Support Our Boys, Bring them Home…

Celebrity evangelical “Christian” Dr. James Dobson made an amazing statement about “Operation Iraqi freedom.” It is amazing because he has almost everything 180 degrees wrong, his is a classic parody, with a straight face. Here is what Dr. Dobson said:

“The government has a ‘moral obligation’ to stop evil and tyranny. America comes (to Iraq) as a liberator not a conqueror.”


Conquering, enslaving, and plundering is exactly what the attack on this incredibly inferior nation is all about, and annihilation and slaughter should also be added to the list. Dobson went on discuss the so-called “plans” to feed Iraq after its conquest with American’s money. His words are intended to justify and enabled the administration’s invasion.

Curiously, Dobson failed to mention Sadam Hussein by name and left out “weapons of mass destruction” (WMDs). Perhaps at the time of this broadcast a few days ago Dobson, like many of us, thought Hussein might already be dead. Perhaps he could see the U.S. has all the weapons of mass destruction. James Dobson’s statements are worth noting only because they are so typical of what evangelical “Christians” say about the destruction and planned occupation of Iraq. They deny it even as it is happening!

Mr. Dobson did hit the nail on the head twice. The truth has a way of leaking out through those who deny it. The U.S. may not itself be a “hegemony,” as Dr. Dobson calls it, but it is certainly run by one. “Hegemony” is a polite old word for what Ted Koppel referred to as a “cabal,” which is a kosher word for conspiracy. Dobson also correctly states the U.S. is the “world’s most dominant military power.” Dobson becomes one of the first Judeo-Christians to admit Iraq is “a smaller and weaker” enemy. The administration never told us this. Never were we told Iraq does not have anything with which to fight back, for to admit this admits that we are the bloody-handed bullies the rest of the world is screaming about.

America is indeed a “conqueror,” but contrary to Dr. Dobson, we have gone to Iraq as an occupying force every bit as much as Israel is an occupying force in Palestine. Most Iraqis already suspect this, and the outpouring of gratitude for Americans will be skin deep and short lived. Soon, when nationalists in Iraq find out our occupying forces are there to stay, trouble will begin. Our occupying force will have to sleep in their tanks, and will face resistance in the form of so-called “suicide bombs.” They are better called sacrifice bombs, and in Palestinian they have proved to be the only effective method of letting the world know their people are under the domination of an American funded “hegemony.” Iraq has already signaled it will follow the Palestinian example.

The U.S.’s bloody conquest of Iraq by massive bombardment has again probably killed tens of thousands of Iraqi soldiers, if we can trust anything in the US reports. Carpet bombs and missile attacks kill. Death reports trickle out in batches of a few thousands at a time. Our leaders report civilian deaths only when they occur right in front of a reporter, but they are many an terrible.

On April 3, 2003, Canadian doctors report in the Ottawa Canadian Press, also carried in al-Jazeera on April 7th, about how the doctors were horrified by the civilian deaths in the village of Najaf a week before the invasion of Baghdad. The Canadian doctors observed many civilian patients with massive and terrible trauma injuries delivered to the hospital at Hilla, 160 Km south of Baghdad. Roland Huguinen, one of six International Red Cross workers, observed a truckload of women and children’s body parts gathered up and delivered to the hospital.

It was in Najaf at about that same time ten women and children were intentionally slaughtered by Americans while trying to flee, as we will later discuss.


The best way we can support our boys (and girls) is to bring them home and send them out to get productive jobs before they learn to enjoy killing.

If we do not do this, some of them will soon begin to fall victim to the “sacrifice bombers” of Iraq. Their callousness for brutality will increase with time as they are forced to fear and oppress their new subjects. Meantime, the Cabal is planning how to make our stay in Iraq as permanent as our stay in Germany and Japan have been, and how to move forward to conquer the rest of the Mideast. They have already named some other countries, perhaps Syria first.

One big obstacle in the path of occupation is those who offer the sacrifice of their own life just to take out an American or two with them. This is “our boys” un-winnable war because our boys have nothing to win. America’s military experienced its first “suicide” bombing in Iraq when a civilian taxi driver deliberately entrapped and killed four US soldiers on March 30th. The same day a 19 year- old Palestinian reportedly ran toward a group of uniformed Israeli soldiers in front of a crowded café in Israel and detonated a hidden body bomb before he could be stopped or shot. He was decapitated and ten soldiers were reported injured, one critically. The first American report hid the fact that the bomber targeted the military, suggesting he sought a civilian crowd, but later reports by witnesses made the matter quite clear. Nonetheless, about 30 civilians were wounded or killed in the blast.

The two bombing acts are similar in most respects. The U.S. is being drawn ever closer to Israel in the conduct of war upon the Arab people. The administration has long ago announced that the U.S. intends to occupy Iraq. Some Iraqis have announced they will respond with human bombs. Reports of human bomber volunteers have been numerous. The US Cabal appears to be adopting the tactics Israel applies toward Gaza, and the consequences will likely be the same, but proportionately larger and more deadly–the Iraqi population is both larger and better armed than the Palestinians.

As the occupation of Iraq comes near, American citizens find themselves censored from the facts of war. Reporters who should be providing true accounts are being “embedded” with the military units. Ted Koppel and others play soldier boy and toe the official line. Two well-known names in war reporting are among those dismissed and sent home for violating the rules governing an embedded media. A more descriptive phrase than “embedded” would be “in-bed- with.” However, occasional accounts from the embedded media prove revealing, when compared to the official army version of the event.

Alternative news organizations, including The Palestine Chronicle, Yellow Times, and the Arab side of the news from al-Jazeera, have experienced almost continuous website censoring, blocking and interference since the war began. The truth about what’s going on in the war on Iraq is kept from us. A few acts of brutality do come to our attention. If these same acts were performed against our servicemen or Israelis, cries of “weapons of mass destruction” or “war crimes” would fill the air. Our own leaders tell us over 6000 guided bombs and missiles have targeted Iraq.

The amount of explosives exceeds the atomic bombings of Nagasaki and Hiroshima and is more than all the saturation bombing of the deserts during first Gulf war. The death cost will be well beyond what we are told; Iraqis complain about civilian casualties but rarely admit or bemoan their military losses.

We sympathize with the parents of the dead, and that includes the Iraqi dead. They did not ask for this slaughter called a “war.” About a third of the 60 odd Americans killed have been by friendly fire. But how can so many ignore the thousands of Iraqis who are being hit with every kind of weapon of mass destruction known to mankind, with the exception of atomic weapons and poisonous gases….for the time being! Soon, the young and the weak will begin dying of disease and deprivation. We will hear of it only through alternative news sources from other countries. Our embedded media will not see it or tell us about it. They, too, will be rightly afraid of the Iraqis.

My own experience of a controlled media in the Mideast came on the morning of March 4, 2002, in a Cairo hotel where I watched a CNN firsthand report of a smoking Palestinian ambulance by Israeli tanks or rockets. All on board were killed, including a 57-year-old doctor. The story was shown all morning in Egypt; but it was played late the following night on CNN International USA, so late it was seen only in Hawaii by the few people who were still awake! And the story was doctored. Mideast news that is unfavorable to Israel disappears on that station.

The foreign press only tells us American bombs killed Iraqi civilians in two marketplace bombings, in their homes while they sleep, and as they picnic in their own front yards. The cover-up is a wanton act by our political leaders, just as painful as the acts themselves, because it tells us they intend to hide the truth and don’t care what we think of them. And the willingness of many “Christians” to accept the cover-up is even worse. In one unusual case, conflicting versions of the same story made the press, showing the moral weakness and dishonesty of the political military.

The systematic massacre of Iraqis, especially the women and children, are obscured from our view by distance and by the censorship imposed by U.S. government threats to bomb newsmen who stay in Iraq on their own. Without the foreign media, few facts would be heard, and we would never know if what we heard was truth or fiction.

Several recent incidents against Iraqis have the appearance of shocking brutality toward civilians. Our military as much as admits its personnel are trigger-happy because they’re scared — scared because of two or three body bombers, now dead. Scared even though they are massacring Iraqis at the rate of one or two thousand per day. They are nervous because the life-sacrifice mentality is not easily understood by the paid soldier. “Our boys” are paid to fight. Some of them are not willing to die for the conquest of Iraq.

On March 30th, during the reported slaughter of civilians by air in Najaf, a US platoon (about 40 or more men plus lots of weapons) of the Third Infantry Division, deliberately and under orders, killed as many as 10 women and children riding in a Toyota van. Accidents happen in war, but this was not in the heat of battle. The passengers were fleeing the besieged town of Najaf, south of Baghdad, with their possessions crammed into the tiny white van. By all accounts, the van was blasted with multiple cannon rounds designed to destroy armored vehicles, mangling the bodies inside.

The accounts provided by the American embedded media made print and indicate the Captain in charge panicked and ordered deadly fire. His team carried out the annihilation as though they had Saddam Hussein himself in their gun sights. It’s clear the white van was targeted far enough away from the checkpoint so those who did the killing never saw what or who they were shooting at. Why did they not drive one of the big armored Bradley’s out to stop the women?….probably because “our boys” were afraid!

An Army TV general blandly varnished over the story for the evening news, brazenly lying when he stated the ladies had already run a roadblock when the soldiers opened fire on them. But one of the “embedded reporters” happened to be near enough to report the incident based on first hand testimony from the soldiers involved. This is a rare case where the public has access to both the original and the doctored story, and the discrepancy tells us how badly we are being lied to every day.

Here are both versions of the story from a member of the embedded press, Bob Roberts, for the from US Central Command in Qatar and Naveed Raja. Roberts quoted the official version given to the US evening news:

“US troops last night shot dead at least seven Iraqi women and children at a checkpoint. The victims, in a van, were said to be fleeing fighting at the southern city of Najaf when they came under fire from the 3rd Infantry Division.

“American military officials, on high alert after a suicide bomber killed four troops in Iraq, said the vehicle, carrying thirteen people, was traveling at speed and refused to stop despite verbal warnings and shots fired.”

Note the report says it was traveling at “speed.” But any movement is speed, how much speed? So much for the official version, which was doctored even more by late night war news. Robert’s continues by quoting the version received from the military involved and eyewitnesses:

“But Washington Post reporter William Branigan, embedded with the military unit, gave a different version of events. He reported that soldiers at the checkpoint failed to fire warning shots in time.”

Branigan continues his onsite report: “The Iraqi civilians were packed inside a Toyota van along with as many of their possessions as the jammed vehicle could hold.”

And: “Army medic Sgt. Mario Manzano said one distraught and wounded woman refused to leave the van as she clung to the mangled bodies of two of her children.”

The following account by Branigan was confirmed by the official government sources:


“‘Fire a warning shot,’ Johnson ordered as the vehicle kept coming. Then, with increasing urgency, he told the platoon to shoot a 7.62mm machine-gun round into its radiator. ‘Stop messing around!’ Johnson yelled into the company radio network when he still saw no action being taken. Finally, he shouted at the top of his voice, ‘Stop him, Red 1, stop him!’

“That order was immediately followed by the loud reports of 25mm cannon fire from one or more of the platoon’s Bradley vehicles. About half a dozen shots were heard in all.”

Branigin reported: “Captain Ronny Johnson was quoted in the Post telling his troops: “You just killed a family because you didn’t fire a warning soon enough.”

Contrary to the smooth military media reports, the Toyota was destroyed not after it ran a road-block but long before it got there, and Captain Ronny Johnson could not see who the passengers were until he looked at the destroyed van with his binoculars.

A thoughtful reading of all the reports seems to show the military unit was panicked by a Toyota van full of women, probably because they feared another suicide attack. One might wonder why our men are so fearful of a single civilian vehicle, when they are armed so ominously. It seems clear that the lives of the passengers in the van were never considered when the unit commander turned loose deadly force with WMDs.

In Arizona, a police officer is being tried for alleged manslaughter for killing a woman who had attempted to commit a non-violent crime and was speeding to get away. She allegedly drove her car directly at the officer, who claimed he thought he would be run down, and he shot her at point blank. Nevertheless, he is still being held responsible because his superiors think he did not have to shoot to carry out his job.

It should be noted that both women had a right to be where they were. The police officer is a pubic servant; the army unit is an invader. Why is the former responsible for his act, but not the latter? “Christians” like Dr. Dobson should answer this.



According to former Marine Chris White*, Marine recruits are trained to the rhythm of little ditties like this one, which they must sing as they march: