SBA unveils a wide variety of radio and TV programs during Ramadan

RIYADH (UNA-OIC) – The Saudi Broadcasting Authority (SBA) is making the finishing touches on a wide variety of radio and television programs for the upcoming holy month of Ramadan.

Mohammed Al-Harthi, CEO of the authority, said that the Ramadan programs will be focused on local content. He said that the authority was keen to prepare its Ramadan programs with a new set of ideas and actions to be present with content that caters to the tastes of various strata of audiences and viewers.

The authority has beefed up its efforts to give the final touches to the broadcast schedule of the Ramadan programs to satisfy all segments of society by attracting elite stars who will enrich the screen with their masterpieces of artistic works featuring education and entertainment, in addition to a host of local dramas and series without compromising on quality.

The television program ‘Marahel’ by the renowned TV presenter Ali Al-Olayani will return to the screen for its second season on Saudi television. There was a tremendous response with millions of viewers for the program in its first season. The Saudi football legend Sami Al-Jaber is interviewing his guests on the program titled “That” in its second season on Saudi Television after the program was crowned with great success in its first season.

Viewers are waiting with great enthusiasm to watch two programs “Al-Mataneekh,” to be hosted by the comedian duo Hisham Al-Huwaish and Shaima Saif, and “Cash on the Road,” to be screened by the famous TikTok rising stars Meshary Al-Otaibi, Sabaiki and the actress Heba Hussein.

Among the religious programs, the most important will be the Mohammed bin Salman Project for Developing Historical Mosques, which aims to renovate and restore 130 historical mosques in various regions of the Kingdom. Sheikh Saad Al-Shathri, a member of the Council of Senior Scholars and advisor at the Royal Court, will present a unique program titled the “Eternal Days” that reviews the stories and positions between the Messenger of God (please be upon him) and his Companions.

The authority was keen on screening an innovative program aimed at promoting humanitarian initiatives. Famous television celebrity Fayez Al-Maliki would come out fulfilling the aspirations of young heroes suffering from health problems through the “Omniah” program. The program titled ‘Khairuha Binasiha,’ would highlight the humanitarian traits of the most prominent Saudi personalities working in the charity sector.

In the documentary realm, the SBA is keen to present several programs with advanced ideas to showcase different societal models. Mai Al-Suqair will present the ‘Jusoor’ program, which tells the stories of Saudis who succeeded in their field of work outside the borders of the country while Muhammad bin Naheet’s documentary would shed light on the pioneering role of Saudi leadership in several fields through the ‘Tuwaiq program.’

The authority also presents the “Brave” program, which highlights the lives of Saudis practicing difficult and dangerous jobs, while the “Unique Experience” sheds light on expatriates who scripted success stories in their professional life in the Kingdom. 

During Ramadan, the authority will present a variety of series, foremost of which is the drama series “Qurah Ainak”, which brings together Kuwaiti artist Hayat Al-Fahd and Reem Abdullah, and this series, which is to air on the Saudi channel, will be catering to the tastes of many segments of the Saudi society. The comedy series from Prodcat and Netflorex will be aired on the SBC screen, as these works are from celebrity artists within the Kingdom as well as from the Gulf and the Arab world.

SBA Chief Mohammed Al-Harthi said that the selection of programs and dramas was carried out after going through a meticulous evaluation to ensure that the content caters to the tastes and popularity of the viewers. He said that the Ramadan programs will have an added quality with a focus on local content.

The programs that the authority will air and telecast through its television and radio stations constitute a quantum leap in the realms of information, entertainment, and drama content, Al-Harthi said while emphasizing that the authority is committed to raising the level of competition and quality in each one of its new programs.

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