Relentless Miscalculation of Iraq by American Officials

The Bush Administration never learns, never figures out critical matters, and never learns from its mistakes. It is almost as if miscalculation is its principal mode of calculation. The Iraqi response to American build up prior to the war was miscalculated. The belief that Iraqis would rise up after the initial bombing campaign and joyously overthrow the regime of Saddam Hussein was miscalculated. The belief that Iraqis would greet victorious Allied forces was yet another miscalculation. The goal of quickly restoring electricity to Baghdad and to the nation was a grave miscalculation, as was the belief that oil could be quickly pumped to the world market to boost U.S. revenues (ostensibly in behalf of the Iraqi people <wink, wink / nod, nod>

Now, having killed the two “lions of Iraq” the sons of Saddam Hussein, the American authorities seem to have calculated that resistance to U.S. occupation will end or diminish. What is the track record of U.S. calculations?

If a foreign nation were to find new technology and warmaking capabilities and somehow defeat the U.S. military and overthrow the U.S. government and occupy the entire United States (or even a part of it), do you believe the U.S. citizenry, including trained military and ex-military personnel would not resist the occupation? Does any rational human being in the U.S. or the world believe that resistance to a foreign occupation of the U.S. would cease if the occupying powers killed one or two sons of a deposed President?

Why would the Iraqis love the occupying forces for killing people that were already on the run and out of power? Would that make the brutal occupation, the door to door weapons searches, the continued imprisonment of Iraqi citizens, the obvious lust for Iraqi oil any more palatable?

No matter how many additional calculations are devised by the American government, the common factor remains the multiplicand figure “zero”. All calculations must be multiplied by zero, because that is the degree of competence and consideration of Iraqi citizenry’s needs integrated into the equation. Anything times zero equals zero. The usefulness of American calculations under the myopic regime of George W. Bush (the Qusay of Kennebunkport) is nil.

The writer is a member of several falconry and ornithological clubs and organizations. He contributed above article to Media Monitors Network (MMN) from California, USA.