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Mohamed Khodr’s Column

ARAB SUMMIT: “We’ll Fight Israel To The Last Palestinian”

America: Sponsor of “Peace Process” with Veto Now Sponsors Israel’s “Death Process”


This is the silent scream of an angry heart in the virtual age of information, the age of bits and bytes, of megs and gigs. How can any human endowed with ears and eyes by a most compassionate loving Creator adjust to virtual feelings now endowed by Bill Gates. Without an accompanying picture or sound such a scream is unseen, unheard, and unfelt. Such has been the decision of our media to ignore, delete, edit, and shelter our sensibilities from the sounds of pain, fury, and death of the entire Palestinian race, a race exposed to the American military instruments of pain paid for by the most naive, ignorant, and manipulated superpower population on earth and used expertly by the most inhumane state of all, Israel, a nation exempt from the laws of heaven and earth.

From where in the Holy Land of Palestine and from which Palestinian is this virtual scream emanating? Is someone beating him or her? Is he or she in prison being tortured? Were they just shot? Did they just see their home demolished? Did a settler suddenly decide to expand his Jacuzzi and needed more space? Or is this woman going into labor at a checkpoint bleeding from her womb but told to go home? Was someone trying to get the attention of Kofi Annan or George Mitchell hovering over their head from a helicopter or perhaps an American cameraman working for CNN whose orders now is to only film Jewish blood and screams with the most sensitive microphones and latest digital cameras? Or is it the silent scream of a teenager whose seen his father shot while trying to save their only cow, their sister raped, their grandmother beaten, or his young sister killed in school by soldiers throwing grenades into the school yard? Or is the collective scream of an entire population screaming in a vacuum of human sympathy and understanding, devoid of fairness and justice because the perpetrator of death is Jewish, a race rich and blessed in pardonable sins.

Or is the silent scream mine. I can’t tell anymore. I sometimes wonder if my endless scream at what Palestinians are enduring: men, women, and children have corrupted my sanity and rational thought. I often see the face of my most beloved grandmother in the face of an old Palestinian women weeping after she’s been kicked to the ground by a young hating Israeli soldier, but she’s not weeping for her pain or bleeding face, she’s weeping at the site of her grandson’s still body shot by a sniper through his eye, the eye she used to kiss when she held him to her bosom. She wonders if the bullet that blinded her grandson has also blinded the world, deprived it of a conscience, deprived it of caring, deprived it of tears, deprived it of courage. She looks around hoping against hope that there will be an American Television camera or reporter to capture the body of her grandson with his brain oozing out of his eye, but, strangely enough, the scene is eerily quiet, no cameras, no lights, no ambulances, no medics. She lifts her eyes to the sky and becomes aware of the cold clammy feeling in her hands and face as she begins to fade away praying to the only Sustainer she’s ever loved and worshipped: “Dear Allah, I witness there is no God but you and that Muhammad (P) is Your Messenger. Allah, join me with my grandson and heal his eye so that he may see my love for him.” With that, another Palestinian life is snuffed out.

There will be no pictures of her or her grandson, no internationally coordinated public relations campaign using her face or her grandson’s twisted brain, no erected Goldstein like memorials in her name, no scholarships named after her, no movies or television special to document her story, no passionate readings by Elie the Weasel commemorating the needless death of an innocent being, no statement out of the White House condemning the “violence” against her, no editorials by hate filled blinded columnists, no flower memorial at the site of her death, for you see America, she’s not special, not important, she’s not even human, because she was unlucky enough not to be Jewish. But America get ready for the media onslaught of the innocent killing of a Jewish 10 month old baby. We won’t be able to dodge the little girl’s face as we’ve been unable to dislodge the daily imposition of the Holocaust emblazoned upon our psyche and memory like the Rock of Gibralter’s imposition on the Mediterranean Sea. No one will mention that the little girl’s family are Jewish settlers, part of the 400 Jewish families, imposed by force on stolen Palestinian land in the heart of Hebron, armed to the teeth and protected by 2000 Israeli soldiers paid for by Israeli and American taxpayers. No one will mention that this volatile arrangement of settlers living among 120,000 Palestinians is illegal. Besides, why are the settlers throwing their children in harm’s way just to get publicity? It’s apparent that Palestinian children are guilty of throwing their demonstrating mothers in harm’s way challenging Israeli soldiers as well leading to the wounding of Dr. Hanan Ashrawi, a peace loving Palestinian Christian.

It’s generally not known that the first use of a terrorist car bomb in the Middle East was used by the Nobel Peace Prize winner Begin’s Irgun terrorist group in blowing up the King David Hotel killing over 90 people. That the first airplane hijacking in the Middle East was undertaken by Israel in the 1950’s in hijacking a plane from Damascus, Syria. That it was legitimate for Jews in their so called fight for “independence (from whom)” to kill civilians, burn villages, assassinate UN mediators, but it’s not legitimate for Palestinians to fight for their freedom from those same Jews.

Fortunately today the Arab Summit ended and not soon enough. With enormous egos, bankrupt souls, corrupt regimes, and cowardly hearts, the Arab “leaders” did not disappoint the lowest expectations of the Arab masses. They rose to the occasion of dying Arab children, attacks on Islam and its holy sites with their usual flair of nauseating speeches, ignorance, ego stroking, back biting, and mentally deranged Qaddafi propositions. They accomplished nothing, never accomplished anything, and will never accomplish anything. The Arab world deserves this herd of leadership. While the masses stupidly anticipated a show of new courage, unity, and solidarity from these ignorami, Colin Powell in his trip to the Middle East ensured the summit’s agenda of failure. As I watched the blank faces of these leaders that reflected the tabulae rasa of their minds I could sense the fear and intimidation each one of them feels at the possibility of rocking the Zionist boat and perhaps losing his life, his chair, and his wealth. They’ve sat in their chairs for so long that they fear standing up lest they be cut down.

Sharon, Bush, Rumsfeld, Foxman, Lauder, Klein, are watching this trago-comedic meeting with laughter and a hearty satisfaction. They all see the possibility of cutting their America-Israeli-Military-Industrial-Media-Zionist Church complex budgets since these Arab “morons” will be too busy killing each other, too afraid to fight, and have no intellectual clue how to counter the Israeli Congress in Washington D.C.

Israel is proud of its American Ambassador to the United Nations who cast the Veto against allowing UN protection of Palestinian live targets for its soldiers training. Not even this egregious veto could muster the Arab summit to express anything but “disappointment”. This “disappointment” will cost another 400 Palestinian children to permanently miss school in the coming weeks given Sharon’s vampire thirst for Arab blood.

America, at Israel’s demand, has shut out the world from any engagement in its campaign financed sponsoring of the “Middle East Peace Process”, a process Bush’s father began in earnest in 1991 (perhaps the dad can spank some sense into W. or at least ground him for 4 years), but with America’s outrageous Veto of a UN Security Council Resolution that would place international observers between Israeli forces and Palestinian civilians; America is in effect sponsoring instead a “Middle East Death Process” whereby Israel implements its Final solution of the “Palestinian Problem”. America and Israel will win the short term battles on land and the airwaves but in the long term history is very unforgiving and both nations will pay dearly. Injustice has a way of being corrected.

The Israeli Occupied Congress feeling the constant pressure and need to earn its Jewish money was not about to be outdone by the Executive Branch’s Veto thus in a kosher frenzy elected American Senators and Representatives patriotic to Israel began a flurry of signed letters, resolutions, TV appearances, opinion pieces, and radio interviews to prove their allegiance to the Stars and Stripes of David by condemning the Palestinians for resisting occupation, demanding Bush sever ties to them, to not welcome Arafat, cutting all aid to them, and expressing their anger that Palestinians have the gall to refuse Jewish sewage that flooded their homes and farms.

No one in the world understands Israel’s logic for militarily occupying another people and treating them with the worst Apartheid policies since Hitler and South Africa. We all know of Israel’s NO red lines as to what it won’t accept in a settlement with the Palestinians but Israel has never managed to explain to the world and to its own people WHAT IT WOULD ACCEPT AS A SOLUTION AND WHY IT NEEDS TO BRUTALIZE AND OCCUPY ANOTHER PEOPLE. Please tell us instead of relying on your bullets, on blocking and censoring any media reports from the occupied territories, on Jewish money, power, media, and influence that has corrupted our government and turned the most powerful democracy in the world into a babbling hypocritical embarrassment in the United Nations. Oh, I forgot, you also depend on the Cowards of the Arab Counties to self flagellate themselves instead of forming a cohesive intelligent entity smart enough to play Israel’s Congressional Bribery Game: “Who Wants To Be a Millionaire” or “Who Wants To Commit a Crime in America and Pay Us For Protection.”

Memo To Israel: (to steal a line from Thomas Friedman, a confused Globalized Goyim Jew) Your support in America is always on thin ice and can and will crack at any time. The demographics in America are rapidly changing while Jewish Americans are losing their faith through apathy and intermarriage and their numbers are rapidly decreasing. The 10 million Arab Americans and American Muslims are beginning to awaken and understand the game. America is a fickle nation that given an alternative to peacefully make money elsewhere will drop you like a soiled toilet paper. Soon minority politicians and wealthy individuals will make their voices heard and the media being a business after all will let go of your Commando editors, columnists, and pundits and the American people will learn the enormous devastation you and the Zionists have unleashed on my country for decades. You’ve stolen our money, our technology, our industrial secrets, you’ve spied on us, you’ve harbored criminals and aided fugitives, and you’re responsible for the deaths of our young men and women due to terrorism because our cowardly government kowtowed to you, on top of which you’ve insulted our intelligence, our honor, and our history, making us your foolish hypocrites.

The time will come when your arrogance, conceit, and guilt blackmail of the world will end at which time you’ll have to face more than a Palestinian child throwing stones. If only you could overcome your genetic paranoia that everyone in the world hates you and is out to get you thereby justifying your preemptive response to kill Arabs before they grow up and kill you. It’s hard to believe that an intelligent people such as yours could act so stupidly. Without us Americans you would not exist; so be smart and don’t push us too hard or too long. As Bush says: “Don’t mess with America.”

Mr. Mohamed Khodr is an American Muslim physician and a native from the Middle East. He has worked in Academic Medicine and Public health with national and international health experience. He is a freelance writer who often writes columns on the Palestinian cause, Islam and on America’s Foreign Policy in the Middle East. He lives in the Washington DC area.

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