Business As Usual In Israel


Could George Bush really be as naéve as he appears?

Even though he has an Ivy League business degree from Yale, there are some things that they just can’t and don’t teach at the Yale business school but are the most fundamental tenets of survival in business. If Bush had ever actually been responsible for starting and growing a business himself, one that required the use of personal wits and resources, he may have learned one of them.

It’s a fundamental tenet of business. that has been handed down from father to son for thousands of years; from camel jockey’s to rug merchants to stock marketers, it has been a universal axiom of negotiators from time in memoriam. And even after all his experience with Israel over the past two years, Bush has failed this lesson again and again. Apparently, it still won’t sink in no matter how often he has to go back and repeat the lesson time and again . And, of course, that simple lesson that he has such difficulty mastering is simply this: Never turn your back on a liar.

Maybe it would help if he would get out a pen and paper and write this one down 10,000 times before he goes any further with his so called road map in the Middle East.

Even as he was glad handing with the butcher of Beirut in Egypt and mugging for the cameras, it is now obvious that Sharon was simply surveying Bush’s back for the correct spot to sink the knife. Even as Bush was trying to schmooze with Sharon, Abbas, and the other participants at the summit in Egypt, Sharon was plotting his betrayal and the undermining of Bush’s so called peace process with yet another terror assault in the West Bank which resulted in scores of deaths and casualties including a three year old girl. Furthermore, the Zionist’s fifth column infesting the Congress, the media and the entire political process in America is up to the same dirty game. Most everybody knows by now that Bush has never been a very quick study. I know I wouldn’t trust him to manage a lemon aid stand. But to trust the Butcher of Beirut, goes beyond stupid and well into the realm of unmitigated insanity.

But to some, it may seem like the Zionists in Israel are even slower to learn from history than Bush. Could it be that they are so blinded and preoccupied with their greedy theft of Arab lands and their bloody ethnic cleansing program against the Palestinians that they haven’t realized by now that every terror attack they mount will always bring the same counter-productive, horrific result?

It is obvious that the Palestinian freedom fighters have got assets already well ensconced within the Zionist stronghold that can be called to bear at any time in response to the IDF’s terror attacks in the West Bank and Gaza . Could it be that military “genius” Sharon hasn’t even figured that out yet? Well.. the answer to this is all too clear as well. The murdering, bloated serial killer, Sharon, had it figured out from the very beginning ..and that’s why it keeps happening.

You see, to end the wanton tit for tat violence and carnage would be to put an end to the Jew’s most profitable and rewarding business enterprise. And of course that, we all know, is the victimology business. You know, they’ve been selling their line of victim-hood under the exclusive “chosen ones” label here for over 50 years.

It works especially well on naive, brain dead suckers like the loony nut balls in the far out fanatical Christian right and sold with the help of the Zionist’s puppet goy salesmen like Jerry Fallwell, Pat Roberson and Tom Delay.

And it’s been so wildly profitable, that it doesn’t take a Warren Buffet to figure out why the Jews love this product above all others. I mean ..”What a business!”.

In fact, this is a business that dwarfs even the world’s largest multi national conglomerates in sheer pure profit cold, hard cash flow.

In order to support the poor persecuted Jews so they can have their own homeland at any cost, it has cost American taxpayers at least 150 billion dollars or over 5 grand for every man woman and child in the United States. But even that figure doesn’t begin to take into account the really monstrous costs to average Americans. Much of that money is, of course, borrowed by the United States which has to pay interest on it well into the future, for which our great, great grand kids will be on the hook.

But, in fact, the Zionist leeches in Israel actually lend much of this blood money back to the US treasury constituting one of the biggest financial run-arounds in human history, a scam that would make convicted Wall Street con artists Sam Waksal and Mark Rich fawn with admiration.

Naturally, the Palestinians know first hand what a sham any promise of a road map to peace is because they have been educated in the lies and deceptions of the Zionists for generations. Unfortunately for the American taxpayer, there is 150 billion times the honest courage and determination to free the people of Palestine from Zionist barbarism and repression in one little finger of an average Palestinian teenage girl than in the entire Congress of the United States. So, when it comes to peace in the Middle East , as long as Bush and Sharon have anything to do with it, you can expect to see one thing and one thing only. The same old bankrupt business as usual.

Paul Revere is a freelance journalist, commentator,  political analyst and a proponent of the fundamentalist interpretation of Constitutional issues. He contributed above article to Media Monitors Network (MMN) form New York, NY., USA.