Riding with a Drunken Driver

So often, I just feel
we have a drunken driver
at the wheel.

So high and mighty, blindly self-assured,
we are in his power and he knows it!
Yes, he has the final word,
For whatever purpose small,
he can crash and kill us all!

So omnipotent is he,
loudly proclaiming,
The king of the road must be me!
He careens and swerves from side to side,
playing chicken with other drunken drivers
and forcing sober ones off the roadside.

What can we do with this maniac at the wheel?
Sweet is his ecstasy,
drunken with power-hungry zeal.
Persuasion will not make him move over.
Far too deafened by his glory,
he will never yield to one more sober.

Must we do something rash?
Must we wrest the wheel from him
and hope to survive the crash?
Can we drain the fuel, knowing
that without gas, the car must
to a stop be slowing?
Yet, well have a long hard journey, so they tell.
If we can still walk – what the hell?.