September 11, 2001: The Darkest Day

What occurred this morning, and what apparently is still unfolding ranks among the most despicable, monstrously wicked events of this or any Century. The evil attacks on the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and plane crashes apparently near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and possibly even Camp David will forever change the way Americans view internal security.

There are too many events unfolding, so for now I will simply put forth some random thoughts to be commented upon at a later date:

The cause of Palestinian Justice may well have died today along with thousands of innocent lives and America’s sense of security. Making the case of Palestine to the American people has now become a million times more difficult.

Mr. Michael Lopez-Calderon taught High School Social Studies in Miami, Florida for seven years until March 2, 2001, when he was asked to leave the Jewish Day school where he had taught for the past five years. Michael was asked to leave for having posted pro-Palestinian comments on Palestine Media Watch’s subscriber-only e-mail. He remains an activist in the Miami area.

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