Shia-Sunni divides in the new council of Iraq

Iraq’s new council designed by the invading forces rather then the “liberated” Iraqis via holding free election is supposed to reflect the ethnic and sectarian composition within Iraq, something that is clearly lacking in their own society.


Do the senate and congress have a proportional representation of the significant amount of the Blacks or the Hispanic communities? The only places where the Blacks and Hispanics have proportional representation if not over-representation are the prisons.


Before anyone shouts Condie or Collin, they should remember the words of Malcolm-X “house nigger” and “field nigger”, they should also remember the suffering of the ordinary Blacks and Hispanics, Rodney King may be a good reminder also. Therefore the imposition of such a council devised along sectarian lines may be the first step in preparing it for its disintegration in the near future. Perhaps on! e day we will see the State of Kirkuk-Chevron in the north, Basra-Bechtel in the South, and Mosul-Halliburton with Baghdad as its capital in the centre!


The independent and assertive Shia’s of Iran with total control over their rich oil reserves are considered to be hostile force, but across the border the same Shia’s are seen as friendly and “oppressed”; they are in need to be given greater Political authority, which translates to be a convenient tool for the USA to cause schisms and weaken the unity of Iraq. The oppressed Shia’s in Saudi can be ignored as Saudi happens to be a very obedient ally. Similarly the Kurds in Iraq are oppressed but yet the Kurds in Turkey are somehow can be looked over, as Turkey happens to be a good obedient ally. In fact during the Khomeni era, the Shia’s in general were portrayed as a violent and a deviant sect of Islam, distinct from the more peaceful ordinary Sunnis.


Such two faced policies are the direct result of using political expediency to formulate foreign policies rather then resorting to certain ethical or moral principal. Not surprisingly the Red Indians used to say, “white man speaks with a fork tongue”. The ordinary Shia’s, Sunnis in Iraq primarily see themselves as Iraqis first; otherwise the Shia’s would not have sided with their fellow Sunnis and defended Basra during the Iran and Iraq war.


Making the ethnic composition the subject of discussion rather then the nationhood is designed to weaken the Iraqi society, rather then to unify it. This will ensure the colonialists will always have leverage from the outside. Such policy of divide and conquer comes natural to the Americans as they have inherited it from their former colonial masters, the British.

The writer is a Graduate in Chemistry from London University and Technical Director. He contributed above article to Media Monitors Network (MMN) from the United Kingdom.