Root Causes of The Terrorism

Recently, the most controversial topic around the world is war against terrorism, especially in America. But what is the cause of such hatred against America? There may be many factors for such hate and anger against America and American people. As President Bush also said that “the terrorist are jealous of our power, wealth, success and freedom” but as a matter of the fact the American foreign polices are the roots causes of the terrorism in America. It is a famous quotation that “If you kill one person its murder but if you kill hundred and thousands then it is foreign policy.” American government has attacked so many countries that now rest of the world is angry with the American foreign polices.

What is terrorism?

Terrorism is an emotionally charged word that is frequently used to politically and socially denigrate one’s opponents. If you sympathize or side with the perpetrator, then it is not terrorism; it is freedom fighting but if you sympathize or side with the victim, then it is terrorism. The fact is that America has aroused the anger of many people around the world who are waiting in the wings, because of American political and military intervention around the world. But being a self proclaimed global policeman requires the U.S. government to decide about each country into which it determines who are the rouges nations or “axis of evils.” This inevitably means that some part of the population in each of those countries comes to view the United States as the ally of their domestic opponents and therefore as their enemy. Every foreign intervention undertaken by the U.S. government, therefore, produces a potential underground army of terrorists who now believe that winning their domestic battles requires defeating the foreign interventionist power. American foreign interventions have often created the monsters that it is now claimed we must go out and slay. The U.S. government must stop providing political and financial assistance to governments or political fractions in other lands. Dropping bombs and providing food at the same time to any country may not make every body happy and content. It may play well to the cameras and get great rating for TV and newspaper advertisers — but it will never end terrorism. These actions will increase terror actions against America. The politicians wants people to forget that wars and "police actions" kill innocent people. American government talks about teaching a foreign dictator a lesson, but the dictator never gets hurt. Instead, American bombs kill thousands of innocent civilians who may already hate the dictator even more than our politicians’ claim to.

Why other nations hate America:

American foreign polices are making more enemies, because America has taken sides in so many conflicts. America has armed so many countries’ enemies. America has imposed so many "solutions" on many people. American troops occupy so many countries; the world has become dangerous for America. Foreigners generally love McDonald’s but hate American government. Foreign politicians exploit that hatred.

Why most of the Muslim countries are against America.

As most of the terrorists attacks are blamed on
Muslims. There must be some reasons behind that hate and vengeance. Most of the Muslim countries are very poor and underdeveloped countries. So they are already frustrated because of their poverty and lack of education and above all when America ties with their enemies that makes them angrier. “The average educational attainment in Islamic countries is 2.9 years and in US it’s 12.1 years. So we are dealing with second graders.”

American government is doing nothing for the global poverty, ignorance and education. Americans are very rich, and Muslims on average are very poor. Most of them are very ignorant. They can believe any thing or follow any one whom promises to lead them out of their miserable conditions. When US money does not go to global education or poverty reduction. The American aid budget is very small; $7 billion dollars compared to $304 billion dollars spend on military. Most of the Islamic countries are not in favor of Israel because of their religious background and history and when America’s number one aid recipient is Israel, a country with an income of $18,000 dollars per person. That just provides fuels to fanatics.

A Gallup survey made among the leading Muslim countries indicated that about 52-53 percent of them did not like America.

The permanent war footing.

Since the Second World War, the U.S. government has taken it upon itself to serve as the self-proclaimed global policeman and social engineer. Here are a few examples:

In the 1980s American government sent military equipment to Iraq’s Saddam Hussein to help him fight the Ayatollah in Iran. Much of the American equipment was used in 1990 to help Iraq invade Kuwait.

The American government bombed Libya in 1986, killing a number of civilians, to force Muammar Khadaffi to end his support for terrorists. Two years after that; a bomb destroyed a Pan-American Airlines flight over Scotland, killing 259 people –” and the American government says Khadaffi was responsible.

During the 1980s American government helped the "freedom fighters" take power in Afghanistan. In 1998 they bombed those same Afghans, claiming they were now harboring terrorists. When the Soviet Union occupied Afghanistan, the CIA trained their operatives in how to commit acts of terrorism against the Soviet forces and it worked. The Soviets turned and ran. Bin Laden was grateful for what Americans taught him and thought it might be fun to use those same techniques against them. The American government abhors terrorism –” unless they are the ones doing the terrorizing.

American government paid, trained and armed a group of terrorists in Nicaragua in the 1980s who killed over 30,000 civilians. Those were American foreign policies. American government had created the monster known as Osama bin Laden! Where did he go to terrorist school? At the CIA!

What can bring people to such a deep call for revenge that even accepts self-destruction?

On 12th May 1996, US ambassador to UN Medaline Albright on program “60 minutes” responded to a question. Whether the cost of the lives of over a half million children “was worth it” in order to get rid of president of Iraq; She replied “it is a hard choice but yes the price is worth it.” Imagine the frustration and anger of people.

It is American foreign policy that makes Bin laden so strong and helped him in establishing movements with “Taliban” Whatever their origins Bin Laden’s views are heard and accepted by the Muslim world. American government funded a lot of oppressive regimes that have killed a lot of innocent people. American government have orphaned so many children, tens of thousands around the world, with taxpayer-funded terrorism in Chile, in Vietnam, in Gaza, in Salvador that when those orphans grow up and are a little whacked in the head from the horror.

The horrible effects of war in Afghanistan and Iraq:

For more than eight years, after the Gulf war in 1990, American government has been waging a silent war against the people of Iraq. According to the United Nations Children’s Fund, nearly one million children in Iraq are suffering from chronic malnutrition because of those sanctions. According to the UNICEF report, “Children are bearing the brunt of economic hardship in Iraq. The number of malnourished children represents an increase of 72% since international sanctions were imposed on Baghdad.”

According to the BBC News, “Cases of the cancer increased fourfold after the first Gulf War and many have blamed the use of depleted uranium munitions used by the allied forces in that conflict.” In a sadistic irony, American government used the brutality of these sanctions as a justification for the war. Although the war in Afghanistan is over, the humanitarian crisis is not. “Million of Afghans, many of them are children are still living in temporary camps or remote areas inaccessible by relief agencies. Many of them are at risk of disease and malnutrition.” Poverty, frustration and lack of basic needs can turn them in to so called terrorists.

In the wake of September 11, George W. Bush declared war on Terrorism and subsequently war with Afghanistan and Iraq. President Bush believed that Saddam Hussein was hiding potentially large quantities of chemical and biological weapons and aggressively pursuing nuclear arms and that those weapons posed a grave danger to the United States and the rest of the world. Now it appears that premise was wrong. Nothing has found so far.

American Government wanted to hunt down Osama bin laden and Sadam Hussain, but while trying to hunt down these two terrorists, they killed thousands and thousands of innocent Afghanis and Iraqi people. Think about how many more like Sadam and Bin Laden have been created by the brutality of war.

How Bush intends to rule this country of twenty-four million people is difficult to imagine. U.S. troops may be in Iraq and Afghanistan for a long time and every second they remain, they will be sitting ducks for snipers and suicide bombers. Each and every-day American soldiers are killed by the Iraqi people either by suicide bombings and other methods of bombing. According to the NewYork Times as of September 9th 2003 ‘The death brought to the 304 the number of American troops killed since the Iraq war began.” In just eight months, Bush gets the whole world back to hating us again. The United States is now a colonial power in Iraq, and the history of colonialism is clear: At some point, the colonialists lose.

Many Iraqis suspect the primary reason for Bush’s invasion was to grab Iraq’s oil. If it wasn’t about oil, how come one of the first things the U.S. soldiers did was to secure the oil fields? If it wasn’t about oil, how come U.S. troops guarded the oil ministry, while they stood idly by as looters rampaged through the national museum? A lot of U.S. companies are trying to climb aboard the Iraqi "gravy train." One Administration official told U.S. News & World Report. "It will cost billions to rebuild Iraq." Lots of firms are getting in line and they are all American. Bush, Rumsfeld, and Garner are in no mood to reward French, Russian, or German companies. This also makes those nations very angry and against America.

Many people in the Middle East believe that American decisions are based on Israel’s interests. So the Palestinians are also angry with United States. Depriving Palestinians of any dignified solution has the effect of pushing them into the arms of Hammas.

Muslim countries are not the only one who hates the American Polices:

Many other countries are against this war. France Germany and Russia refused to be a part of this invasion. On September 23rd 2003 the French President Jacques Chirac has mounted a stinging attack on U.S led actions in Iraq in a speech to the United Nations. “The war, launched without the authorization of the Security Council, shook the multilateral system.” In an interview with NewYork Times Chirac said “he did not intend to veto the US resolution, unless it become proactive.” France wants transfer of power to Iraqi people and US to withdraw its forces from Iraq.

President Bush’s statement of calling the Korea “the Axis of Evil” in the state of the Union address also makes Korean government very angry. “On September 20th 2003, according to the associated press 8,000 marched in Berlin, 1,500 came out in Frankfurt, 1,500 gathered in front of the Us embassy in Copenhagen, Denmark, 1,000 rallied in Stockholm, Sweden, and 300 held a peace walk in Tokyo.” All these rallies showed the anger and bitterness of the world against United States of America. Where ever American government has meddled –” the only consistent outcomes have been American deaths, American tax dollars wasted, the sacrifice of thousands of innocent foreigners, and no lasting solution.

The point is merely that many people don’t like a foreign military presence in their country. If the United States Government allowed a foreign military power to occupy this country, many people wouldn’t like that either. The reaction against foreign polices is just like stepping on an anthill. Many could be killed but couple of them will definitely climbed and bit and then gets squished.

American policies are not the only root causes of terrorism in America:

First of all if American polices are not making so many people that angry because according to the U.S. Census Bureau that America is becoming more racially and ethnically diverse. U.S. Census Bureau’s American Community Survey (ACS) revealed that America now has 33 million residents who are natives of other countries. Director Louis Kincannon said "These data provide a moving picture of one of the fastest growing population segments in the United States. Of the total U.S. population, 11.8 percent were foreign-born and accounted for 44 percent of the nation’s population growth last year. The growth of the nation’s foreign-born population reflects how attractive this country remains, both politically and economically, for people around the world. This clearly proves that America is like a melting pot. Many people of different origins still want to come and establish a life in America. It’s a fact that America is the only country in the world that accepts you whoever you are. In England it is hard to get a citizenship even after living there for a long time.

If the United States were to stop all its bad policies in the region, its wouldn’t presume that it would solve all or most of the Middle East’s problems. People are not sacrificing themselves solely for the cause of the Muslim people; they are being told that they will receive something better than they could ever imagine on earth. The extremists have exploited the term of “Jihad”. Foreign policy alone will not rally massive amounts of people to act out against it as Al Qaeda has. It is religious extremism, and extremism in general that equates U.S. sanctions on Iraq with intended genocide. So the sole responsibility for the rise of Bin Laden is not of the U.S. policies.