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"This is the soft war that seeks to isolate Israel by delegitimizing it…the battle ground is everywhere –” the media, multinational organizations, NGOs. In this war, the aim is to make Israel a pariah."

— Rupert Murdoch, A.D.L. Speech upon receiving ADL’s “International Leadership Award”, October 14, 2010

"The corporate grip on opinion in the United States is one of the wonders of the Western world. No First World country has ever managed to eliminate so entirely from its media all objectivity – much less dissent."

— Gore Vidal, Novelist and Critic

CAUTION: You are about to enter the “No Spin Zone.”

No Corporation or Media mogul has had as much impact on the corruption and manipulation of minds, opinions, and attitudes in the U.S. and abroad than Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation and Fox News Channel in particular.

This mogul has singlehandedly created a nation within a nation–the Fox Nation.  A nation dedicated to the principle that the only deserving humanity for wealth, power, supremacy, and governance are mainly white Republicans, Corporate and Business tycoons, those who support militarism as the sole means of projecting America’s power abroad, and those who blindly and unquestionably support Israel’s hegemony, illegal occupation, the building of illegal settlements, and who identify its offensive militarism as self-defense. Palestinians, Arabs, and Muslims are an offense to western civilization and thus are expendable collateral damage to the greater good of Israel which naturally translates to the greater good of the U.S.

Rupert Murdoch is the Chairman and CEO of News Corporation which owns vast holdings in newspapers, movie studios, television stations, cable and satellite stations, entertainment companies, book publishing, music, radio, and internet companies around the world.

In terms of revenue in 2010, News Corporation was second only to Walt Disney Company, with Time Warner and Viacom as third and fourth respectively.

With the exception of Rupert Murdoch the remaining three media conglomerates are run by Jewish Americans.

For his Zionist efforts Murdoch has received awards and high praise from Pro Israeli groups in the United States such as the Anti Defamation League which presented him with the “International Leadership Award” and the American Jewish Committee which presented him with the “AJC National Human Relations Award” on March 4, 2009.

The Jewish Commentary Magazine on October 14, 2010 published Murdoch’s speech to the A.D.L. and made the following observation.

“Last night, Rupert Murdoch gave an extraordinary speech at an Anti-Defamation League dinner in which he revealed, yet again, that he is a true and selfless friend of the Jewish people and of Israel.”

Not to be out done, Roger Ailes, Chairman and C.E.O. of Fox News and Fox News Channel was honored at a gala dinner by the Jewish Community Relations Council of New York. Former President Bill Clinton appeared on a video saluting “red-state Roger” for his concern for “the security for the State of Israel

Murdoch is also a staunch Republican Conservative who’s unashamed to donate millions to Republican causes.

Murdoch’s News Corporation donated $1 million to the Republican Governors Association in June 2010.   Similarly he donated $1 million to the United States Chamber of Commerce, a staunch Republican organization.   No one is investigating if such media donations to political organizations are ethical.

Thus, it is a fact that Murdoch and News Corporation are propaganda patsies for Israel and the Republican Party.

Fox News Channel is the most popular and most influential cable network which for years has left CNN, MSNBC and other cable networks in the dust.

Fox Channel uses the following two slogans: “We Report, You Decide”, and, “Fair and Balanced”. In fact the channel is a weapon of mass deception that instills fear in a large segment of the U.S. population with lies and blasphemous bigoted hateful commentary. Goebbels would be proud in seeing an American “News” Channel implement his propaganda philosophy.

“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.”

The best that can be said about Fox News Channel and its bigoted, racist, fear mongering hosts and pundits is that it is committing “Intellectual Terrorism” upon a nation devoid of intellectual curiosity, a passion for truth and civic involvement, a self absorbed populace distracted with consumerism, and devoid of all outrage at the crimes committed by its government and corporations here and abroad.

The three most popular Fox Channel hosts are Bill O’Rielly, Sean Hannity and Glenn Beck who share the same viewpoints, personality traits, and fear mongering propaganda.

All three have delusions of grandeur, absolutism of truth, are paranoid, self promoting salesmen of their books and products, hold hallucinatory conspiracy theories where Looney lefties, Marxists, Socialists, Communists, Islamic terrorists, Sharia Law, George Soros, and radical media outlets are collaborating and planning to overtake America and western civilization to establish a one world government run by radical Islamists.

Perhaps this quote by former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich speaking to thousands of Evangelicals in a bid to build his base for a possible Presidential run is emblematic of the mindset of Fox News Channel, where he is a contributor, and the propaganda it pursues.

"I have two grandchildren –” Maggie is 11, Robert is 9," Gingrich said at Cornerstone Church here. "I am convinced that if we do not decisively win the struggle over the nature of America, by the time they’re my age they will be in a secular atheist country, potentially one dominated by radical Islamists and with no understanding of what it once meant to be an American."

Newt Gingrich, Politico 3/27/2011

However, a most revealing study conducted by the Center for International and Security Studies at the University of Maryland showed the following results from surveying American’s knowledge of current events based on their viewership of the cable networks Fox, CNN, and MSNBC.

Their conclusion as reported by the Iowa Independent, December 20, 2010:

“People who regularly watch Fox News are more likely to be incorrect on a wide range of major issues. But the audiences of MSNBC, PBS and National Public Radio are frequently better informed than most, according to a new study by the University of Maryland.

The study finds Fox News viewers to be the more likely to be incorrect with each incremental increase of exposure to Fox. The respondents who watched Fox News on a daily basis were at times twice as likely to be wrong as those who never watched Fox “

Rupert Murdoch, News Corporation, and Fox News Channel are the greatest threat to American democracy, unity, and stability. Al Qaeda’s threat is a distant second to the daily propaganda drum beat for War, Hate, Incitement, and Prejudice. (W.H.I.P.)

FOX News is the WHIP against civilized behavior, the use of reason, logic, and rationality of thought and policy in our national discourse.

Shockingly, the second largest shareholder of News Corporation is the Saudi Prince Al Waleed bin Talal Al-Saud (7% of shares) who obviously is unfazed by Fox’s relentless attack on Islam, Muslims, Arabs, and Saudi Arabia. Like all Arab tyrants and business tycoons, fame, wealth, and glory far outweigh their devotion to faith and brethren.


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