Kashmir Solidarity Day

The observance of the Kashmir Solidarity Day–”on Feb-5 every year and that too, with one voice is a clear manifestation of the bona fide verity that India can in no way delude the world opinion, any more and the New Delhi rulers shall have to bow before the explicit will of the gallant people of the Jammu and Kashmir, who are struggling to achieve their birth right of self-determination, in line with the United Nations resolutions–”at every cost.

If truth be told, the steadfast Kashmiris are, in fact writing another golden chapter in their epic history by making supreme sacrifices with the advent of every sunup.

One can’t forget the unique and atypical facet, the Kashmiris have. Of-course, on this episode, the Kashmir Issue. What’s happening in India held-Kashmir [IHK]? At the hands of the so-called and pseudo champion of ‘democracy’ and ‘secularism’–”India. It’s nothing less than a bleak panic. Nowhere in the world, such a ghastly state terrorism exists. Specifically in the 21st century. When every nation, irrespective of ones’ scope or size is fully conscious of it’s rights and obligations. Is far away from all types of coercions. Hates scuffles and skirmishes. Loves amity and tranquility. But is engaged in resist. Relentlessly against tyranny. Just get through the perspective of the history of struggle for freedom in Jammu & Kashmir State. Every aspect of Indian atrocities shall surface like the days of Pharos.

Yet, least upset on the straps of terror, unleashed by almost a million Indian troops engaged in acts of perpetuating atrocities and brutalities on the innocent people in IHK, each and every Kashmiri, irrespective of age or gender, is overtly resolute to carry on the justified struggle until the realization of their valid, lawful, legitimate and prime endeavor of smashing the manacles of the Indian yoke to seek their universally-accepted birth right of self-determination at the earliest.

No doubt, the bold and audacious Kashmiri people are swiftly winning feelings of affinity, love and affection from every peace-loving nation around the globe–”of-course with Pakistan atop.

Despite diverse types of Confidence Building Measures [CBMs] which are, prima facie a ‘prelude’ to the birth of an amiable environ in South Asia with a singular point of ensuring an optimal focus on the dilemma of the subjugated Kashmiris, the Solidarity Day is, once again being observed throughout Pakistan and Azad Kashmir today, February-5, in a befitting manner to reiterate Pakistan’s abiding moral, political and diplomatic support to the people of Kashmir struggling for their freedom in the charismatic Himalayan State.

Capacious programmes have been finalized to communicate Pakistan’s resolute solidarity with the Kashmiri people. The day is being observed with the sole objective of seeking a peaceful solution of this longstanding Issue and to pass on a pragmatic message to the international community through logical ways and means, especially to the foreign media to grip its all-inclusive attention on the Kashmir problem, which has been the root cause of persistent tension in South Asia–”for decades.

It’s a public holiday throughout Pakistan and Azad Kashmir today. The day dawned with special prayers for the martyrs of Kashmir, victory of the freedom struggle and expression of solidarity with the Kashmiri people. Besides mass rallies, symposia, walk-for-peace, conventions meetings and speech declamations, a unique ceremony at all the five bridges–”where a human chain comprising Pakistanis and Kashmiris to convey solidarity with each other, was the hallmark of the day-long events everywhere to observe the Day in an apposite mode.

Besides the ruling party in AJK, the All Jammu & Kashmir Muslim Conference, representatives of the All Parties Hurriyat Conference (AJK Chapter) also participated in every noble mission, including the functions at the refugee camps.

One minute silence was also observed at 10 in the morning as an eloquent icon of cohesion with the Kashmiri people.

Whereas the Lok Virsa depicted the heritage of the Jammu and Kashmir State, the Pakistan National Council of the Arts, simultaneously arranged an exhibition of painting titled “DAY SHALL DAWN” portraying the angst and ordeal of the Kashmiri people.

Almost thirty art pieces of the fêted Pakistani visual artists were put on show. Together with any other segment of society, the Pakistani painters did equally illustrate their solidarity with the shackled Kashmiri people through their skilled brush with flickering colors in red-tones; depicting the tip of blood flow in IHK to transmit the tragedy of Occupied Kashmir–”to the ‘Civilized World’.

By all factual perceptions, the be apt proceedings of the Kashmir Solidarity Day are ought to serve as an eye-opener for the comity of nations to assert its utmost weight on India to give up its egotistical stance by bending before the sincere and truthful offers of Pakistan to come to the table of apex-level talks for an early de-escalation of the uptight scenario in this pitch of the Orb.

Though there are little chances to seize an ideal scenario. Yet, the situation calls for optimum exercise of restraint and responsibility in the best interest of the peace in the South Asian region which can only be made possible with the solution of the core issue of Kashmir, reflecting the aspirations of the Kashmiri people.

The index of history beams the authenticity that Pakistan has whole-heartedly supported the voice of Kashmiris ever since 1947-48. It has never drifted, even slightly from its national resolve and the command of the Father of the Nation, Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah [RA] in extending its political, moral and diplomatic support to the Kashmir Cause, irrespective of the consequences–”at all fora Pakistan has faced Indian aggression, but has remained undaunted in its commitment to the emancipation of the Kashmiri people.

It’s, however, awful that Indian despotism and tyranny against the Kashmiris has mounted over the period of time [which persists even today]. Its’ almost a million troops are brutalizing the Kashmiri people with no let-up, besides resorting to massive human rights’ violations–”to the hideous and naughty level.

It’s a topic on record that India had occupied Kashmir by landing its troops in utter insolence for the Indian Partition Plan and in the absence of any accession document. Not only this, India has also backed out of its solemn pledges in the UN Security Council resolutions to provide Kashmiris an opportunity to exercise their right to self-determination through a free, fair and impartial plebiscite.

Simultaneously, New Delhi has been and is still discounting the pledges made to Kashmiris by India’s founding fathers including Pandit JL Nehru to let the Kashmiris go their way–”if at all, they [the Kashmiris] would not want to stay with India.

Amid such a milieu, it’s simply deplorable that India is not ready to accept the ground realities in forcibly occupied Jammu & Kashmir, where close to point a million Kashmiris have laid down their lives in their struggle for freedom from the Indian bondage.

At the out set of the CBMs, it appeared ‘perceptible’ and in a way ‘soothing’ that the Indian headship has at last realized the sensitivity of the Kashmir Issue and wisdom seemed being ‘dawned’ on it to seek resolution of the festering dispute. Hitherto, it has emerged nothing more than a ‘figment of the imagination’. Or a hallucination, dream or a castle in the sky. India’s attitude towards Baghliar Dam overtly rays its typical style of arrogance. So how can one expect that she [India] would conveniently agree to talk on Kashmir?

We caution Pakistani leadership not to be so flexible in dealings with India. However, with an elfin optimism we wish, the overtures to lead as a device for steps forward–”which, otherwise seems to be a complex task.

Without a doubt, Kashmir is jugular vein of Pakistan and it cannot evidently abandon it under any conditions. There ought to be no ambiguity on this account.

The observance of the Kashmir Solidarity Day is an unambiguous manifestation of Pakistan’s commitment to the veracity.

Not only the world, even the New Delhi rulers who-so-ever they have been, are and would-be detect it very well. Manifold ploys as and when applied by India, divergent to this realism have fetched for India nothing except a global anger, vexation and mortification. Thus it is ought to eschew such a mindset now if at all it is sincere for an affluent South Asia–”with peace and harmony along equilibrium, backed by mutual dignity and honor as the podium of such a vision. That rests only in the solution of the Kashmir dispute–”under UN aegis, as committed.

On the sacrosanct eve of the Solidarity Day, we would like to re-assure our brethren on both sides of the superfluous Line of Control [LoC] that our heartbeat shall continue to remain persistent as synchronized with them till the jiffy they achieve their cherished goal–”in what-ever way, they deem apt.