Rulers and the Ruled

Recent decision by India not to send her troops despite requests from the American government can only be looked upon with admiration. It shows her determination to be independent and to pursue her genuine national interests rather then simply to subject herself to the overt bribes and threats from the US government. Threats and bribes has become a hallmark for the US ambassadors in the various countries where they behave like Viceroys of the British era. Historically Mrs. Indira Ghandi also undertook such decisions when US tried to turn it into one of her military bases to enforce the foreign policy of the pre-Nixon era of containing China. Perhaps that is why Pakistan became a convenient ally of the US rather then a natural one. Exertion of such determination and will power based on long term vision is also part of the reason why India is moving towards becoming a significant regional power! . This is something that the regime in Pakistan has yet to realise.


It is interesting to note that India being a predominantly Hindu country have opposed the war vehemently on various grounds, and she matched her words with deeds by refusing to send troops to give legitimacy to the illegal occupation and the war. Where as the neighbouring countries both Bangladesh and Pakistan the protests from the masses were in much larger numbers, which was naturally expected as both being predominantly Muslim countries. Yet both the Governments of these two countries failed to adequately condemn this immoral and illegal war.


The recent uncovering of the lies (dodgy dossier, dodgy intelligence, dodgy 45 minutes and now the dodgy death of Dr Kelly) coupled with the failure to find Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) the criminality of Bush and Blair is beyond doubt. Why is it that only History must judge the Bush and Blair rather then the arm of International laws, ! if the laws are genuinely International? It seems that we are living in an era where such laws gets interpreted and applied by the Anglo-Saxon world to achieve their own agenda.


A real proof of the justice of International Laws would be by subjecting Bush and Blair in the Hague where they would be facing the prosecution from the relatives of the 8000 civilians and Journalists who have been murdered by this illegal and criminal war. Remember the old axiom, the real test of the law is not to bring the weak to justice but the strong as well.


Far from condemning the war criminal Blair and Bush, the leaders of these two countries (Bangladesh and Pakistan) are looking for ways to send their troops in return for some financial benefit behaving like the Nawabs of India when they sold themselves to the British to protect their personal privileges. Which is also echoed in the despotic and divided rulers in the Arab world. Today it just happens to be the Americans rather then the British. Such behaviour clearly demonstrates the real distance between the ruling elites of these two nations with the feeling and the aspirations of its masses.

The writer is a Graduate in Chemistry from London University and Technical Director. He contributed above article to Media Monitors Network (MMN) from the United Kingdom.