President Bush: Inspiration for "Insurgents" and "Terrorists"

President George W. Bush has a guaranteed career as a motivational speaker after he leaves the White House. He has inspired more bloodshed by more people than anyone in living memory. For starters, Bush has inspired the American public to seek bloody reprisal for the events of 9/11/2001 in ways that have cost the American public hundreds of billions of dollars and thousands of body parts of soldiers and the lives of nearly 2000 American soldiers in Iraq and hundreds more in Afghanistan and elsewhere. Tragically, though, President Bush misled the American people into seeking revenge against Iraqis who had nothing to do with 9/11. By starting a war on a false premise, Bush has covered himself permanently with American blood stolen from America’s youth in a war based on "fixed" intelligence, lies, deceit, and (ultimately) greed.

Simultaneously, President Bush has caused the death of tens of thousands of Iraqis and Afghans and their allies in their fight for freedom. In a macabre way, Bush was correct that Iraqis now want their freedom, and now that Saddam Hussein is removed, many Iraqis want freedom from foreign occupation. They want their freedom from George W. Bush and are willing to fight and die and even martyr themselves for such freedom.

So, when President Bush gets on television, as he did last night, and insults Americans and Iraqi’s alike, he motivates people. President Bush now motivates American soldiers to desert their posts, and it is now reported that over 6000 American soldiers have deserted their duty posts in Iraq. President Bush has motivated more and more Americans to seek his impeachment. President Bush has motivated the nations of the world to conspire to limit the damage his administration is doing to world peace and stability.

At the same time, President Bush has inspired Iraqis and their friends throughout the Arab and Muslim worlds to come to Iraq and fight the Americans. President Bush dared the Iraqi insurgents to "bring it on" and that is what they have done.

President Bush has made another critical mistake in last night’s speech. He made it clear to the Iraqi freedom fighters that he had no intention whatsoever of giving up the fight against them. Bush made it clear that his goal is to kill the insurgents because their philosophy of freedom from American imperialism is completely irreconcilable with American goals for Iraq. Thus, there is nothing the insurgents can do but to fight and fight until they win.

If there are any contacts and negotiations between Iraqi insurgents and American leadership, no doubt the negotiations are about American surrender, not Iraqi surrender. How can Iraqi insurgents surrender when America’s goal is to take their land, their wealth, and even their lives?

One day America will leave Iraq, after more thousands of American lives have been lost. One day America’s public will realize that President George W. Bush is the number one recruiter for "terrorism" in the world, because he is the number one terrorist in the world. America is infinitely less safe under George W. Bush than without him. Motivating resistance around the world makes the probabilities of further attacks against America more likely, not less likely.

President Bush — we don’t need motivational speakers like you! Please sit down and be quiet and let the problem solvers try to unravel the web of horror and destruction you have created.