A Plea to the Pakistani Army to End the Charade of Eradicating ‘Extremists’

One of the basic traits of a sovereign nation is the ability to define its core values and interests independently. The function of any legitimate government is to protect those interests and implement the values without compromise. The Pakistani junta launched the recent offensive operation in the border region that it shares with Afghanistan, under the pretext of eradicating the ‘extremists’. It then begs the question, what does the term represents. More importantly, does it comply with the interests or the values of Pakistan and what it was created for in 1947?

The term ‘extremists’ describes one with the characteristics of a bigot, driven by blind emotion and hatred. They are uncompromising in their general attitude and do not tolerate any form of dissension. The secular West engineered the concept in order to denigrate religion. Hence, the general concept of ‘extremists’ has become synonymous with ‘religious extremists’ over the years.

In the context of the Pakistan and the political climate since 9/11 ‘religious extremists’ is always equated with Muslim ‘extremists’. Which is referring to those Muslims who adhere to Islam and/or are actively resisting the foreign aggressors. This is why the passive and devout Muslims are described as peaceful but not those who are actively resisting in Palestine, Afghanistan and Iraq. Similarly, those Muslim who have refused to accept a compromised secularised version of ‘Islam’ are maliciously labelled as ‘extremists’. If, not compromising the core values is a reason for being labelled as ‘extremists’ then the world is full of ‘extremists’. Most human beings adhere to certain basic principles that define their identity, which they do not compromise.

One would have rationally expected all the Muslim governments with semblance of legitimacy to be eagerly aiding the Muslim ‘extremists’ as they represent the most potent force in opposing foreign aggression. This is more so in the case of Pakistan, which was created to provide sanctuary to the Muslims in general and in particular to those in the Indian subcontinent. Was this not the vision of Alama Iqbal and Fazlul Haq? To the contrary, the Pakistani ruling elite has constantly colluded with the foreign aggressor i.e. the US and by implication Israel; therefore their hands are stained with blood of the Muslims.

Even if we are to accept the notions of Muslim ‘extremists’ and ‘religious extremists’ from the Western secular bias, the Pakistani junta have adopted the notion without taking into account the role of the other extremists in the region and internationally. Furthermore, one has to consider that Pakistan as a Muslim country is part of the wider Muslim community (Ummah) and thus should reflect the interest of the wider Muslim community.

So, let us begin with its neighbour India. Even observing through the secular lenses, the Pakistani ruling elite remains conveniently oblivious to the rise of the Hindu fundamentalists in India. The imminent Indian election are being discussed around the subject of demolishing of the next Masjid (Mosque) or finding new ways to subjugate the Muslims in India under the pretext of defending Hindu interests. This has often resulted in burning Muslim businesses and properties, defiling Masjids and Muslim women, even the children and the old are not spared. In recent times the Christians have also been targeted. The recent carnage in Gujarat did not led to even the blinking of an eye in any part of the world, pity, only if they had oil!

The Muslims of the Indian subcontinent in general take pride in knowing that the early Arabs, Afghanis and then the Moguls liberated them from the oppressive Hindu caste system. The present day untouchables and other low caste Hindus also desire to convert to a monotheistic religion (Islam or Christianity) or Buddhism to escape the fascist like oppression emanating largely from the upper caste Hindus. However, these privileged Hindu extremists are preventing this by the use of sheer brute force in the so-called biggest ‘democracy’ of the world. Yet, Washington and Islamabad remains unmindful of these menacing Hindu extremists and the only ‘extremists’ hunted and talked about in India are the Kashmiri independence movement.

So, why is the Pakistani junta is using its army selectively to contain the radical elements at home and in Afghanistan whilst ignoring the extremists in India? At the very least an evenhanded approach could have been taken by linking the clamping down upon the Muslim ‘extremists’ at home with the Hindu extremists in India who have already taken the initiative by demolishing the Babri Masjid. To the contrary, the Pakistani ruling elite is ever keen to enhance their relationship with the fundamentalist Hindu government and yet claiming to uphold the secular value of eradicating ‘religious extremists’. They are rather content to immerse themselves in the cricket match with India, whilst the Muslims in India are being killed on a daily basis.

If these ‘Muslim extremists’ in Wazirstan were to raise the cross or the Star of David, would it make the Pakistani junta offer sanctuary instead of repression? I suppose it would comply with Musharraf’s ‘Islamic’ outlook, as he is busy removing Jihad from Kashmir, Afghanistan and even from the textbooks. If he could get way with it, he would try to remove the notion of Jihad from the Quran, with the aid of the disproportionate number of non-Muslim Qadianis that are littered within the Pakistani ruling elite. Qadianis are a heretical sect of Islam that was created by the British and no surprise that one of its primary features is its venomous opposition to the notion of Jihad. Rumour has it that Musharraf himself has strong Qadiani connection through his family.

Religious extremists also exist in the heart of those who claim to be leading the battle against ‘extremists’. The US government is largely a coalition of born-again Christian fundamentalists and pro-Israeli Jewish elements that operate as advisors e.g. Karl Rover in the background not to mention the grip of the fanatical moneymaking neo-conservatives known as the neo-shylocks.

It is the religious fanaticism of the US that propels it to support Israel and provide a shelter for all its crimes. Condaleza Rice and Colin Powell recently stated about the need to defend Israel on the basis of how it reminds them of biblical times. The biblical prophecy states that Israel is the promised Jewish land, with or without the Arabs. They have forgotten that the former white slave traders had similar views about the newly acquired territory of the US with respect to the Native Americans. It was the same bible used by these slave traders to repress the blacks from Africa. It is amazing how quickly people can forget the suffering of their own people when they acquire a certain amount of privilege and material prosperity.

There are sufficient reports and numerous statements to conclude that a good section of the US population believe in the second coming of Christ. Which necessitates the building of the temple of Solomon, a prerequisite for the second coming of the Christ. The temple is supposed to be built where the current day Masjid (Mosque) of Al-Aqsa in Jerusalem is situated, which is the third holiest place for the Muslims. Thus, the religious extremists in the US and Israel have been plotting to demolish the Masjid. They have been building various tunnels underneath it in order to weaken its structure. Of course this is all dismissed as conspiracy theory as the ‘innocent’ Israel is simply engaging in archaeological interests according to the likes of CNN and FOX TV. Consequently, Pakistan as a Muslim nation has an obligation to oppose! Israel and by definition any of her extremist allies to say the least.

Existence of Israel, its crimes, and subjugation of the Palestinians are justified on the basis of the bible. How ironic that the secular fundamentalists in the West expects everyone to accept the annihilation of the Palestinians on the basis of religion after lecturing about keeping religion out of politics! Is there an obligation on the Arabs/Muslims to accept the verdict of a Jewish ‘GOD’? Why does the secular West continuously cower under the stick of anti-Semitism and give legitimacy to the racist notion of a chosen peoples right to exterminate another nation?

The religious extremists of the Judeo-Christian world have an additional agenda that is to disarm and subjugate the Arab/Islamic world (Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran etc), which includes Pakistan. The US may have announced that Pakistan is a non-NATO ally and it may sound fantastic but it has very little substance until there is clear evidence that the US will tolerate a strong Pakistan, i.e. as a military power. Which is only likely if Pakistan was to shed its Islamic identity in capitulating to the designs of the Judeo-Christian fanatics.

The alliance of India and Israel was formed recently on the basis of fighting ‘terrorism’, which is a byword for targeting Islam and Muslims. Since the US has also formed an alliance with India and Israel then by implication there is an axis of US-Israel-India to fight the Mujahideen, even though this alliance has not been declared formally. Is Pakistan part of this alliance by its close relationship with the US? The temporary alliance formed by the US with Pakistan is only for its ‘services’ in killing their fellow Muslims as the unfolding of events since 9/11 demonstrates.

Therefore, the plea to the Pakistani army to end this charade of hunting ‘extremists’ which amounts to oppressing those Muslims who are resisting the American and European aggression upon our lands inspired by the neo-shylocks. The ‘extremists’ are extreme in their zeal to defend Islam; they are fanatical in resisting foreign aggressors who are bent on plundering our lands. They are zealots in defending their people. Pakistan should be fighting the real extremists in India, US, Europe and Israel within its capability instead of forging closer ties with them, as they are openly committing genocide against the Muslims in general under various pretexts.

The position of the Muslim ‘extremists’ is far above the moderates who are ever ready to compromise their basic values under the pretext of ‘interpretation’ of the Islamic texts with the intent of demonstrating their ‘moderateness’. If and when Pakistan is attacked by a future US or an Indian led administration, perhaps inspired by the neo-shylocks of US or Israel, it will be these Muslim ‘extremists’ that will lay down their lives and spill their blood, whilst the moderates will begin a new round of ‘interpretation’ of the Islamic texts.

Some of these moderates are even quicker to capitulate for the sake of acquiring material benefit betraying the interest of the rest of the Muslims in or out of Pakistan. It is not a matter of upholding the values or principles but rather their infinite ‘wisdom’ dictates that they should inflate their bank account, so that they may become future ‘Mujahids’. Just ask the likes of Ijaz Mansoor. No wonder, the US uses complimentary terms like ‘enlightened’, ‘liberal’, and ‘free thinking’ to describe such people.

How is it that the soldiers of the Pakistani army draw its inspiration from the battles and conquests from the early period of Islamic history but ironically it only applies itself against the Muslims? Making a mockery of the whole reason for the creation of Pakistan in 1947. You (Pakistani army) should know the serious implication of the recent edict (Fatwa) issued by the Ulemas that if you get killed in Wazirstan there will be no funeral prayers (Salat-ul-Janaza) for you and you deserve none!