Poverty and Suffering of those who are forced to leave their countries


Today, poverty is no longer a problem restricted to some particular countries. The world agenda is dominated by children who make their living on streets collecting trash, who spend freezing nights out on the streets and have dangerous jobs in return for which they receive little money, risking their lives. So, much of the world is not safe from the child deaths stemming from malnutrition and other poverty-linked problems.

Statistics on poverty and on street children alone reveal the serious dimensions of the situation.

In 1982, UNESCO reported 200,000 street children in Istanbul, 10,000 in Bogota, and 2 million in Rio de Janeiro. In Africa, this figure is estimated to be 5 million and is steadily increasing. Civic dislocations and wars, scarcity, AIDS and rapid urbanisation are factors increasing the number of street children. Around the world, 30 to 70 million street children are homeless on any given night. [3]

As the statistics above suggest, even the developed world is not immune from poverty. The unemployment from economic depressions and inadequacy of social security systems are, by and large, responsible for this poverty.

The values of the Qur’an and the Sunnah, however, demand the protection of the poor and the needy. There are many hadith of Allah’s Messenger, the Prophet Muhammad (saas) that bid the believers to protect the poor. One of them reads thus:

Love the poor and be near to them. If you love them, Allah will love you. If you take care of them, Allah will take care of you. If you clothe them, Allah will clothe you. If you feed them, Allah will feed you. Allah will be generous to you if you are generous. [1]  Ramuz al-Hadith, vol 1, p. 17, Salman al-Farisi (ra)

[3]  http://www.uia.org/uiademo/pro/d4966.htm

Harun Yahya is a prominent Turkish intellectual.

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