September 11 – A lesson for whom?


The post 9/11 (2001) conditions in the world reflect that the rate of terrorism and insecurity, particularly, in the Middle East, Afghanistan, Pakistan and in general has escalated every year.

Retorting to the 9/11 (2001) terrorist attacks, US President George Bush and his allies had promised to the world and to the people of United States in particular, to eliminate Osama Bin Laden and his Al-Qaeda network & other linked organizations and make this world free from terrorism and hatred. Unfortunately, in the last six years, things happened exactly opposite. The world has seen more terrorism, hatred and divisions.

Osama Bin Laden is still alive, his network has expanded. In his recent release video – if believed to be the genuine – Osama looks healthy, satisfied and more dangerous in his mission. Mulla Omar and his Taliban movement not only survived in Afghanistan, but imminently back again to take control over Afghanistan. Saddam Hussein was made responsible of Iraqi peoples’ genocide, supporting Al Qaeda and piling weapons of mass destruction. Hence, Iraq was liberated from Saddam Hussein and Saddam was hanged.

Again, things happened exactly opposite to what was promised to be delivered in Iraq. Iraq is now the world’s most dangerous place to live. According to the sources, more than 600, 000 people have been killed until now. The entire country is now divided into sectarian violence killing each other whilst fighting with foreign forces. Even, according to sources, United States has lost more than 3000 army personnel and over 20,000 have been wounded. Many polls show that the majority in United States, UK and Australia want their soldiers brought back home.

When US President declared war on Osama Bin Laden and Taliban in Afghanistan in the upshot of terrorist attacks on the twin towers, the majority of people in and outside United States supported the mission of US President Bush. However, the point to analyse here is that;

  • · How many of them would have supported Bush, keeping in mind the long history of amity and enmity between Osama Bin Laden and the United States;
  • Among those who supported attack on Afghanistan how many would have remembered that he was the same Osama Bin Laden and Mulla Omer who had been backed by CIA through providing them funds and ammunition on the name of Jihad against Russian foreign forces for more than 10 years.
  • How many would have remembered when praising President Bush on his agenda to defend their freedom from the Islamic fundamentalists that those Islamic fundamentalists were actually the same people who had been supported by US to welcome Muslim extremists from all over the Muslim world into Afghanistan and Northern frontier region of Pakistan (Pak-Afghan border) for the Talibanisation in Afghanistan.
  • How many would have remembered that those religious extremists seen in Afghanistan and Pakistan, today, were the same people who were supported by US in the past to establish their religious schools of thought in the towns and cities of Afghanistan and Pakistan.

History repeats itself. Those who were fighting against Russian forces with the support of the United States are fighting yesterday, now, fighting against the United States and her allies on the name of Jihad – fighting against foreign oppressive forces.

Last six years of bloody operations in Iraq and Afghanistan has documented a new history of killings and mass murders in these countries and terrorism around the world.

President Bush had promised to make this world a safer place to live; contrarily, today, forget the safety of others, the citizens of United States and other foreigners are being captured and beheaded and the videos of their slaughtering are being shown openly on websites and state televisions. The US agencies find no choice other than to advise their citizens to leave the states where these expatriates have been working for good peacefully for many decades. Everyday, the world is witnessing a new form of terror and torture. From Afghanistan to Iraq, the people are being horrendously killed either in sectarian violence or in the account of countering terrorism. Yet, for President George Bush and his allies they cannot leave Iraq and Afghanistan with unfinished business. On the other hand, the world looks helpless against the unilateral actions by the United States and her closest allies particularly UK and Australia.

In the current situation, it is very important for the people of United States, UK, Australia and other allies of United States that they should analyse and conclude whether their leaders have are making any progress or more mess in achieving what they have been claiming for the last six years.

Specially, on the 6th anniversary of 9/11 terrorist attacks, the people of United States have to think what have President Bush and his government really achieved so far for them. This is the time, when the people of United States have to think that how the majority of people in the world see United States. This is the time, when the people of United States must analyse US relationship with the rest of the world. Have they made more friends or enemies? They must assess, how much President Bush and his government achieved what they had claimed since the post-9/11 (2001) terrorist attacks.

There’s no mistaking that terrorism is a threat, as it has always been. There is also no disputing that those responsible for acts of terrorism in any shape or form must be held accountable. To be sure, prosecute those individuals or states who are responsible for the act of atrocities but the world will never accept that superpower would be allowed to turn the process as an advantage to cash out its vested interests. Nevertheless, terrorism cannot be eliminated by Terror. Violence cannot be eliminated by violence. Thoughts and philosophies cannot be changed by using power. Freedom is equally important for everyone no matter what country, race and belief they belong to. The democratic rules of civic societies have to be delivered in trouble countries by peaceful means not by power.

In fact, the incessant blunders on strategic & policy issues of Bush administration – presumably, aiming to rule the world by power –” has not only damaged the US reputation badly but created more enemies than friends since the 9/11 (2001).

The ongoing inflexible and offensive policies of the Bush administration have brought the series of alliance management problems for Bush even with other countries to remain in coalition. For example; John Howard lost huge support among Australians on the war in Iraq and the prolong stay of Australian forces in Iraq. The opposition and Labor leader Kevin Rudd, who is receiving growing support toward winning the next election, already announced to commence the plan for withdrawing Australian troops from Iraq.

The 6th anniversary of 9/11 might be the last chance for President Bush to reassess his policies, accept the mistakes, reassess and revise strategy and face the realities of the day. At the same time, the people of the United States and its allies need to compel their leaders to work for the creation of a threat-free environment for smaller countries and to make this world really a safe place for everyone.


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