One Plus One Equals Three?

As Muslims stand in the West in a time like no other before us, a time of testing and of sorting. A time when the believers are sorted out from the hypocrites and the lovers of knowledge from the ignorant. Our televisions, radios and newspapers are bombarding the minds of those of us in western countries 24 hours a day, with new information, propaganda and blatant lies about the war of so called ‘enduring freedom’.

The lines between the West and Islam have been re-painted with clarity for all to see. The definition of an Islamic extremist or fanatic is being judged in accordance with westernistic lifestyle and idealic standards. In a recent profile of the life of Mohammad Atta, the so called ring leader of the ‘September 11’ attacks, presented by the ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation), exposing his supposed fanatical Islamic extremist traits in an hour documentary detailing his growing fanaticism, pointed out the definition of what is labeled as extremist behavior, such traits including: the appearance of many shoes outside of his apartment, he never attended the cinema, his dislike of western music, he believed that too often Muslim women wore their hijab (scarf) in a way that made them more attractive and sub sequentially was against this, he used to stop in the middle of his classes at university to pray 5 times per day, he grew a beard and didn’t mix with women socially. ‘Shock horror ‘ how alarming obviously he must be a terrorist based purely on these traits. The reality being that such traits are those of any practicing Muslim man and should be true of all good Muslims, for such a behavioural description could be of the Prophet Muhammad (saw) himself.

This is a time to be wary what you see is not always what you get. Recently news reporters were warning “there is a 100% chance there will be more terrorist attacks in the US”, this is purely sensationalism-how is it possible to have a 100% chance, when the principle of chance relies on the possibility it will not occur, 100% is a guarantee. A recent four corners report (ABC) took an Australian reporter into Kabul to judge whether or not there was evidence of massive civilian casualties as the Taliban claimed or not, when she came across a children’s hospital in the middle of suburbia which read like casualties from the front line; bullet wound, shelling, bomb, bullet wound, shelling etc. the list going on and on within 1 night, and masses of fresh gravesé.. When will people begin to realise if they lied about civilian casualties and they lied that boat people were throwing children overboard then who says they are going to tell the truth this time.

Let us analyse the miraculously non flammable paper the “Terrorists” used in order to write their final letter and instructions on before their planes were flown into the buildings on September 11th, amazingly the black boxes never made it clear of the blazing inferno, but funnily enough a slightly singed but in tack letter was found at the Philadelphia sight, maybe they took the time to throw it out the window before they crashed. Or how elegantly the evidence was laid out in the boot of the rental car, with a flight manual in Arabic language (to which there is some dispute as to whether exists or not) as though at the last minute they were studying up on how to fly and which buttons to press, and yet experts have noted that such flying would require highly technical experience. Let us also think how one would walk into a flight school demanding only to be taught how to fly on the horizon, no landing or taking off, realistic-I don’t think so. How such highly religious men shaved off their beards and spent the night before their attempt at martyrdom in a sleazy bar getting drunk believing on the following day they would be in Paradiseé.. And in Afghanistan such displays of precision bombing that include such targets as: the only UN office in Kabul working on removing land mines, 2 red cross food storage warehouses, the office of Al-Jazira television and civilian homes and hospitals. Mean while boasting at the accuracy of their ability to bomb moving targets. Callously referring to loss of human life as collateral damage-yet not one referring to those who were lost on September 11th as collateral damage, nor the reporters who were recently killed by bandits-in contrast they were murdered. How could such a master mind of the greatest act of terrorism known to mankind be idiot enough to allow himself to be filmed in full confession and accidentally leave it behind in a cave-perhaps he got the generator running so he could plug in his VCR and watch a few home movies.

I appeal to those who are not blinded,

It has become clear the transparency of the west, that these so called lands of freedom and liberty, are only perpetuating the type of freedom that allows political candidates like Jack King to run for parliament with his slogan “Stop the Muslim Invasion” but strikes down the likes of Anthony Mundine (Australian Muslim convert-Boxer) for pointing towards American foreign policy as a cause of its overwhelming hatred through many parts of the world-where was his freedom of speech?? Is this Enduring Freedom??

This is a time of cleansing and purification, a time of crying out for our brothers and sisters who are being slaughtered in the name of such ‘freedom’. At this time we are being tested- those who will forgo their belief, watering down the Truth so as to please the west. What can be said of the countless fashion parades, luncheons and picnics which are being held by Muslims in the name of peace, with free mixing of men and women both Muslim and non-Muslim compromising the very principals of our faith so as to appear liberal in the eyes of westernersé. When will we understand that we as Muslims can take of our Hijabs, shave our beards, change our names from Muhammad and Fatimah to Michael and Maria, but they will still not be western.

Again the people of Australia had a chance to have their say in this years 2001 election, in an election said to have been won on the issue of boat people, the people have spoken even in spite of revelation that the Federal Liberal governments had lied that illegal immigrants were throwing children off of boats-, and they milked it for all they could get, our Prime minister going to the extreme of saying ‘we don’t want people like this in our country’, still were reelected by a greater majority than ever. They make their position clear sniggering in the supermarkets, yelling out of car windows, cowardly attacking women wearing Hijab, burning our places of worship, steeling from our Mosques and libraries or even hundreds of families petitioning so as not to allow us to pray and make itikaf in some of our Mosques in the nights of Ramadhan. This is the freedom they are fighting to keep enduring- this is our wake up call.

In this time of frustration a time were the innocents are denied to have a voice , guilt is assumed without evidence and one is judged without a hearing, take the time out to analyse. Whose side are you fighting on. When you believe the lies, when you take for your self as friends or helpers against the very words of Allah. When you forget about the generations before you who fought for the sake of our faith, to protect the purity of our religion. It seems that we as a community are more enticed towards bidah and how to find ways to bend the rules rather than learning the truth and applying it to our lives, Islam in its purity is enough study to fill your whole life. Have we in this modern age attained all that there is to attain in our religion? where every man and his dog is free to present his own fatawaa and we chase after so called Holy men and spiritual goosebumps blindly without investigation. Have we reached perfection in understanding and now become board or just lazy, or has the no worries mate attitude leaked into how we practice our faith, or are we all just too busy chasing this dunyah and its worldly possessions to care. No wonder we are to weak to fight against Isreal as a military force wages war against civilians and we as Muslims cant even maintain the basic fundimentals of our faith, neglecting even the basis 5 pillars.

As you read your brothers and sisters are dying because they are Muslim and for no other reason, while us, lazy, in our lap of luxury sit back watching it freshly poisoned by CNN. The minimum we can do is petition Allah on their behalf, how many of us have really called our to our Lord for the sake of our brothers and sisters, call for Allah to bring justice, to show the truth and destroy the enemies of Islam. Too many Hollywood movies have dulled our sense of compassion when you look to the piles of rubble that used to be the homes of innocent Afghanis remember that they bomb your fellow Muslims who all they have to protect them is the mud homes that they live in and built by with their own hands. A war that was meant to find a man and destroy an organisation, now the people of Afganistan are crying as the security that the Taliban fought so hard to achieve is torn down, women are back to being raped, shops looted, arms bans now free war lords to turn to their former power. Listen closely to the speeches by the American leaders of defense their priority was to destroy the Taliban and then find Osama. It is Post Taliban Afganistan that shows why they had to be so tough as now in the streets of Kabul Muslims decorate Christmas trees so as to appeal to western media while in the back ground the poppy seeds return to the soil so they can again take their title of worlds largest heroin provider.

Maybe it is only now that their niyah (intention) is clearéé Imagine how many people listen and believe all they are being feed without question. Who will bring the media to account for their slander, there is no governing body or organisation responsible for defamation by the mediaéé. Who will stand up to the super powers and tell them their wrong. We march for Peace, but peace is not enough we need justice, Your brothers and sisters in Palestine, Afghanistan, Chechnya, Kashmir, Philippines, Eritrea, Sudan, Somalia, Indonesia and all the others who struggle against those who oppress our religion who fight against Islam, when they get justice – only then will we have Enduring Freedom.