Shape of things to come

The world is a conglomeration of idea’s and talents where only might is right. Today the world is faced with the so-called problem of terrorism and United States of America who once use to harbour terrorism as a pragmatic approach to problems has now taken upon themselves to eliminate this problem once and for all times. Every thing said and done, it may not be possible for the United States to eliminate terrorism completely from the body politic of the inhabitants residing in the vast expanse of the globe.

It is only the weaker nations, which embarks upon terrorism in order to wrest their lawful rights from the hands of the powerful nations. This is how Napoleon Bonaparte found the crown of France in the gutters. He picked it up with his sword and put it on his head and the other crown he put it on the head of his wife Josephine. This is how the child of the revolution against monarchy became himself the monarch of France. This is how the world goes and this is how the revolution takes place.

Struggle for supremacy has been the order of the day since Adam was brought to earth. Man has always tried to be supreme to his counter part and that has led to the rise and fall of nations. Rome and Carthage, what are they and what were they. There was a time when Czars of Russia ruled the world; the ailing son of Czar could only be healed by Rasputin, which led to the rise and fall of Nicholas and Alexandrina, the Czar and the Czarina of Russia, this gave birth to a new order in Russia é Marxism, where the proletariats ruled.

Think of the pitiable condition of a man, said Carl Marx, who has all the wealth and resources of the world but has no workers to work for him. This led to the rise of communism, from everybody according to his capacity to everybody according to his need. This motto spread far and wide into Russia and has also gained ground in other parts of the world, Central Asian States, China and Far East.

The father of the Shah of Iran, Raza Shah the great rose from the ranks of a soldier to be the King of Iran and establish monarchical dynasty, which his son could not retain, it was during these days Raza Shah the great, that he use to come in the streets of Tehran in disguise to find out first hand how his people lived in his reign. Once the Shah of Iran saw a long queue of people waiting to take bread from a confectioner’s shop, he also decided to stand in line with disguise to buy bread. Bread is never cooked in the homes in Iran; they are bought from the market at a particular price for a particular weight. The Shah of Iran was standing in the line for his turn to come, he bought his bread and paid the price and then he had it weighed, the bread was short in weight. The Shah of Iran had the tandoorman thrown into the tandoor himself. This is how a benevolent despot works for his country and the nation. This is how our administrative machinery in Pakistan should work, instead of His Excellencies, sitting in the palatial buildings of Governor’s House.

The British Empire use to be a place where sun would never set but now it is a place where the sun only rises in the British Isles. Since the British Isles could retain the Empire and the Kingdom of Great Britain & Ireland, they tried to brake the scepter into piece and reduce the King Emperor to be the Head of the Commonwealth only. The Independence of India and emergence of Pakistan on the map of the world is not a charity from the Kingdom of Great Britain, but is due to the force of events around the world.

In its 200 years of history, America has worked to build up their economy and that they did with love, fraternity, dexterity and labour. They have now attained the heights which they aimed at and which they deserved. The law of nature that every pride goes before a fall and this is time now that Americans should make a halt on its expanse of Empire building.

Of course the credit goes to America of expansionism in the field of finance and economy and not military subjugation of the nations spread out in this wide world. USSR succumbed to its expansionist policy aided very admirably by the Americans, who could not tolerate another super power, which the USSR was, so the Americans embarked the Russians on a policy of expansionism, which led the Russian to their doom and now the Americans are following the same policy themselves and they are going to meet the same doom sooner or later.

Was it possible for Napoleon to win that battle of Waterloo? No, Why, because of Wellington, No, because of Blucher, No, Why. Because of God. It was time that this vast man should fall smoking blood over crowded cemeteries, mothers in tears, these are the formidable pleaders to which the abyss has to lend an ear.

This is exactly the position with the vast man known by the nomenclature of the President of America. It is time that this vast man should fall, disgruntled nations laden with millions of dollars as debts, which they cannot repay, are bound to serve the interest of America, and are formidable pleaders. The things have changed and those pleaders have now come out in the form of freedom fighters who have been given the name of terrorist by the so-called super power to find an excuse. The excuse of the wolf for the lam. The wolf also has to have its day.

Africa has given a lead by uniting into an African Union; this could also be done in Asia. Shanghai Cooperation Organization has also been formed to lay a strong foundation for Asian solidarity, think of the day when Japan, Korea’s, Iran, India and Pakistan also join this group and then Americans will be left high and dry with the two continents of America to cater for. The day is not far off.

Would it be possible for Bush to win this battle of terrorism, No, why, because of Al-Qaeeda, because of Osama bin Laden, No, because of God and the laws of nature. His predecessor in office tried to conquer Vietnam, he failed. His another predecessor met his waterloo in Iran, where in spite of their best efforts and precision they could not keep the policeman in the East at his job.

The terrain’s in the Asia consist of forests and mountains and this is not the American cup of tea. And the American Generals do not know how to live in a tent. During the 2nd World War, his army field headquarters were also furnished with comforts of air-conditioning equipment. The American soldiers who after having lived in tents in rugged mountains of Afghanistan fighting the so-called War against Terrorism against their imaginary enemy when return home after completing their 3-month tenure killed their wives and committed suicide in desperation. The reasons are far to seek. Can America sustain their defense against the imaginary foe, the unknown terrorist, who will always be there, till the world lasts and might is right. Let right become might in the interest of world peace, if we believe in supremacy of Almighty Allah in whom the sovereignty of the World also rests.

Mr. Ali Ashraf Khan is a Pakistani Businessman and Ex-Politician who bid good bye to politics in order to concentrate on more useful service benefit of the political intrigues prevalent in the National Political life of Pakistan. He frequently writes for English and Urdu newspapers in Pakistan.