Why Jewish leadership writes its own obituary in Britain?

Jews have become electorally insignificant in Great Britain, laments the Jewish leadership. Who is responsible? Muslims. “With the date of Britain’s general election set for May 5, some British politicians are falling over themselves to gain the vote of their Muslim constituents. With a population of close to two million Muslims, this is a prize worth winning. The Muslim vote is a relatively new phenomenon. There used to be Jewish vote, historically for Labour, but British Jews have become electorally insignificant. The Jewish population of Britain has shrunk to a third of what it was after the Second World War; there are now only around 300,000 Jews in Britain.” — (British Politicians Court Muslim Vote, Rachel Rogosnittzky, The Jewish Press, April 22, 2005)

Another factor which Jewish leadership views as a final punch to its monopoly in Great Britain is the concentration of Muslim in certain areas. This concentration makes the Muslims heavy weight as voting block in specific constituencies, leaving the contestants heavily dependent on their votes. “The Muslims, however, are a rising force to be reckoned with. They are concentrated in Britain’s more deprived areas of Tower Hamlets, Newham and Hackney (also home to the large Stamford Hill Jewish community) in London, Luton to the north of London, Birmingham in the Midlands and in the former manufacturing towns of the north England.” — (British Politicians Court Muslim Vote, Rachel Rogosnittzky, The Jewish Press, April 22, 2005)

And Muslims are using this concentration to teach a lesson to the politicians who are pursuing the anti-Muslims policies. Glaring example is the targeting of Foreign Secretary Jack Straw by the Muslims for his anti-Muslim role. “Foreign Secretary Jack Straw has encountered problems in his constituency of Blackburn, in northern Britain, home to a large Muslim community where the Muslim Public Affairs Committee, he described as an extremely unpleasant and very well funded organization has attempted to unseat him. MPAC distributed leaflets to homes and mosques calling Straw a Zionist and suggesting that he was subject to the dictates of pro-Israel groups including the Board of Deputies of British Jews. A picture in the leaflet showing Mr. Straw shaking hands with Ariel Sharon implied he was in the pay of the Israeli government.” — (British Politicians Court Muslim Vote, Rachel Rogosnittzky, The Jewish Press, April 22, 2005)

Organizational skills also worry the Jewish leadership. “Mainstream Muslims in this country have become much more organized in terms of being members of the community and lobbying for their own causes, said Peter Ridddell, professor at the London School of Theology and Centre for Islam Studies.” — (British Politicians Court Muslim Vote, Rachel Rogosnittzky, The Jewish Press, April 22, 2005)

And these organizational skills are paying off. There are Muslim representatives, Muslim organizations are representing Muslims, heads of political parties are granting interviews to Muslim News papers Muslim newspapers add more “There are five Muslim peers in the House of Lords, Two Muslim MP’s and 12 city mayors. The Muslim Council of Britain, established in 1997, the most influential Muslim organization in the country, act as the government’s liaison with its Muslim population. It comes as no surprise that the Muslim News, Britain’s leading Muslim newspaper, was granted interviews with Tony Blair and Michael Howard, leaders of the Labour and Conservative parties.” — (British Politicians Court Muslim Vote, Rachel Rogosnitzky, The Jewish Press, April 22, 2005)

Muslim swelling numbers, concentration in certain areas and organizational skills are paying off in another way. Politicians are showering praises over the Muslims. In the past such types of lavish praises were exclusively for the Jews. “At the Muslims News Awards for Excellence in London, Chancellor of the Exchequer Gordon Brown was eager to praise the Muslim community in Britain. As chancellor, I want to acknowledge the enormous contribution the Muslim community makes to our economy. British Muslims are playing a vital role in the next stage of Britain’s economic development. “There have been other more ingratiating efforts to secure the Muslim votes. Mike O’Brien, minister for energy in the Department of Trade and Industry and Labour MP for North Warwickshire, issued an obsequious message on behalf of the Labour Party. He hangs his argument for Labour’s reelection of the convenient peg of the Blair- Bush partnership, contending that only this alliance is capable of bringing about the Palestinians state that Muslim dream of.” (British Politicians Court Muslim Votes, Rachel Rogosnitzky, The Jewish Press, April 22, 2005)

Jewish leadership is also irked for O’Brien close relations with Muslim community and his concerns for Muslim causes. What makes the Jewish leadership more upset that Mr. O’Brien tells the world that Prime Minister have read the Quran. “O’Brien presents himself to the Muslim community in Britain as their emissary to the Palestinians, sent by Tony Blair to visit Yasir Arafat in the Muqata in Ramallah to convey the message that we had not abandoned him. He praised Blair for being the first prime minister to have ever read the Quran, to quote from it and to talk about it. Can anyone imagine Margaret Thatcher or John Major doing the same.”? — (British Politicians Court Muslim Vote, Rachel Rogosnittzky, The Jewish Press, April 22, 2005)

To court Muslim votes, Labor Party is informing the Muslims that how kind it has been to Muslims and its causes. It also promises pro-Muslim acts in the future. It tells the Muslims that it was labor party that approved state funding for the Muslims. And again it is the Labor party that would end religious discrimination. “In further unctuous statements about the advantage to Muslims of a Labour government that gave state funding to Muslim schools … O’Brien goes on to assure Muslims that as a result of lobbying by the Muslim Council of Britain the prime minister promised that the next Labour government would ban religious discrimination. Muslims see this as a major victory …” — (British Politicians Court Muslim Vote, Rachel Rogosnitzky, The Jewish Press, April 22, 2005.

The Jewish leadership pins its hope with British National Party to counter the ‘pro-Muslims policies’ of the Labor Party. The Jewish leadership is happy that BNP is not only against the Muslims but it also does not hesitate to demonize their religion Islam. Another encouraging factor for the Jewish leadership is that in the past BNP was focusing on the Jews. Now it is targeting the Muslim. Jewish leadership publicizes the anti-Muslim and anti-Islam statement and acts to widen the gulf between the two. It is the old tactics of the Jewish leadership that it tried hard to fuel the hatred between its two enemies. Here they are Muslims and BNP. “One British political party that is not angling for the Muslim vote is the British National Party, a far right xenophobic group that believes all immigration should be halted and that Britain is being harmed by ethnic minorities. It bases its election platform on an unequivocally hostile attitude to Islam. The BNP occasionally manages to get one or two candidates elected in deprived areas where local population fear the influx of predominantly Muslim immigrants whom they perceive as a threat. The BNP has no love for Jews either but right now, pre-election, most of its venom is reserved for Muslims. It s leader Nick Griffin who was recently arrested on the charge of inciting racial hatred when he denounced Islam as “a wicked, vicious faith that has expanded through a handful of cranky lunatics about 1300 years ago until is now sweeping country after country has been vociferous in urging those members of the electorate he could persuade to listen to him, insisting, there is nothing irrational about fearing Islam. It’s a menace to all we in the West hold dear and the time when anyone can pretend otherwise is almost at an end.” (British Politicians Court Muslim Vote, Rachel Rogosnitzky, The Jewish Press, April 22, 2005)

Author Rachel Rogosnitzky brings another factor to embarrass Muslims and the BNP. The BNP official publication The Voice of Freedom is published by a Muslim company and staffed by Muslim. The BNP has a justification for choosing a Muslim printing press. “The affairs of the British National Party experienced an interesting twist recently when it emerged that its officials publication, The Voice of Freedom, which is full of invective against Islam, describing it as a dangerous religion, is produced at a British printing works owned by a Saudi Arabian company and staffed by Muslims, specializing in printing Islamic newspapers in Britain and the Middle East. The January edition of The Voice of Freedom urges an end to the growth of Islam in Britain and contains articles warning about the Islamifacation (sic) of British systems of justices, education and government. The BNP defended its choice of printer, saying, if you would like to go and get a wholly owned British firm that would print our newspaper, fair enough. Islam is not compatible with Western Christian values in Britain but it is not their printing works that are dangerous to our way of life, it is the other things they do.” — (British Politicians Court Muslim Vote, Rachel Rogosnitzky, The Jew Press, April 22, 2005)

Another factor that makes the author smiles is the opposition to end the religious discrimination of Muslim promised by Labor Administration. Shadow Home Secretary David Davis said, “This legislation will curb freedom of speech without any benefit being realized. The best remedy for evil ideas is more speech, not less.”

Muslims religious discriminations is supported and justified on account of freedom of speech. “Restraining the right to criticized other religions would end centuries of tolerance in Britain and could end up inflaming tensions between religious groups. Some critics have said that the proposed religious hatred law is no more than a cynical attempt to buy hard-line Muslim votes.” — (British Politicians Court Muslim Vote, Rachel Rogosnitzky, The Jewish Press, April 22, 2005)

Why Jewish leadership is exclusively allowed to demonized Christianity and Islam under the banner of freedom of speech? Why one word about the activities of the Jewish leadership and not the Jewish leadership is a crime and a sin and is not protected by the same principle of freedom of speech? Why anybody who tries to defend its own community, its own religion, or the humanity from Jewish leadership is lynched by the Jewish mob –” called the Jewish leadership? Freedom of speech should be for every body and not only for the Jewish leadership and its paid agents to demonize anybody they dislike.


Why the Jewish leadership is writing its own obituary and blaming the Muslim for cornering it in the political arena? Why it is painting Muslims as a political force in Great Britain. The simple answer is that Jewish leadership is playing the centuries’ long trick –” portraying itself as the victim. Is Jewish leadership is a victim?

Take the case of Great Britain? Can any administration in Great Britain dare to challenge the monopoly of the Jewish leadership on the political system? Can any administration in Great Britain adopt anti-Israeli policy? The answer is no to both questions.

Has the Muslim presence in Great Britain, France, Germany and other countries have put a dent in the Jewish leadership power? The answer is again no. It is still in a position to get what it wants in Great Britain. Note the occupation of Iraq. Jewish leadership wanted it and got it.

The only thing that has happened is that Muslim presence has created a bump to the free ride enjoyed by the Jewish leadership in Great Britain and elsewhere. And this bump is intolerable for the Jewish leadership. So demonization of Muslims and their religion is top priority of the Jewish leadership. Jewish leadership wants to make them the most detested community in Europe and elsewhere. The eventual goal is ethnic cleansing of Muslims in Europe and elsewhere.

One way to demonize the Muslim in the European Union is to portray them as manipulator of political system.


Why does the Jewish leadership flash again and again the Muslim population in European Union and in America? It wants to contain their numbers. It knows that numbers matter. If not to day, tomorrow they will matter.

In this background, note the Jewish leadership anti-Muslim stance on immigration. Note the declining numbers of the Muslims from the Muslims World coming to America. . Note the restraints against Muslim students in the United States. Note the ethnic cleansing of the Muslims communities in the Untied States –” detention and deportation.

All these acts send a very blunt message to the Muslim World. Muslims are not welcome in the United States and elsewhere in Europe. And the Jewish leadership is the author of this message.


Labor administration is portrayed in the article “British Politicians Court Muslim Vote” as a pro-Muslim administration. It is a very cruel joke. Cosmetic acts have no weight or relevance. Note how many anti-Muslims laws are passed by the Labor administration against the Muslim under the banner of terror. Note the Labor administration role in the occupation of Iraq.

This is another trick of the Jewish leadership that it projects its best friends as its enemy to make them credible in the eyes of its enemies. Prime Minister Blair is sold to the Muslim world as a friend of the Muslim World; in reality it is only a propaganda trap.


Muslim organizational skills are highlighted in the article. One Muslim organization is depicted as the “government’s liaison with its Muslim population.” Muslim does not need an organization, which cater or advocate the government views. Muslims need an organization or organizations, which represent their concerns and not what the governments want to hear.

Muslim leadership in America wrote a shameful chapter in the last mayoral election of New York City. In that election, local Muslim leadership sided publicly with Jewish Mark Green against Hispanic Mr. Ferre.

Why was it wrong? First, Mr. Ferre belongs to the Community of Color. And members of the Communities of Color (African- Americans, Hispanics and others) in Congress stand for civil liberties and pro-immigrant policies. Third, Jewish leadership monopoly on the power must end. They must be trimmed to their size as their representation in different agencies is concerned. In power, Jewish leadership uses its official capacity to bribe, favor and influence.

Now again Mayoral election is fast approaching. Jewish Mark Green robbed Mr. Ferre last time. Jewish Machine was successful to pit Jewish Bloomberg against Jewish Green. Outcome of the election was inconsequential. A Jew was certain to win.

Now again it will be a contest between Jewish billionaire Bloomberg and possibly Mr. Ferere. The criticism that Mr. Ferre is getting will prove counter-productive. It will weaken Mr. Ferrer and will strengthen Mr. Bloomberg.

He is the same Bloomberg who bought the mayoral election with more 60 million dollars, slapping on the face of 8 million New Yorkers. Communities of Color are 65 percent of the New York City. They should be represented of their own and not by a white-skin Jewish billionaire.

A note of caution. Will Mr. Ferre stand with the Muslims against the Jewish leadership? The answer is no. He might prove worst than Jewish Ed. Kotch, Mayor Julliani and Jewish Bloomberg. Even then he is a brother. Siding with the Communities of Color, Muslims will take a first step to an eventual alliance with the Communities of Color. Jewish leadership will never be an ally of the Muslims.

On National level, Muslim leadership also wrote a shameful chapter in the recent presidential election. It endorsed Jewish Kerry. Jewish Kerry political agenda was worst than President Bush. Jewish Kerry was not criticizing President Bush for his destructive policies against the Muslim World. He was criticizing President Bush for not doing enough to destroy the Muslim world. Jewish Kerry was echoing more destructive polices against the Muslim World. Jewish Kerry wanted to marginalize Saudi Arabia, take military action against Sudan, and ‘denuclearize’ Iran. There was no justification to endorse Jewish Kerry.

It was more honorable that Muslim leadership had boycotted the presidential election.

Muslim leadership did write a glorious chapter by endorsing and supporting Congresswoman Nadia against Jewish Solarz, Congressman of Brooklyn and Bombay.

So Muslims of America and Europe, be vigilant. If Muslim leadership prefers its preferences on the expanse of the Muslim interests, make sure they cannot deliver.