Priority of the UN?


While the soils of Lebanon are being reduced to rubble and its citizens are forced to live in a state of limbo–”due to intense Israeli air strikes over the past three weeks–”the UN Security Council has, virtually failed to beam a formal call for immediate cease-fire by the antagonistic Tel Aviv.

On the contrary–”the ‘world body’–”has actively pursued the US agenda of putting Iran into the dock on the issue of its peaceful nuclear programme–”by adopting a resolution giving August-31 as the deadline to halt its N-plans.

The perception about United Nations Security Council–”as a subsidiary of the Capitol Hill persists–” clearly due to its tendency of pursuing the US agenda in world affairs and its incapability to stand by the weak and poor nations at the times of their trial and tribulation in keeping with its Charter.

It has, nevertheless–”further eroded the confidence of the vast majority of nations–”as a result of its criminal silence over the Lebanese crisis. As a matter of fact, the UNSC has–”once again proven itself to be Washington’s chess pawn with no self-respect–”at all.

Pragmatically analyzing–”it is truly perceived as the USSC–”rather than the UNSC. Its contradiction in the Lebanon and Iran cases has pained the people world over.

Seemingly–”while the UNSC was voting for the resolution to give deadline to Iran to suspend its nuclear programme–”it was totally devoid of even the humanitarian crisis of the perilous scenario in Lebanon–”where death and destruction is being ensured–”as a hideous feature by the ‘guardians’ of human rights–”as the apparent fate of the innocent people.

The plight of the Lebanese people didn’t even stir the conscience of the influential members of the United Nations–”to demand an instant cease-fire to save the humanity from total annihilation.

Israel’s tenacious refusal–”with a flat ‘No’–”to stop air strikes against Lebanon is the obvious result of US backing to Tel Aviv and UN’s spineless conduct on the issue.

As it looks, the UNSC will excitedly slap sanctions on Iran–”if it failed to respond positively to its call by August-31. Yet, it doesn’t have the courage to talk about the nuclear programme of Israel–”which practically possesses about 100 nuclear devices.

Taking into account, the ‘all-out backing and patronage’ of the UN–”Israel has also rejected the international pressure for truce with impunity. Prima face, the US is also against the global call for cease-fire in Lebanon–”a significant limb of the Middle East–visibly to let Israel achieve its objectives before the end of its merciless hostilities.

It’s, therefore, high time that the other power centres in the world should respond to their moral obligations and make sure that the world body acts with a sense of propriety and prudence–”for the sake of peace, security and stability around the world.

We deem it highly important because the world is gradually losing its patience with the circumstances at hand.

As is well-known, the erstwhile Soviet Union leader late Nikita Khrushchev’s proposal–”to shift the UN headquarters to Geneva–”is emerging as the only alternative to retrieve the situation–”prior to an environ whereby history rotates–”by placing the UN in the folio of the global record in the same style–”as is indexed vis-à-vis the fate of the League of Nations, almost six decades ago.


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