Sharon’s War Drums Rage: Arafat, It’s Over — Vengeance is Mine



Mohamed Khodr’s Column

Sharon can hardly sleep these days from the adrenaline pumping through his body.  He can’t seem to stop singing the old Woody Guthrie song: THIS LAND IS MY LAND, YOUR LAND IS MY LAND, FROM THE NILE RIVER TO THE FERTILE CRESCENT.

He can smell war.  He can hardly contain his glee at the possibility of redeeming himself in the eyes of Israel for the debacle in Lebanon.

This time he knows he will finally finish the job that alluded him in Beirut–kill Arafat and his “terrorist” organization.  That won’t be all. The fire in his eyes as he looks at his Uzi reveal his grander intention to eliminate any and all form of Palestinian life and resistance.  He’ll castrate the blind and elderly Shekh Yassin of Hamas, a man Israel initially funded and aided to form Hamas as an alternative to the PLO.  Next will be Islamic Jihad, Tanzim, and, well, what the hell, any Palestinian able to breathe or walk, even fetuses who can grow up to be “terrorists”. Sharon, like Nero, will burn Palestine to finally achieve his greatest victory as the General who saved Eretz Israel—complete “Quiet” in Judea and Samaria.

Sharon is so proud of his brilliant political, military, diplomatic and public relations strategy.  The world, as usual, in Pavlovian fashion has swallowed his characterizations of the “violence” committed by Arafat. Arafat is a “pathological liar and murderer”–the world and Bush/Powell say “we agree”.  The Palestinian Authority is a “terrorist organization”–the world and Bush/Powell say “we agree”.  The Palestinians are using “terrorist bombs, mortars, suicide bombs, drive by shootings” to kill innocent Israeli children and civilians–the world and Bush/Powell say “we agree”. Iran is sending missiles, arms, and munitions to the Palestinian “terrorists” via Syria–the world and Bush/Powell say “we agree”.  Iraq is funding “terrorist” cells and aiming missiles at Israel–the world and Bush/Powell say “we agree”.  Hizbullah has infiltrated the “territories” to train and assist Arafat in launching large scale attacks on Israeli civilians–the world and Bush/Powell say “we agree”.  Egypt is illegally providing military aid to the Palestinians and its media along with the Arab media are inciting “hatred” against Jews and promoting “violence” against Israel–the world and Bush/Powell say “we agree”.  The Palestinians have reneged on ALL their agreements since 1948, never accepted Israel as a nation or as a benevolent civilizing occupier, although no doubt there have been some minor excesses like Deir Yassin—the world and Bush/Powell say “we agree”.  Arafat never called for a cease-fire for months despite our “RESTRAINT” limited to F-16’s, a few Apache helicopters, a nightly reminder of “peace” shelling until the German Fischer (a good friend) told him to do so after his killing of teenagers who only wanted to party in Tel Aviv—the world and Bush/Powell say “we agree”.  America and the western civilized world are tired of Palestinian “terrorism” and Islamic “terrorism” as the Honorable President Bush mentioned when he said “THEY hate us, hate our democracy, hate our wealth, and hate our allies (that’s us)”–the world and Bush/Powell say “we agree”.  Colin Powell came to our region and told Sharon you decide “when and if there is a quiet period”; now I’m deciding there hasn’t been a quiet period and thus I must act to “quiet” the violence–the world and Bush/Powell say “we agree”.  I’ve been saying for sometime that Arafat is the problem and we must solve it.  We can kill him or send him out with his “terrorists”–the world and Bush/Powell say “we agree”.  I sent out our top three diplomatic talking “Amigos” to “educate” America and Europe about our “besieged and defenseless positions” against ceaseless Palestinian “violence” and that we can’t hold our “Restraint” much longer while our people die–the world and Bush/Powell say “we agree”.

Sharon goes on to say to himself:  Okay, that was our political and diplomatic strategy thanks to our American friends in the media like the New York Times, Washington Post, the networks, CNN, and Jews like Safire, Friedman, Krauthammer, Jacoby, Zuckerman etc..  They know how to keep the Congress and Administration “Quiet” too.  Now, my military strategy. On the pretense of “defensive measures” I will send in the army and infantry to divide the West Bank and Gaza to smaller enclaves totally surrounded by the army.  I will say this is to send the “terrorist Arafat” a strong message to stop his “violence” against our innocent Jewish settlers who want nothing but to live in peace on hills surrounding his camps and have the peace to drive on our new wide highways with “quiet”.  With the constant media and political barrage from Congress for months that the Palestinians do not want peace but only to kill Jews and drive them into the sea, the western conscience will be “quiet” when I finally make my move.

Sharon is intoxicated with illusions of rockets, shells, missiles, bullets, swirling in his imagination as he finally achieves the bloodiest and “final solution” victory against the Palestinians.  Oh, he can hardly wait for another suicide bomber and if they are stupid enough not to bomb, he knows how to “make’ a suicide bomber.  Nothing will be sweeter to his ears than the news of dozens of Israelis killed by a suicide bomber.  He thinks again.  I don’t need dozens of deaths, just a misguided mortar landing anywhere.  Oh, how sweet victory is and how sweeter revenge is. This time Arafat, there will be no one to stop me from finishing you off like the last time in Beirut.  I will be doing the civilized world and even the Arab world a favor.  You idiot, you never understood why they have never united and demanded a “Palestinian State”.  They give you money like crumbs to keep your plane flying while your cronies steal the rest.  In every Arab country Palestinians are treated like dirt.  We treat your workers better in Israel.  No one gives a damn about you or your people.

At that moment, Sharon’s aide knocks on the door.  Come in.  General, we just got word that the G8 Summit is calling for a “Monitor” group between us and the “terrorists”.  Sharon asks what Powell said about this.  The aide said that Powell went along.  Sharon’s face turns red and he rages saying. So the black Jamaican General thinks he can “restrain” me, well, as he points to his Uzi: “Let him Restrain This”.  They want a “Monitor” group do they.  By the time they decide on what, who, how, where, and when there will be no Palestinians to Monitor.

He picks up his phone and calls Mofaz:  “Mofaz, you got the green light to commence “OPERATION QUIET BLITZKREIG”.  I don’t want anyone alive.  I want you to throw the Palestinians into the Dead Sea, finish them off, and bring me Arafat’s head to decorate my bedroom.  I want to sleep with QUIET.”

He hangs up and looks into the Bush/Powell photo on his desk.  He picks his shoe smashes it and with a huge sigh of relief and laughter smashes the picture and says: MONITOR THIS YOU STUPID IDIOTS.

The total annihilation of the Palestinians only takes one week.  The Arabs/Muslims, Bush/Powell, and the world say:  “we agree”.

Mr. Mohamed Khodr is an American Muslim physician and a native from the Middle East. He has worked in Academic Medicine and Public health with national and international health experience. He is a freelance writer who often writes columns on the Palestinian cause, Islam and on America’s Foreign Policy in the Middle East. He lives in the Washington DC area.

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