Sharon won’t walk in the path of peace


I don’t know if the international community thinks that Israeli Prime Minister, a certified and indictable war criminal,  to say the very least, can make peace with the Palestinians and be prepared to pay the price for that peace.

Indeed, it should be abundantly clear to ordinary people, let alone to governments and the world’s contemporary big powers, that Sharon is Sharon, a base military animal who believes more  in bulldozing  olive orchards and farmland  and less in building bridges for peace with the Palestinians.

A man of peace wouldn’t  send his tanks and bulldozers to turn multiple thousands of  acres of blooming Palestinian fields into a desert, or demolish civilian homes in Rafah in the quiet hours before dawn in order to “widen a road” used by the Israeli army to patrol borders with Egypt.

For sure, he understands, or should understand,  that the scars of terror,  murder  and destruction,  of which the Palestinians have been meted out too much ,  take a long time to be healed.

Nonetheless, he goes on with his senseless  bloody rampage against the already decimated Palestinians, as if this is the normal order of things, as indeed he seems to  thinks it is, given his genocidal mindset and manifest criminality.

Sharon doesn’t believe in peace with the Palestinians because  the only “peace” acceptable to him comes through bullying and tormenting the indigenous people of Palestine  into submission and total capitulation.

Sharon is not, and will not be ready or willing to pay even the most rudimentary  price for peace with the Palestinians. For him, peace can only mean unconditional  Palestinian acceptance of Israeli supremacy, insolence and hegemony. In Sharon speak, apartheid and continued domination are the real name of the game.

Sharon’s  “peace” is one that  would perpetuate Israeli usurpation of Palestinian land and arrogation of Palestinian rights. It is an
impossible peace that would leave intact hundreds of illegal and illegitimate Jewish settlements built at gunpoint on confiscated Arab land, seized also at gunpoint. It is a scheme whereby Palestinians would be condemned to perpetual inferiority, subjugation and  subordination vis–vis the Zionist regime.

If this is Sharon’s  way,  and it indeed is since it can’t be otherwise given the man’s record and unaltered way of thinking, then why would the United States, the European Union, Russia, and a number of Arab regimes continue to harrow  after him, hoping in a hopeless way to turn a 75-year-old unrepentant criminal into an impossible Jewish Mahatma Ghandi.

Has the Zionist movement ever produced a Ghandi, or even a Charles de Gaulle? Oh, yes, there is a Ghandi in Israel today. He is  actually a cabinet minister  and his name is Rahba’am Ze’evi,  a characteristically Zionist  figure who  preaches expulsion and deportation of all non-Jews from Palestinian in order to guarantee the racial purity of the Jewish state!! But Ze’evi is not alone in Israel. In fact the entire Israeli government is comprised of the likes of Ze’evi who by western standards would be dumped where they fit and belong, among murderers, racists, and street criminals.

The US and Europe, as  do the easy-going  regimes in Jordan (the biggest western espionage scheme in the Middle East after the Shah of Iran), Egypt and Saudi Arabia, etc., know quite well who Sharon really  is and understands thoroughly  his inherent alienation to peace.

Yet they continue to play the old  dirty game of “crisis-management” precisely because  they dare not put their hands on the root-causes of the conflict, namely the disinheritance and dispossession of the Palestinian people by a wantonly aggressive and  militaristic regime that finds in oppressing others who are outside the “tribes” and robbing them of their land its ultimate triumph and self-realization.

It should be clear to all, therefore, that bringing the “parties” back to the negotiating table won’t do any good and achieve neither peace nor justice.

Indeed, doing so would be like telling the “rape victim” (the Palestinians) to “work it out” with the rapist (Israel) in the vain hope that the rapist would eventually relent and agree to get the slate clean.

It would be just another idle replication of the Clinton “crusade,” which ended up in a gigantic fiasco because the former American President insisted that the rapist and the rape victim  should work it out among themselves!

Yet this is precisely what the new American administration , and to a lesser extent the Europeans,  are doing,  either  gullibly because of ignorance,  or  deliberately, for the purpose of  frustrating  the Palestinian people into giving up most or all of their rights.

Sharon, it goes without saying, is playing the public relations game, utilizing the clout of Jewish-controlled media on Western public opinion and the decision-making process in many western capitals.

His brazen efforts to that effect are shockingly brash. He would have us believe that the conflict with the Palestinians is all  about “terror” and “anti-Semitism,” and has nothing to do with the usurpation of  Palestine, the expulsion of the bulk of the Palestinians from their ancestral homeland and their subsequent dispersion to the four corners of the world.

The hero of Sabra and Shatilla, who should be declared a wanted war criminal, wants us to believe that the treating the symptoms of the conflict would end the problem and give the Middle East and the rest of the world  a hundred  years of biblical peace and bring about final reconciliation  between the raging Jewish Goliath and the tormented Palestinian David.

And he is being given a listening ear in Washington and London and other capitals where, if justice was the master, would be arrested immediately for crimes against humanity.

But Washington and London, along with Paris, Berlin and Moscow, have never been stations of justice and human decency as their crimes against humanity are even more hideous than Sharon’s, both in quantity and quality.

Is there a way out of this quagmire of injustice, conspiracy and deception? There must be one, and it lies in Palestinian and Arab-Islamic determination to cling to the principled insistence on recovering full Palestinian rights, irrespective of contemporary political realities and regardless of Zionist grip on American politics and policies.

This is a paramount matter, because time doesn’t work in Israel’s  favor. Ironically, it may be  ultimately beneficial for the Palestinians that Sharon  and other Zionist leaders remain blinded from seeing or foreseeing the reality.

The oppressors, and Sharon, et al,  are no exception, shall not prosper for long in the land of the prophets. In a region, where historical episodes are measured in hundred of years, the fifty-three years that passed since the misbegotten birth of Israel are mainly a secondary detail, a sort of passing  anomaly, in the history of the region.