“We are a powerless nation who can’t help the Palestinians against Israel. It is far better to beg the Americans for a settlement.”

Qatari Foreign Minister

“..And so, it was a group that was being taught to be self-reliant.”

-David Albright, President of the Institute for Science and International Security, describing the Al Qaeda organization

It was shocking to hear a Muslim government representative declare that millions of Arabs (or Muslims in general?) are helpless against a small nation of Jews, who has occupied Muslim land. It was even more shocking to hear the solution: “beg” America for some kind of settlement. Where did America é a nation that is separated from the Middle East by the seas and thousands of miles – come in all of this? And, why can Muslim governments not defend a nation of fellow Muslim brothers and sisters forced out of their homelands by a small nation of Zionists? Why must Muslims beg anyone else to solve their problems? And, then, there’s the Al Qaeda organization which is described by a leading analyst, as one which was being taught to be “self-reliant”. To date, America is trying its utmost best to destroy that network, accusing it of what it describes as terrorism.

So, what is the connection? A US ally says we need to “beg” the US for a solution; a US enemy says we can solve our problems ourselves. The US ally is bestowed upon with millions in aid and military help; the US enemy is bombed and sworn to be defeated, destroyed and “smoked out”.

Look at the situation in the Occupied Palestinian territories today. Hundreds of Palestinians have been massacred in whatever’s left of destroyed Palestinian land. Houses have been bulldozed, supermarkets looted, and civilians murdered. Curfews are imposed on citizens making them prisoners in their own land. Jenin, where Colin Powell does not seem to notice any evidence of a massacre, is a scene of a war crime to the minds and hearts of any people who have a sense of humanity within them. Yet, where are all the Arabs and Muslims? Where are all the massive armies and our wealth?

CThe weapons that we buy from the Americans.. where are they and when will they be used, if they are being stored while Muslims are being massacred? The Muslim world has seen genocide being committed against it, time and time again. We saw it in Bosnia, Kosovo, Kashmir, Afghanistan, Chechnya, Palestine.. and the list is quite long. But, what have we done every time? We cried at the doorstep of the United Nations. We begged the US to do whatever it could to help us. After thousands of Muslims are killed, ‘international forces’ are sent to ‘protect’ Muslims. And, then we are told to thank the world for defending us. We are obliged to obey them. After all, they ‘risked’ their lives to protect us, right?

But, why should we do that? Aren’t we the world’s second largest nation, by religion? We have enough man power.. we have enough weapons.. we have enough wealth. What is it that we lack in? Faith, perhaps? Determination? The honor of a Muslim? Self-reliance, specifically?

For years now, the Muslim world has been in deep slumber. Our blood being shed has not affected us. The cries of our mothers have gone unheard. The sufferings of our brothers and sisters have not disturbed us in the least. We have become a selfish nation whose main concern is “I”, not “we”. As long as we are happy, who cares if someone else on the other side of the Muslim world is crying and hopeless? Since we have enough money, we don’t need to think about someone else who may be less fortunate. That is our thinking, and that is why we have been destined to be humiliated all these years.

Let’s think about the Qatari Foreign Minister’s statement again: “We are a powerless nation who can’t help the Palestinians against Israel. It is far better to beg the Americans for a settlement.” To be honest, he wasn’t really wrong when he said that. Many Muslims were deeply offended by that, but it’s the truth. We are powerless, because we have done this to ourselves. This is a harsh reality we do not want to accept. But, until we do so, we cannot fix our state. Until we realize our failing condition, we cannot correct it. We must be straight-forward. We are a nation that has not followed its religion. A nation that has lost its values and principles.

While Israel kills, maims and tortures our Muslim brothers and sisters in Palestine, while America kills Iraqis and other Muslims around the globe every hour of the day, all we do is sit and watch it on TV, then turn it off to focus on our “own” lives. We have become accustomed to seeing our Muslim brothers and sisters suffering across the globe. No matter how much we try to hide it, we have become helpless today. We have become a nation of over 1.2 billion people, yet we must “beg” others. We have nothing to rely on within ourselves. We have become the slaves of those who kill us.

Much of Muslim money goes to America to help it give aid to Israel today. It goes to help her kill Muslims wherever she may wish. But, when you talk about boycotting American products, just take a look at the reaction amongst us. “No, I haven’t started it yet .. It’s so difficult you know .. They own everything .. There are good people in America .. boycotting won’t make a difference..” Then you realize why Muslims are who they are today. We are ready to beg, but not to sacrifice. We are ready to support our murderers, but not to depend on ourselves. Boycotting American products is not only to stop it from killing Palestinians.. it’s about Iraq.. it’s about Afghanistan.. It’s about various other places where America has either directly or indirectly oppressed and murdered us. Once we boycott their products, we will learn to be self-reliant, and to depend on ourselves. But, today, we have lost the meaning of self-reliance, and forsaken Muslim honor and unity.

A non Muslim once said to me that the Muslim society is sick and has been so for a long time. How much I would have wished to disagree, but I couldn’t. In the helpless condition we are in today, we told the world we hated those amongst us who chose to be self-reliant. We said we would let America kill those Muslims who left their homes to defend Islam and our suffering Muslim brothers and sisters. We do not leave our worldly lives ourselves, and then have enmity in our hearts towards those amongst us who are ready to sacrifice. We despised those who chose to be self-reliant.. who chose not to kiss the feet of USA.. who chose to cling to their Lord and trust in Him.. who chose to say it’s time for sacrifices, and for us to stand up to regain Islamic honor. How much longer will we let this go on?

We must remember that if it is them today, it not only could, but will (God forbid) be us tomorrow. Muslims of the world have a choice to make. If you want to live in humiliation for the rest of your lives, do not do so in the name of Islam, and do not stab your own Muslim brothers in the back é those Muslims who are self-reliant.

Ms. S. A. A. is a 16 year old Muslim, who has graduated from senior high school.

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