Sadistic Strike on Musharraf!

Abortive attempt on the life of President Musharraf–”Thursday–”manifests the ferocious attitude of all those wicked pictograms that have set off a reign of terror–”perceptibly–”to subvert the accomplishments, Pakistan has attained with admiration by every pragmatic n’ peace-loving nation, indexed in the global Atlas–”during the past four years.

Though the germane n’ apex authorities are–”by now–”keeping mum on the raison d’être of this episode, the fact remains–”intact–”that such a hideous felony can in–”no way–”be committed by any patriotic citizen of the sanctified soils of Pakistan.

Such a nasty course–”the third in sequence–”can only be routed by those who are antagonistic towards this fabulous realm n’ are persistently betrothed in their sadistic tactics–”one way or the other to slur n’ disgrace the singular dazzling country in South Asia–”Pakistan.

Whether one confesses the veracity or not, the fact remains–”as clear as crystal–”that in the post-Nine/Eleven milieu, Pakistan–”with President Musharraf atop–”has been a target of criticism by all those malevolent n’ spiteful elements plus a few neighbors, which are habitually hostile to Pakistan n’–”who received political n’ diplomatic jerks n’ jolts–”due to the pragmatic logical policies of the President to place the fascinating homeland in the front row of the world ommunity–”which adores Pakistan for its steadfast n’ stanch perceptions vis-à-vis the ground realities like a US-led crusade to chastise terrorism–”in its’ all forms n’ manifestations.

Though a probe is yet to determine the vicious motives behind the Thursday incident, the realism can–”in no way–”be negated that such an atrocious n’ awful act has, prima facie been set off by a cluster of provokers who are divergent to President Musharraf for his audacious n’ gallant perspective to take Pakistan to the zeniths of victory in every sphere–”most exclusively with a self-reliant economy–”free from all types of alien dependence–”for the eventual affluence of the nation.

Concurrently, the dynamic role of the President for the unity of the Islamic world–”Ummah–”is giving a prickly reheat to all those who are opposed to such a sacrosanct vision.

We are convinced by the fact that–”by a realistic insight–”Musharraf has proved himself a heroic man, blessed with love n’ leaning towards amity–”of-course with his firm standpoint of the national interests–”as prime n’ leading. It is evident from his anticipated [may it be unexpected for a few] proclamation Tuesday that he shall cede his military uniform by next year.

With full powers–”in hand–”he would have conveniently keep both the offices–”the Presidentship n’ COAS–”at least until 2007 [as was done by General Zia-ul-Haq, the harbinger of the Law of Necessity plus the frequent user of the litigious Article 58 (2B)] –”yet with a zest to open enormous vistas for the democratic rule to flourish–”in a smooth silky way–”Musharraf preferred an option–”which is both inspiring n’ atypical in the political history of Pakistan.

Not only that the President’s decision is a full-size test for a majority of the politicians–”who have by now kept themselves engaged in fragile, frail n’ feeble issues rather than enunciating any legislation–”they pledged to their electorate in the pre-poll era–”to facilitate the masses with requisite benefits. With such a scenario in the polity, the egalitarians were faced with a lot of their career perils–”which have now been evaporated by Musharraf’s verdict even if it doesn’t go along an intrinsic humane psyche for self-ecstasy.

Amid the newest hapless occurrence, whereas the President has rayed a message–”to instill the nation’s morale elevated n’ towering–”a few self-styled intellectuals–”have not let to leeway go in vain by airing their infected n’ impure mindset–”overtly to generate a sense of panic n’ anxiety amongst the innocent populous via miscellaneous media sources.

Such so-called erudite have even gone to degree of their funny n’ pseudo ‘brain power’ of a ‘predict n’ study’ that Thursday’s event–”as they ‘visualize’ can affect the assemblage of historic SAARC summit, scheduled in Islamabad next month.

Well au fait with the truth that this moot is going to be a key-point for the settings in South Asia, a fastidious evaluation by a set such ‘cerebrals’–”is nothing beyond a built-in apathy n’ a deluge to delude the people–”who wait for a reliable surveillance of each n’ every affair from the opinion-makers to galvanize a prudent environ.

Any way, the President–”has–”himself eroded all such ‘juvenile n’ babyish’ perceptions of such species–”in his impressive frank, fair, first-rate style, thus infusing a sense of gigantic security in every-ones’ heart n’ soul.

At the same time, people eagerly look for an in-depth probe with–”cognizant modus operandi–”as its’ podium with a pledge that such a disquieting incidence–”shall not be permitted to re-surface.

One is compelled to envision–”that if such a risky course perseveres for the top leader in Pakistan–”how can a meager citizen of this land feel him protected or shielded by a hefty fleet of police force–”along with the related set-ups, responsible for the safety n’ security of the masses.

With such a situation–”every-one is forced to pick out the episode is–”apparently–”a big security lapse, which ought not be ignored–”at any cost. If an instant notice is neglected, this frightful chapter shall place enormous negative
impacts on Pakistan.

Not only that the nation shall attain a horrific feedback from abroad–”where a set of elements is already posing a hostile stance–”but such an incidence shall–”equally–”destabilize efforts being made for a feasible n’ safe access to Pakistan.

Apart from this, people at home–”may be well aware of the actualities–”yet the overseas Pakistanis n’ other well-wishers would surely feel upset–”specifically–”in the wake of anti-Pakistan campaign, let loose by the foes–”with hefty expenses, being incurred by such hostile country(s) on a gruesome drive.

On such an aspect, a heavier responsibility rests with Pakistan’s missions abroad. By n’ large such helix are ought to be well-informed n’ well-co-operative. Yet a common view about most of these set-ups–”is sordid.

Amid a backdrop of the Thursday’s happening, all of these mission were supposed not only to get in touch with the media in the countries, assigned to them to divulge the realistic details-they were also supposed to keep their fellow-citizens fully acquainted with the actualities to make their natural worries vanish.

It seems, most of such missions stayed away–”may be due to the public holiday due to the birth anniversary of the Father of Nation–”yet they could conveniently set-up special desks to disseminate accurate information to the people, eager to know the facts. This is evident from the over-size calls, the media offices in Pakistan received from their brethren–”with present abode–”out of the country.

We hope that not only the process of inquiry at home shall be swift, meaningful and far-reaching–”for ensuring a durabl environment of peace n’ protection in each n’ every vicinity of Pakistan–”the Foreign Office shall also take an instant cognizance of such a state of affairs by issuing specific instructions to its every limb–”wherever–”it is supposed to represent Pakistan–”in a devoted way.

While sympathizing with the ill-fated families of all those on official duty as well as the kin of the passers-by–”who lost their precious lives–”we hope that an icon of red-alert shall stay-on at least till the time the vicious gangs of terrorists are caged–”to take the illicit to a judicious n’ logical end.

Simultaneously, we are grateful to Allah Almighty for His blessings–”bestowed upon President Pervez Musharraf–”who has proved himself as the valiant soul n’ spirit–”indisputably–”a source of inspiration n’ strength for the nation via his bold n’ bountiful diktats–”with a remarkable n’ matchless love n’ adore–”to clutch world-wide esteem n’ reverence for Pakistan.

We wish the symbol of the national unity–”the President–”all the best with a ray of hope that his fabulous n’ gallant mission–”for the affluence n’ peace n’ prosperity of Pakistan along with his intrepid relish for amity in South Asia–”shall persist unabated for the ultimate par excellence good of the humankind–”not only in this part of the earth planet–”but also for each n’ every dweller beyond oceanic–”who logically weigh up Musharraf as an idol of global tranquility n’ serenity–”with dignity n’ honor for his nation as supreme emblem of his outlook.