Regional conflicts may explode into wars of mass destruction

As in Palestine, the Kashmir conflict originally resulted from Western policies in the last century.  Now both conflicts threaten to explode into wars of mass destruction in this century.

New Delhi accuses Pakistan of fomenting a decade-old revolt in Muslim-majority Kashmir. Pakistan denies sponsoring the rebellion, saying it only provides moral and diplomatic support to the Kashmiri struggle for self-determination.

The Zionist occupation of Palestine has created a volatile situation in the Middle East since 1948. Israel refuses to return the land it has occupied, and continues to use illegal, immoral and barbaric methods to quell the freedom struggle.

It is now only a few years since both India and Pakistan first tested their nuclear weapons and long-range missiles.  Israel and India have a long-time still mostly secret military connection and unsuccessfully attempted in the 1980s and early 1990s to undermine and destroy the Pakistani nuclear program — the “Muslim bomb” project.

The Israelis — themselves with a military capability said to be many times greater than that of all the Arab countries combined — have made no secret of their desire to destroy the advanced weapons programs in Iran, Iraq, Libya and Pakistan; the Syrians are said to be arming with chemical and biological weapons to deter the Israelis; and the Egyptian military is also preparing.

Meanwhile Israel has also secretly outfitted three submarines, acquired in recent years from Germany after firm assurances they would not be used in this way, with nuclear weapons in a kind of doomsday nuclear deterrent scenario.

The obvious scenario for lasting peace is simple: Kashmir must be granted its long-awaited independence, freedom from both Indian and Pakistani administration; the last-remaining apartheid regime (Israel) must be dismantled and replaced with a democratic Palestine which grants equal rights to Jews, Muslims and Christians.