Secularism Or Hinduism

The Triumvirate Nexus of Evil is in full action. The nexus of India, Israel and USA is there to perpetuate a Holocaust on the Muslims all over the world. USA is doing it with impunity as it is the only superpower in the world and has no fear from anyone. India and Israel are doing it because they have full blessing from their big brother.

India is unique in a sense that it has mastered the art in deceiving the world. It calls itself a secular state while running it as a Hindu state. It brands other as terrorists while it is terrorising its own Christian, Muslim and Sikh communities. There are so many instances of this state terrorism that even a book will be insufficient to cover them. These acts of barbarity against the minority community vary with the community. It is done in a systematic order that mostly it goes unnoticed or attracts little attention from the world media. Sometimes India does not allow Human rights activists and world media to enter the spots where ‘ Ethnic Cleansing’ is underway. Most of the time its propaganda machinery goes on spreading lies with the understanding that persistent lies will become truth.

Christians are a very small minority in India. They should not be any cause of worry to the Hindu militants. There is. Hindu militants cannot tolerate any religion. They wiped out Buddhists from India. They are in the process of wiping out other communities. An entire family of a Christian missionary was burnt to death in the Indian state of Orissa. The mastermind behind this brutal act has not been brought to justice. He belongs to Hindu militant party, BJP currently ruling India. Churches are vandalised, the community is harassed and discriminated.

Sikhs comparatively better off but the Hindu state is doing all to crush them. They were massacred in large numbers after the assassination of Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. Punjab province has been divided in three provinces to marginalize their power base.

Muslims in India comprise the largest minority. They total about 250 million divided all over India. The only Muslim majority state is Kashmir. India has stationed nearly 0.6million army to crush their aspirations to live a free and decent life. Kashmiri men are killed, women are raped. Even the old men and children are not spared by the Hindu barbarity. India invaded Hyderabad state claiming it had a Hindu majority and annexed it. For Muslim majority Kashmir it has some other solution-occupation by force, keeping appearances by the help of show boys like Farooq Abdullah.

Mayhem against Indian Muslims begun after the partition. . Thousands of communal riots were perpetuated against Muslims in the nook and corner of India. It has assumed an alarming position after BJP came into power. The recent riots in Gujarat have no precedence in its ferocity and the way it has been organised. The Indian media has put the burning of the train, which was carrying Hindu fanatics from Ayodhia as the root cause of the riots. The actual events are these: The Hindu militants were returning from Ayodhia.This is the site of Babri Masjid demolished in 1992 by the militant Hindu mobs claiming it was the birth place of their god Ram They plan to built a temple on that site. These militants were chanting provocative slogans all the way from Ayodhia. They did something more in in Godhra, a small town in Gujarat. They dragged a young Muslim girl to the train and the train left the station inspite the entreaties of the girl’s father. He raised an alarm and some Muslim youths tried to rescue the innocent girl. The Hindu militants replied with stones and the religious taunts. This resulted in the train being burnt by the desperate youths to save the girl. This gave the BJP government a pretext to commit the state machinery to the Muslim genocide. Thousands of Muslims have been butchered mercilessly. The Chief Minster, Narendra Modi has not been removed from his post despite the continuous demand from the opposition.

Prime Minister Atal Behari Bajpai has always been painted as a dove in the BJP government. He has tried hard to pretend to be. At a BJP conference in Goa he has taken out his lambs clothing to show his real face. He has termed Muslims all over the world as intolerant to other religions. If Muslims were intolerant not a Hindu would remained in India after thousand year of Muslim rule. Bajpai has proved that the riots were state-sponsored. His remarks are a threat not only to the Muslims, but also to the intricately woven fabric of the Indian society. I could only hope to see the world in general and Muslims in particular to understand this new form of Hindu militancy and curb it now before it is too late.