, such as the one proposed lately by the Arab summit of Beirut. The all-out war and the re-occupation of the West Bank was the proof, if need be, that the “axis of evil” has moved, without Mr. Bush being aware of it! Blinded by the Zionist propaganda machine, the American president would be unable to see in Satan himself any evil, if ever Satan entered the White House to have a chat with him! And God knows that he did.

He did when disguised in a new-elected Israeli Prime Minister, he visited Washington four times, and hobnobbed with the American leaders, and convinced them that he was nice and good and peace loving; and nobody éalas! – dared to look into his ugly face, and nobody saw the evil of his past, the evil of his present, and the evil of his future. It was as if the American leaders have been under a hypnotic suggestion, as long as they were dealing with Sharon! We can state today that the spell has not yet broken.

Satan is leading Israel under the clothes and the face of general Sharon. First statement.

The Israelis have been induced to vote for him as if he was the peace and security wizard. Tomorrow, they will come back to their senses and see that no peace and no security have been assured under his rule, but only more death and more tragedies. Second statement.

Then, what would they do? Would they resort again to the old grandmother recipe of choosing a ghostly and indecipherable leftist Prime Minister to take over and convince the Arabs that, in fact, Israel wants to live in peace with them? Yes, “Israel wants peace”, they would say. But, at the same time, the Israeli establishment would compile such a number of paranoia-conditions, that even if their Prime Minister was Gandhi himself, he would despair and give up any dream of peace!

The Arabs have tried everything to persuade this incredible little “Sparta” that if the Israelis discard for good their old illusions of hegemony in the region, they would live in peace and prosper. The Arabs tried war, negotiations, bilateral and trilateral peace accords, interchange of diplomats or trade offices, even setting up new customs in the media with more openings to Israel. But Israel would have none of that. Still utterly obsessed with its old demons: paranoia and hegemony illusions. Third statement.

At the end, the suicide bombing becomes éalas! – the weapon of the offended. No wonder that the USA condemned those who killed themselves in blowing up their enemies, instead of condemning the Israeli occupation of the Palestinian territories, which is the cause of all that mess! The American leaders, still hypnotized by the Zionist will to power that talks é falsely and hypocritically indeed- to their religious feelings and their cultural background, would not see the sun (of the truth) in the summer’s most serene sky! Fourth statement.

How would they? Do you recall the Vietnam? No? They do. And they do recall certainly with much disgust how the Buddhist monks burned themselves publicly in protestation against the American occupation of their country. Are there more peace-loving men on this earth than the Buddhist monks? Yet, they fought occupation, and the USA was well forced to leave Vietnam. Fifth statement.

I would only add that Sharon’s answer to the peace proposal of the Arab summit was not aiming at showing which party is the most powerful: We knew that Israel could re-occupy the West Bank any time it decided to. But what Sharon showed really is something quite different. He showed the face of a defeated Israel. For this is the first time Israel launches its troops in an all-out war because a few éyet resolute people- make any Israeli trembling of fear before leaving his house in the morning. Sixth statement.

That the Israeli answer to the Arab summit was so despising does not even deserve to be recalled. But what any Israeli should answer for himself is quite different. Tomorrow é there is always an aftermath, isn’t there?- when Sharon would order his tanks to pull back, would Israel be more reassured? Would its streets be more peaceful? Would its settlers be happier and secure?