Schumer Intervenes to protect Israeli war criminals



Senator Charles E. Schumer, a Democrat from New York and his Republican side kick from Oregon, Senator Gordon Smith are setting new lows for the whores on the hill.  They are now putting pressure on the United Nations to prevent charging any Israeli soldiers with war crimes, regardless of any facts that emerge from an investigation of what happened in Jenin. At the behest of the Israelis, these two senators wrote a letter to Annan that urges capitulation to all Israeli demands.  “The team should go to Jenin and dig for facts, but it should not present conclusions nor recommendations for a course of action,” they wrote. “Under no circumstances can the findings of this fact-finding team form the basis for any future legal proceedings.”

The ‘anything for Israel’ crowd in the Senate is always willing to go over the deep end for their country, Israel. Maybe, it did not occur to these two Senators that it is not their job to give blanket immunity to Israeli war criminals. Would they also repeal American military law requiring our soldiers to abide by international conventions on the proper conduct of war? How about English soldiers? Should we also place them on the exclusive list of folks entitled to commit atrocities?  Maybe they will soon be passing laws to prevent the prosecution of Serbian war criminals, like Milosovic.

For good measure, Schumer and Smith should just present the American public of their list of which American soldiers should be immune from ever facing war crime charges. Or maybe they should present a list of which privileged Americans should never be prosecuted for murder, under any circumstances. Maybe they can present their colleagues in the Senate with their short list of countries that, for ethnic reasons, are entitled to commit war crimes. We know the kinds of favors Schumer is willing to perform for his idol, the butcher of Sabra and Shatila. Perhaps Schumer should explain to his fellow New Yorkers why he supports giving a carte blanche to certain foreign war criminals.

Schumer and Smith should mind their manners and stop disgracing themselves and other Americans in front of the rest of the world.  If they are sniffing around for more campaign coin, could they find a less obnoxious way to raise funds? Do they have to run a protection racket for Israeli war criminals? A guy like Schumer is simply out of place trying to represent the American people. His ethnocentric obsession with everything Israeli is nauseating.  He has Israeli ants in his pants and should be doing his dancing in the Knesset.

As for Gordon Smith, he is just another money grubbing Senator, trying to make a name for himself by learning to dance with the Schumer faction of the American Likud.  Which brings me to a question I have pondered for quite some time. Since the Likud can instantly muster up a majority in the Senate, under the able guidance of an ex-Israeli Prime Minister, why don’t we just make the Likud an official American party.  The Republicans can’t demonstrate that kind of force in the Senate, neither can the Democrats. But you take the Likudniks in the Republican party and mix them up with the Likudniks in the Democratic party and presto you have a formidable faction. Since this Likudnik majority is willing to serve the interests of Israeli Generals facing criminal indictment, maybe, when they gave time to spare, they can do something about our health insurance or improve our schools or find solutions for our homeless or fund medical research for cures to all that ails us.

Imagine how many folks would like immunity from ‘future legal proceedings’. Maybe it would do the Senate well to pass a law preventing any future legal proceedings against any Senator acting as an agent of a foreign state that routinely commits war crimes. How about a law to prohibit any legal action against any Senator who finances his campaigns with money from the domestic agents of a land thieving racist state? Maybe their ought to be other laws to protect any Senator who beats his wife or has affairs with Senate pages or consorts with notorious war criminals? Maybe we should just pass one law to make all Senators above the law.  How about we just pass a law to allow any American Senator to exempt any foreign national from any law under the sun. Or maybe, we should just give both Schumer and Smith a kick in the ass and a one way ticket out of the Senate.

Mr. Ahmed Amr is Editor of in Seattle and a regular contributor to Media Monitors Network (MMN).