Of Powell n’ Power

Amid a ray of hope for peace in the risky region of South Asia, the US Secretary of State, Colin Powell touched the tarmac of New Delhi Sunday-perceptibly-to have an in-depth dialogue with focus on instant solution of the longed issues-of-course with nuke’s n’ Kashmir atop.

At the end of his voyage to India, Powell will be visiting Pakistan-during this week-for significant talks with Pakistani leaders on a wide range of subjects including Pak-US relations, peace and stability in the region, anti-terror war and nuclear non-proliferation.

The Secretary is coming to Islamabad amidst highly provocative reports in the Western media about various US demands on Pakistan in connection with non-proliferation and anti-terror war in Afghanistan.

Prima Facie-the US officials are also resorting to calculated and on purpose accusations-against Islamabad, paradoxically on a regular basis and raising doubts and apprehensions against Pakistan’s pledges against terrorism.

Pakistan-in a way-is being pressurized to fight terrorism ‘as per Washington’s wishes and whims’.

Lets’ be realistic. This type of the US approach is neither friendly nor fair. It’s rather arm-twisting and aloof act, which no venerated sovereign state would ever abide.

It’s awful that Pakistan’s help to the US to fight terrorism is being seen by the Bush administration’s stalwarts-with mistrust-despite being acquainted with the veracity that the Pakistan had sided with the United States-against the wishes of its’ masses.

As a matter of fact, Pakistan has suffered a lot as an upshot of its support to the US war on terror in Afghanistan-yet by now, has got nothing in return.

Eventually, even a layman-with abode in Pakistan-feels as, hurt and mortified-in the wake of the arduous media crusade, unleashed vis-à-vis Pakistan.

It’s, therefore, hoped that Powell will try to address Pakistan’s sniffles n’ dilemmas rather than being more demanding while on its’ soil.

Pakistan has already done enough on account of anti-terror war and nuclear non-proliferation. Pakistan cannot obviously do any more on these counts.

Simultaneously, Islamabad should not be expected to sacrifice its national interests for the sake of specific n’ pointed US aspires.

Going by the index of the history, a significant-in fact a vital, crucial and critical facet-which surfaces is that US has never been a trustworthy n’ steadfast friend [of Pakistan] in the gone-bye epoch and it’s highly implausible that it shall be so-even in the times ahead.

Washington is already developing strategic partnership with India [one way or the other] and-on the contrary-it’s exploiting Pakistan for its own peculiar motifs n’ motives.

Above all, one is forced to lift eye-brows on a pragmatic question, which can in simple words be posed as-after all this, what has Pakistan gained out of its support to the US in its war against terrorism in Afghanistan?

Like the US proxy war against defunct Soviet Union in which Pakistan was overwhelmed with Kalashnikov and drug culture, the country is today confronted with the pest-like nuisance of terrorists from Afghanistan.

Attempts on the life of Pakistan’s President, General Pervez Musharraf and sectarian violence in Balochistan represent the glaring fall-out of the US military intervention in Afghanistan and-overtly for Pakistan’s support to its anti-terror combat.

As is envisioned in the prologue of this memo, we feel optimistic that Colin Powell-who has-this time come to this limb of the orb [South Asia]-very well prepared [than before] would, in no way, set aside from his mind the actual n’ authentic essence and spirit of his previous trips.

With this acuity, the right-hand man of the Bush administration is expected of laying emphasis on the evaporation of the entire factors-still placing perils for peace in South Asia, with the instant solution of the Kashmir dispute atop-instead of liquefying his vibrant energies on topics of less import.

Of-late, one of Powell’s deputies, the charismatic n’ captivating Christina Rocca has-categorically n’ miraculously rather marvelously-been very ‘kind n’ considerate’ rather vocal on the process of normalization of Indo-Pakistan ties-with her exclusive zest for the solution of the Kashmir issue, the core dispute, in a style which reflects the truthful aspirations of the people of the Himalayan State [though India, for the moment doesn’t think so; what a hilarious, mirthful n’ funny, yet all-sure a deceitful n’ furtive approach of New Delhi?].

No-doubt, as an authority on the South Asian affairs the elegant Rocca is enormously well-versed with the perilous impact-if this issue [of Kashmir]-remained afloat n’ up in the air.

Without casing or cataloging an agenda for Collin Powell, we hope that his visit to South Asia-explicitly to Pakistan-shall prove prolific, provided he fixes his priorities in a fashion-they are ought to be-folioed.

A gaze n’ glance by the Secretary on the episodes of the recent past would unveil the fact that most of the US ventures-by n’ large-have been abortive-virtually taking a shape of turbulent turmoil in place of enormous respects, regards n’ veneration, which is ought to be the authentic right of the solitary super-power-the United States. Just have a look on the realms like Afghanistan n’ Iraq-still camouflaged with haziness without an obvious forceful flash for future.

Manifestly, let the power [of Bush or Powell] prevail for preclusion n’ prevention of the actual axis of evils, the paucity, poverty, provocations, pretentious, pompous n’ so on and so forth-for the eventual affluence of humankind with dignity, honor and equilibrium.

As for terrorism, there can’t be two opinions about the hideous acts and deeds of all those fanatically caged in such a reckless mindset. The whole world shall stand hands-in-hands with the United States to pulverize all such mucky logos, wherever they dwell-provided Washington goes by parameters of objectivity with no uncalled for favoritism, bias n’ prejudice-towards any-one, irrespective of ones’ faith, color, creed, cast, credo or gender.

Millennium’s global village looks towards the United States to take care of every-one’s legitimate rights [exclusively peoples birth right of self-determination]-as a rock-hard shield. Likewise, it [US]-as the champion of the civilized world-is ought to ensure that gaucherie for flagrant violation of human rights-wherever this toxic bacterium n’ bug [despite the advent of the 21st century, equipped with novel gadgets] persists-is obliterated n’ extinguished with an all-out potency n’ that too, at-once. Divergence from realities has, in fact, no room in the contemporary epoch-except an final discomfiture, both for the masters and their own nation n’ neophytes.

As is known to all, history is n’ has always been indexed to learn lessons [of the past], by no means, just to make it a piece of décor for personal or public archives or annals. So why not to seek a paradigm [lesson] from such a funnel, or in other words, via such a guide [not simply, as a book]-yet even otherwise?