Should President Bush Do Dr. Phil’s TV Show?

What if President George W. Bush did Dr. Phil’s TV Show? In other words, should he have his head examined on national TV by that self-described expert “on human behavior” – Dr. Phil McGraw?

That thought came up for me when the shocking news came out of Washington, D.C. on May 5, 2005, that Bush had approved opening one third of America’s pristine national forest, 58.5 million acres, located mostly in the Western states and Alaska, to exploitation by logging, drilling and mining interests. A strong critic of this Emperor Caligula-like evildoing, called Bush’s latest anti- environmental brainstorm, “A leave no tree behind policy!” [1]

Just the other day, Pat O’Brien, a veteran TV reporter, who had temporarily lost his mind, via badly abusing booze, sex and illegal drugs, appeared on the “Dr. Phil Show.” He was there to “confess” to Dr. Phil, that he has serious personal problems, which had gotten out of control. In the early Christian Church, wrongdoers, as penance for their offenses, would be required to openly “confess” to their fellow worshippers about their faults and/or sins. Now, penitents do it on national TV! An admission of wrongdoing is usually the first step to recovery in most programs.

Bush’s record of bizarre conduct, however, far exceeds anything that the hapless O’Brien has ever done. If anyone has truly lost his mind, it’s the wacky, ex-boozer and suspected former druggie – Bush! He poses as a champion of “freedom,” yet he is really one of its arch enemies. He also insists that his “values” are the values of the great mass of the people. I believe he is a hypocrite and a liar on both counts. Without just cause, and in violation of the U.S. Constitution, Bush, not the U.S. Congress, sent 1,594 brave sons and daughters of America off to die in Iraq, caused thousands more to be seriously wounded. The war has also killed over 100,000 innocent Iraqis. [2] Yet, this calculating warmonger is so personally cold that he is incapable of publicly showing a single ounce of human sympathy for the troops that he has put in harm’s way. In fact, while he was laughing, joking and cutting up at a glitzy, ultra-expensive Washington, D.C. affair last week, along with the likes of the insufferable War Hawks; Rumsfeld, Cheney and Wolfowitz, more Americans were dying and suffering in Iraq. Bush’s pretending there is no war going on, while Americans are coming back in body bags from Iraq, is a gross obscenity. [3] Bush, in my opinion, needs psychiatric care!

The destruction of Iraq is one of Bush’s foulest deeds. Iraq’s roots go back to the dawn of recorded history. The brilliant scholar, Will Durant, put it this way: “The ‘Aryans’ did not establish civilization – they took it from Babylonia…In studying and honoring the Near East, we shall be acknowledging a debt long due to the real founders of European and American civilization…” [4] And, what did “Bush the Barbarian,” a dunce who has bragged about how he hates to read books, do about that historic debt? Well, he bombed Babylonia, now modern Iraq, back to the Stone Age!

The Iraqi War, for Bush, was never about freedom! It was always about furthering the predatory interests of the Miltiary-Industrial Complex, “Big Oil,” the scummy Neocons, the Plutocrats and the powerful Zionist Cartel. [5] Like with his lunatic plan to rape our national forests, the special interests, not the people, came first with him. Bush, instead of being a trustee of our Republic, is its greatest nightmare come true. ]6] His madness has also cost taxpayers $300 billion, with no end in sight. [7]

Bush’s values are the values of a demented individual. His inexcusable and malicious behavior, worthy of Impeachment, also has created more dangerous enemies for America and has put it at further risk for terrorist attacks. [8] BUSH IS THE BIGGEST AMERICA HATER IN HISTORY! As I write, he is creating a police state to be headed by “Commissar” Michael Chertoff. [9] The mostly cowardly members of Congress are Bush’s accomplices on this ploy and they richly deserve the tag, “Gravediggers of the Republic.”

Ask yourself this relevant question: “Who benefits by America making more enemies in the Islamic World?” Then, read Justine Raimondo’s riveting “Larry Franklin & the Axis of Espionage.” [10] After you have done that, peruse all of Raimondo’s recent articles located in his archives. [11] Trust me, the hair on the back of your head will stand up after you have completed that task. America has been penetrated by an alien power – Zionist Israel. And, Bush, in violation of his oath office, has permitted it to happen! Isn’t it time for the people of America to take their country back? What do honor, duty and courage demand of you at this moment in history, my fellow citizens of America?

Getting back to the flaky O’Brien. For over 30 years, he had starred on the TV’s “Insider” program. Dr. Phil listened politely to his tear-filled saga about his “craziness.” Then, he strongly chastised the humiliated O’Brien and offered him a chance for redemption, but only “if” he committed himself to cleaning up his act. [12] Why can’t Dr. Phil do the same thing for Bush?

I know that this kind of pubic therapy has its critics. But, Bush doing Dr. Phil’s Show could have its positives, too. Dr. Phil is an expert in the field of “life strategies.” He isn’t a Dr. Carl Jung, but “Condi the Threatanator” (Rice, Bush’s Secretary of State, isn’t much of a diplomat either!) A session with Dr. Phil, just might get Bush on the track back to sanity. We can only all hope!

I realize that suggesting Bush should see a shrink on a TV show, so he can “confess” to his many crimes, will get me tons of nasty “hate mail” and/or be received as the blackest kind of humor. Nevertheless, Bush’s “craziness” fully justifies it. I know it sounds absurd, but if the White House is in the Public Domain, then Bush’s warped brain should be, too!

Finally, (and this will come as a surprise to many!) our beloved “First Lady,” Laura Bush, once killed a young man in a tragic automobile accident by recklessly running through a stop sign. [13] But then, to her credit, she put her life back together. Can Laura do the same thing for her delusional husband? Will she get our very sick president to see Dr. Phil? If she does, a lot of worried people in this country and also around the world will be grateful to her. So too, will a lot of defenseless trees in America that Bush has cavalierly targeted for mass destruction. As for America, itself, he has put it on a one-way road to endless wars and endless debt! Will Laura play her part in this ongoing drama? Will Dr. Phil come to the rescue? Stay tuned!


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