Punishing the Democratic Party Leadership by Voting for Bush

There is no doubt that George W. Bush is the worst president in American history. But there is great doubt that John Kerry will be an improvement. Kerry does not state unequivocally that he will repudiate Bush policies and reverse them. Kerry wants to do what Bush has done, but with a different supporting cast and more efficiency. Kerry is not an opposite to Bush, but a supplement to him.

Should Democrat and progressive voters allow the Democratic Party to benefit itself by using a man like Kerry to obtain the power of the presidency? Should Democrats and progressives suffer the consequences of Anybody by Bush by voting for Kerry or even Nader or Cobb?

The Democratic Party and the Kerry Campaign prohibited free speech and democratic debate amongst the party at their national convention in the name of "unity". Yet, it appeared that unity could have been obtained in the Democratic Party by opposing Bush policies including the War in Iraq, the support of the Zionist terrorist state, and similar issues. Instead of calling for unity under a progressive platform, Kerry demanded unity under a Bush-like program.

An argument can be made, and must be made that support of Kerry only continues Bush policies under the Democratic party leadership. THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE TO PROGRESSIVES. At least it ought not be acceptable.

Many Democrats and progressives must be wondering; if I am going to be voting for Bush policies, why pick the alternate team and not just vote directly for Bush himself? Why do I need Terry McCaluliff and all those other corrupt Democrat Party leaders who stifled my dissent at the Boston Convention doing the same in a Kerry Administration.

Perhaps Democrats and Progressives should punish the Democratic Leadership for proposing Bush Light by voting for Bush himself. Perhaps the leadership needs to be taught a lesson. Perhaps the Democratic Party leadership needs to learn that either they propose a Democratic/Progressive Platform under REAL Progressive candidates, or Democrats will abandon their leadership and cost them the power they so obviously crave.