The Prophet’s Birth Day and its Real Message

It is customary in our society to celebrate the birthday of the Holy Prophet (pbuh) in the traditional name of Eid-e-Miladun Nabi every year to pay homage to the greatest and the most renowned personality of the world. These celebrations are held both at the public as well as the government level throughout the country, albeit with a variety of innovations which are questionable from the Islamic point of view. The general masses are little educated as to what are the allowable activities and what constitute innovations in the name religion. Anyhow, it is a separate topic and needs a lengthy discussion.

Different aspects of the life of the holy Prophet (pbuh) are discussed and elaborated upon in these gatherings by the scholars, academics and intellectuals. Na’at and eulogies are presented and the personal virtues of the Great Prophet (pbuh) are lectured upon. Even the smallest characteristics of the Prophet (pbuh) are having the greatest significance for us to follow them in letter and spirit. It is a part and parcel of our belief to adopt it as a torch for our guidance on the right path and follow it throughout day and night. Every Muslim can earn God’s pleasure and mercy by following even the tiniest of the Prophet’s Sunna. Therefore, there is an abundant treasure of blessings for us in following the way the prophet wanted us to follow. Those who seek such a way earnestly, are endowed by the graciousness of Almighty Allah and they are prized by Allah for His benevolence.

In these gatherings of Seerat, tributes are paid to the Prophet (pbuh) in the form of hymns expressing his personal grandeur, unmatchable character, valor, adoration, bravery, kindness, generosity, forbearance, tolerance, forgiveness, patience and perseverance. In short all the highly-prized human values, being integral part of the person of the Prophet (pbuh) are summed up in these conventions. No human being has ever been thought out to possess the human attributes to this standard of perfection. God, the Almighty Himself praises His messenger in these worlds, “lo! You are at the climax of the splendor of character”.

The most important thing for us, in these deliberations is that there is not a single sphere of life where the Prophet has not given us the manners of proper conduct for all times and circumstances. It may be home life, neighborhood, village or city life, mosque and market we have all the norms to live with, granted to us by the most gracious man of the world, the last and final Prophet (pbuh) in the series of the Allah’s messengers. The spirit of the lifestyle of the Prophet Muhammad is a source of guidance for us both in our individual as well as social living. It gives us all the guiding principles for dealing with the affairs of the state, intrastate and the international world. The Holy Prophet was sent by Allah as perfect guide for the whole of humanity and for all times to come. The objective of sending of the last Prophet, if expressed in a single sentence, will be to connect the humanity at large with its Creator by submitting to His authority and following His commandments. In the Quranic terminology this is termed as ‘IBADAT’ which means complete submission with one’s own free will and with utmost love and sincerity and humility. If we further expand this term (IBADAT) in light of the lifestyle of the Great Prophet (pbuh) it is unfolded further in the Quranic interpretation in the form of Shadat-Al-Nnas i.e. a testimony on the humanity meaning that the duty of delivery of the message of Allah has been done. The 3rd dimension of this submission to and adornment before Allah in the Divine message is, the IQAMAT-ud-DEEN or making the ruling of Allah dominant on all other rulings encompassing the disciplines of life in both individual and collective spheres. Thus a Muslim is required to be alive to his three-pronged obligations of adopting the way of Allah in his personal capacity, calling other people on to this path of Allah and striving for the establishment of the order of Allah on the collective level. The 23 years life record of the Holy Prophet (pbuh) for the establishment of the system of Allah is a perfect guidance for us, whereby it reveals with all clarity that no moment of the Prophet’s life is devoid of the struggle for the fulfillment of this three-dimensional obligation. The way the Prophet (pbuh) put his strenuous efforts in achieving his goal, gives us an inspiration to proceed for the attainment of the same goal, being obligatory on us as Muslims. The Prophet has demonstrated to us through his conduct in the pursuance of his obligation, as to what is required, why it is required and how it should be done? This is in all certainty very clearly evident from the way he performed this great task in the capacity of the messenger of Allah.

We must earnestly understand and firmly believe that the Last Prophet’s coming into this world was not meant for some partial achievements but his gigantic struggle was to bring a wholesome and revolutionary change in all spheres of human life. He gave a new shape and a new dimension to everything that was related to human conduct. We see after the revolution the Great Prophet perfected as result of his and his companion’s struggle, nothing was observable to have left unchanged. The wild people changed, the society changed, the political life changed, the social life changed, the economic affairs changed, the art of war-game changed, the human values changed, the day and the night changed, the earth and the sky changed, the whole universe changed. Nothing was left unchanged. The world saw a complete and all embracive revolution. The whole paradigm changed.

The rebellious and defiant individuals turned into protectors and savors of the honor of the downtrodden and depressed ones. The slaves and the oppressed became masters and were honored with reverence and respect. The exploiters and the nihilist autocrats were turned into serfs and were lost in obscurantism.

The Prophet was able to build a new edifice of justice, fraternity and equality where the human rights and the responsibilities were clearly identified with full guarantee of fully ensuring justice to every one irrespective of his status in the society. Having perfected the mission and imparting Divine spiritualism and indoctrination, the Prophet (Pbuh) entrusted all this package of responsibilities to his followers with the advice to take it as a whole for delivery to those not present and those coming to this world thence after. Now it is the foremost duty of the Umma to make all sort of preparations to shoulder this sacred trust of propagating and dominating the Divine System on this globe as ordained by the Holy Prophet (pbuh). The Khulafa-E-Rashideen (the righteous apostles of the Prophet Abu Bakr, Umar, Uthman and Ali (RA) by dint of their deep commitment and devotion to the will of God kept this building of Islamic Khilafat or vicegerency intact with all its components. The blessings of this system of justice were available to the masses during the righteous Caliphate with particular mention to the reign of Hazrat Umar (RA). The system was an emblem of justice with a healthy society free of all human exploitation with full regards as to the right and responsibilities of the citizens. Nonetheless, after the righteous Caliphate this huge structure of the Islamic system gradually started eroding with first decay in the system when the consultative characteristic of the state affairs was corrupted and the system of dynastical ruling was adopted. Through the centuries further deterioration occurred in the whole body of the historical Caliphate till our times when the remnants completely fell to the ground and the symbolic Caliphate limited to Turkey was completely abolished at the hands of the so-called Muslims themselves to the utter satisfaction of Europe and the Zionist Jews. Today we are living with Islam when it has retracted into a position of simple religion rather than an all embracive status of “Deen”, which Islam really is. We practice Islam as Madhab (Dogmatic beliefs and some rituals) and its status as Deen (the Divine System) has long been subdued. Thanks God that our righteous ulema (clerics), the nobilities of the Umma, the respected jurists, the Muhaddiseen, and the Madrassa and monasteries have struggled hard to transcend this much of Islam in its genuine shape which we practiced as the ritual part of our religion. Anyhow, we should come out of this misunderstanding that we, as Umma have the privilege of exercising Islam as Deen in its totality. We have to come out of this misconceptioneuphoria as we are only engaged with the ritualistic portion of Islam that is limited only to Ibadat ( Kalma, prayes, fasting, Zakat and Hajj,) Islam is not ruling any Muslim country as a dominant system. When all the spheres of life are governed according to the injunctions and the principles of Islam, we say Islam is practiced as Deen: and when it retracts and assumes the status of only religion limited only to the obligations of rituals it becomes a mere religion. Today we are confronted with this situation. There are 57 plus Muslim states but none of them has owned Islam as a Deen, including Pakistan having the claim of being a country to have been born in the name of Islam. If Islam were controlling the system of a country then its different spheres of life like political, social, economical, military, education, science, administration, judiciary, national and international affairs in short all the state business would have been streamlined in accordance with the guidance of the Quran and Sunna. All the anti Islamic traits and tendencies would not have found any place in that particular society. The Divine law would have been operative to run that Divine system should it have happened any where in the Muslim world. Therefore, the correct statement would be that ours are Muslim states where predominantly Musalmans are living but we are never Islamic states.

The status of Pakistan is different from all the rest of the Muslim states. Islamic system is adopted by any other Muslim country or not, for Pakistan it is a point of death and life. The reason is that Pakistan has no raison d’etre for its existence except Islam. This country had come into being on the only pledge of establishing the system of God here. It was promised that a model of a just system based on the Divine Guidance would be established here and the Law of Allah will be superior to all other laws, customs and traditions. This was given the name of the ‘Ideology of Pakistan’.

Today the Pakistani Muslim has started opposing this ideology merely to appease their western masters headed by the United States. They feel proud of promoting and advocating the philosophy of secularism. These activists have easy access to the electronic media where from they are running a deadly anti-Islamic and anti-ideological propaganda with full backing of the ruling elite class.

The Pakistani Muslims seems to be divided into two opposite camps, one who are claiming to be struggling for the establishment of Islamic system, the other believes in the secular concept of the system and is doing accordingly. The former claims that the Muslims have the obligation of establishing the collective life-patter in accordance with the commandments of Allah in the same way as an individual has it for his personal life. There is a greater need of fulfilling this aspiration in case of Pakistan due to its special background explained earlier. The Muslims of Pakistan are answerable, on account of their pledge with Allah at the time of the struggle for independence, that the System of Allah must be prevalent in this country with no scope for any other ism whatsoever. It should have a universal law drawn from the final Divine Revelation, the Quran and the Sunna of the last Prophet (pbuh). It should be established that no legislation can be done here repugnant to the Quran and Sunna as is given in the Objective Resolution which is a part of the constitution.

The other group, the secularist wants to run the state affairs according to the wishes of the people as is required in the democratic societies. They claim that it is the prerogative of the people and they are authorized to frame any legislation and law, albeit quite in conflict with the Divine teachings. They openly declare that religion is the private affair of the individual and it has no concern in the matters related to state. They want to have this right for the people with least interference of any sort of religious manipulation. This is the secular philosophy which has derailed Pakistan from its natural and genuine path and it has practically afflicted a fatal blow on the very existence of the ideological country. Today Pakistan is bleeding and there are conspiracies to tear it apart in pieces. The episode of Balochistan is before our eyes. The terrorism which is engulfing our national existence is the result of our being subservient to the so-called super power.

We are assisting her in the unjust, unjustified and illegal war simply because we have taken this so-called super power as a littlie god on earth and we are scare of her because we have practically forgotten that there is a real Super Power Who is the real Controller of all the affairs of the universe. This secular segment has all the facilities at their disposal. The media particularly the electronic media is fully supporting their ideas. Our governments, both the civil and military during these plus six decades were all secular who have been responsible to a greater extent, of the digression of the nation from their actual path of national journey. Today we are confronted with serious internal and external problems because of our failing to achieve our genuine objective. On further analysis we find that even the secular element is further segmented into different entities on the basis of language, ethnicity, tribalism, race, provincialism geography and so on. There are lot of prejudices, hatreds and belligerencies in these groups and they have nothing in common as a binding force. On one hand they disapprove the Divine law and system, on the other they are equally against the ideology of Pakistan and are being encouraged to carry out their poisonous propaganda against the ideology every time and on all forums.

Let us see, what is the situation about the so-called political-religious parties active in the same political field seemingly in opposition of the secular groups? Nobody has the right to doubt their sincerity for Islam. They may be earnestly wishing for the establishment of the system of Allah in Pakistan. Their aspiration for the promulgation of the Sharia law in the country cannot be suspected. They may be very much sincere in wishing to see things done in accordance with the Islamic principles. Their collective approach and attitude can be questioned under ten different enquiries as follow. Answers to these questions should give us cursory evidence, how far the current modus operandi, for the domination of Islamic system in Pakistan is fruitful and will give positive results towards that end? The enquiries are:

1). The wrangling amongst these religious parties?

2). The understanding of Islam as mere religion and as a system of life

3). The attitude of these religious parties towards the democratic dispensation in the same way as that of the secular parties

4). The indifference of these politico-religious parties from the methodology of the Islamic revolution that can be deduced from the way of the Prophet he adopted for that purpose

5). The assessment of the logic of establishing an Islamic system through a process of democratic approach involving elections, on the basis of one man one vote

6). Can there be any ambiguity in the methodology adopted for the purpose of establishing Islam by the Prophet or the religious parties think it a difficult way and as such they advertently avoid the process?

7). With all this long experience of six decades, is there any hope that Islam could be established through this process?

8). If at all there is a will to follow the methodology of the Prophet (pbuh), what changes will be required therein in the process in view of the great social changes that have taken place during the past 14 centuries and the evolution that has occurred during this period?

9). Some religious parties do not recognize the importance of a struggle for the establishment of the Islamic system to be necessary. They think that when the people and societies adopt more pious character and morals are induced through preaching and sermons, the whole collective system will change into an Islamic polity. This presumption requires a thorough deliberation in light of the Seerat-e-Nabvi (SAW)

10). What should be the mechanics of the process which was adopted by the Holy Prophet in today’s dynamics if at all the religious parties agree and get united for the same?

From the above queries we arrive at the conclusion that there can be little hope for Islamic system in the country when the religious parties are scattered. At the same time these parties cannot achieve any success in the elections as their vote in the name of Islam is divided and thinned out. Moreover a strong socio-politco-econmic system is in place with its strong roots embedded. This system can be named as capitalistic, landlordism friendly, interest based, exploitative, oppressive and coercive system which is being protected by a class though, from different lines but all having vested interest in the system. These are the big land lords, the capitalists, the industrialists, the Sayyed Zadas, the Makhdooms, the Cahaudhries, the Sardars, the Whaderas , the Khans etc.

Therefore, in the presence of this strong element nothing can be done against the interest of this powerful elite class, let alone their defeat through the ballot. At the same time we know how the votes are sold and purchased as experienced during the whole of our history and recently in the recent senate election. It is a game of wealth and those struggling in the name of Islam lack the resources. At the same time it is very clear that the process of the ballot can change the hands but it cannot do the system. The only alternative for those seeking the system of Islam is to join hands together and form a strong and disciplined pressure group under the leadership of a single person acceptable to all. It is important that they practically adopt Islam in their own life. They must put a strenuous effort in educating people through an unabated campaign and invite them to join their ranks. When they gain sufficient number of public and they are well organized they should launch a peaceful movement against the social evils and the Munkarat and Haram which have clouded the society.

They should put their finger on every evil, be that from the ruling elite or the public. The custodians of the system will come down with all their might to frustrate the movement to save their vested interest attached with the system. The general public and the silent majority who are misery stricken and exploited at the hands of the exploiters will definitely side with this peaceful movement since they will recognize the movement to be the savor of their interests. May be the government of the time which is the emblem of this system may come with a more tough hand. It will fail to circumvent the movement if the leadership of the movement has the competence of keeping the movement peaceful. With a firm commitment and stand by the pressure group the government of the time will come to terms accepting the demands of the public for the eradication of the targeted social evils one after the other. In this way a gradual and peaceful replacement of evils will take place and the situation as a whole will improve step by step. It is also possible that the rulers of the time use brutal force to undermine the movement. Again if the leadership of this public apprising has worked properly and they have aroused a sense and aspiration in the mind of the public, they will withstand the highhandedness of the rulers. Some sacrifices may have to be offered since the vested interest will force the rulers to use brutal force against the peaceful demonstrators. This we have seen in case of the public revolution against the Shah of Iran and more recently during the Arab spring in a number of the Arab countries. The commitment of the pressure group will succeed in the long run and the custodians of the exploitative system will definitely retreat and an effective change will occur. You may call it a revolution since the power now come in the hands of quite a new and changed hierarchy who must have an alternative arrangement in place of the previous exploitative system. There should be no fear of Americans and the Westerns to come to the rescue of their puppets as they did nothing in the case of their most favorites, the Shah of Iran and recently Hosni Mubarak in their odd times. The Shah of Iran and Hosni Mubark were certain persons and names. Contrary to them here in Pakistan it is a character in the guise of some times Zardaris, some times Mazaris, some times lagharis, some times Chaudhries, some times Sharifs, some times Bhuttos, some times Khakis and some times bureaucrats, all upholders of the same exploitative and oppressive system. Once this revolutionary change comes in Pakistan it will be a test for the new parties how they could sustain the revolution at home and how they do to export it since a true revolution knows no bounds to remain limited to certain geographical boundaries.

This is the process of bringing a wholesale and revolutionary change in a society which is being gripped by the clutches of powerful elite who will never allow the system to be changed with the free and fair elections in the circumstances prevailing in Pakistan. Since we are celebrating the Eid-e-Miladun Nabi every year with great pomp and show, we should also give attention to the methodology of the Prophet (pbuh) who completely changed the very ungodly society with strong committed struggle against the evils. There is little hope that the religious parties will part ways with their approach of establishing the order of Allah through the democratic process, yet the genuine way to this goal for them is the one explained above. The basic obligation of the religious segment of the society is to educate the masses on the Munkarat and then get their confidence for a sustained and wholesale struggle to root them out of the individual and collective life. To attain this objective a good number of the people in all walks of life are to be educated and enlightened on their collective responsibilities before an effective movement can be launched