A note to Pakistan’s brave soldiers used as mercenaries

Ink dries up in the Western Press lauding Musharraf as a valuable ally in the so-called war on terror. Is he an ally or a mercenary? Allies are consulted, mercenaries are hired.

All evidence suggests that although Mush had handlers in Mossad and US agencies since 1980, he has been a hired mercenary since January 2000 when he first readjusted the Nuclear Command Authority. Why is a retired general still calling the shots in NCA? The brave Pakistani Army soldiers are manipulated to kill other Muslims in the war of terror of Musharraf’s handlers.

It is time Pakistani soldiers look at what they are asked to do by a self-imposed, depressed and sick president. It is time that they look at the oath they took when joining the army. It is time that they look at the retired general and his actions (who violated his oath five times). It is time they check the direction of their muskets……which should be towards this retired general. Conscience –” Zameer – of a brave soldier is a lot more precious than a few pieces of bread! Wake up!

In view of the present situation in Pakistan, where Muslims are pitted against Muslims, bloodshed is widespread, and where violence against fellow Muslims and aggression on assets and property, perpetrated under the guise of Islam, defence of Pakistan and the “war on terrorism” is daily occurrence, we need to seriously think over our actions. What are we fighting for? What is our objective? What is our cause? Are we on the highway to heaven or hell? 

Before reaching any conclusion, let’s have a quick look at the ground realities.

The main objective of the Islamophobes, particularly in the US media, academia and politics was pitting Muslims against each other. It was promoted in the name of a “war within Islam.”[1] Soon after 9/11 the calls for a “war within Islam” intensified.[2]

Pakistan was the high value target[3] long before the war against the Soviet Union in Afghanistan, but undermining the Soviet Union was a priority. Focus shifted to Islam and Pakistan after the Soviet withdrawal. Taliban became the perfect scapegoat. Instead of helping the Taliban to correct their approach and ways to living by Islam, Muslims fully participated in demonising the Taliban. Operation 9/11 was planned. A war on Afghanistan was planned even before that. The country was invaded and occupied not just for the sake of occupying Afghanistan but for encircling the cooperating Pakistan as well.

Since then Pakistan army has been rented at $100 million a month[4] by the US. There is no denying the fact and no one can challenge this reality. The other billions were not showered for development or poverty alleviation or institution building. Those funds were also provided to further consolidate occupation of Afghanistan and strengthen Pakistan army for fighting its own people in the coming war within Islam.

As we can clearly see, Pakistan army is fighting their own, local, Pakistani people. Pakistan army was used to provoke reaction of local populations by blockading and bombing their villages in the name of fighting foreign terrorists. There is no denying the fact that many refugees came from across the border, but most of the foreigners among them were either killed or handed over to the US in the early days of the US war on Afghanistan.

Even if there were some remaining refugees, such as Arabs or Chechens or Uzbeks, they never came to Pakistan with the intention to fight Pakistanis. If they wanted to fight and die, they would have stayed in Afghanistan and fought the invading forces there, rather than coming to Pakistan to kill Muslims. It is a matter of common sense that anyone who is so dedicated to the cause of Islam that he is willing to give his life, how on earth would he violate the very basic and strong injunctions of Islam that killing an innocent person amounts to killing the whole humanity.

The myth of Al-Qaeda[5] of exaggerated and Musharraf regime played a bigger role in this only to prove itself the biggest ally fighting a war for America. So far the US has to prove that Afghans or Chechens or Uzbeks had a hand in the operation 9/11. All evidence leads to the “inside job” of those in the position of power and control within the US. Japanese parliament is far more bold enough to discuss the 9/11 truth, where as it should have been the Pakistani leadership at all levels which should have questioned the premise of the “war on terrorism” and the flimsy justifications for invading and occupying Afghanistan.

Anyway, the more one impartially analyse the findings, the more one comes to the conclusion that the US war on Afghanistan is illegal and illegitimate in the first place. [6] So anything that the Pakistani soldiers may do to consolidate the US occupation of Afghanistan is illegal both according to the international law and norms, and totally illegal and immoral according to Islam. This is from where illegality of the military operations begins.

Then go back and history and see if there was not a perfect peace in the tribal areas before Mush’s joining the war of terror? During the tumultuous years of Afghan war, when Pakistan army recruited thousands of people from across the country and outside Pakistan, the tribal people largely remained neutral.  There autonomy and related criminal activities by some aside, the tribal people had never engaged in any terrorist activities against the state of Pakistan in the past 60 years.

Now come to the role of Pakistan army, its motto and its mission. Against is original mission and mandate, today Pakistan army is engaged in what the US wants it to do.[7] The army itself is established on the foundation of Iman (Faith), Taqwa (fear of Allah) and Jihad fee sabeelillah (struggle in the cause of Allah). It is an inherently Islamic institution. What we need to assess is what has become of this Islamic army in a state, which the ex-commander in chief is not ready to accept as an Islamic State? Is the army still following the motto of Iman, Taqwa and Jihad fee Sabeelillah under the Generals who profess admiration for Mustafa Ataturk, who are staunchly secularists? Pakistan army was supposed to fight against the enemies of Pakistan and defend Pakistanis. Are they fighting the enemies of Pakistan? Did their victims declare a war on Pakistan? Or they have provoked a reaction to stage the drama of fighting terrorism?

Going one step further, the Pakistani soldiers must keep in mind that Pakistan not an Islamic state. It has not officially declared jihad against it own people. The regime is proudly participating in the “war of terrorism,” which has roundly been declared a war of terror even by non-Muslim analysts and impartial leading figures. By any standard and definition, the missions of Pakistan military within Pakistan are illegal and absolutely criminal. The army is engaged in the cause of the warlords in the United States. Period.

The neocons and their allied corporate terrorists have butchered millions of people on the 9/11 pack of lies. The Pakistani soldiers who are fighting for the warlords in Washington are committing crimes against humanity. If this war is not for Islam, not for Pakistan, not for saving Pakistanis from invading armies, then it is a totally unjust, criminal war against Pakistanis to please those who didn’t hesitate to declare a "war within Islam."

If someone argues that he is fighting against the “suicide” bombers and “terrorist,” we would like to hear: Why was their no “suicide bomber” in the past 60 years? Why was there no terrorist fighting them in the past 60 years? Why someone did not “misinterpret” Islam in the past 60 years? Why now? What happened all of a sudden? Who took all hopes of life from the people who know that if they don’t die fighting, they are going to get butchered anyway. So why not kill a few of those who are out there hunting to kill them anyway. Who is responsible for pushing people to this extreme?

Military officers and front line soldiers would do well if they understand the over all context and stop fighting and killing innocent villagers, whose lives have directly been threatened in the name of fighting mythical al-Qaeda –” a US bogey-monster to spread the war in the Muslim world. Of course, it’s hard to make both ends meet and being soldier one has no option but to obey orders, however, dying in the cause of George Bush is worse than quitting army or refusing to occupy Pakistani villages and killing innocent civilians in the name of Taliban and Al-Qaeda.

The Pakistani regime cannot declare a people –” Muslims – as infidels and declare open season on them. Even if there are Taliban, even if there are foreigners, one has to stop and ponder; did they declare a war on Pakistan? All propaganda aside, did they plan massacre of Pakistanis? Did they commit a crime? Above all, did they plan and execute Operation 9/11? The answer to these questions is: Absolutely not. Even if yes, bring the perpetrators before a court of law and punish them. Why this blanket war on parts of Pakistan, making life miserable for thousands of people, and displace them with the Israeli kind of collective punishment? There is not justification for continued butchery for pleasing the warlords in Washington.

According to Islam, the blood, property, honour, and reputation of Muslims is sacrosanct on the grounds of the noble verses of the Holy Quran:  

“And whoever deliberately and with premeditation kills a believer, his recompense is Hell to abide therein, and the Wrath and the Curse of God are upon him, and a great punishment is prepared for him”;  

and the Immaculate Tradition of the Prophet Mohamed (PBUH):  

“Everything pertaining to the Muslim is sacrosanct, including his blood, property, honor, and reputation”.  

Islam doesn’t allow war even against non-Muslims without reason, let alone Muslims. Here is clear rule for the declaration of war in the words from the Qur’an:

60.8:     "Allah does not forbid you respecting those who have not made war against you on account of (your) religion, and have not driven you forth from your homes, that you show them kindness and deal with them justly; surely Allah loves the doers of justice."

If there is no way Muslims can declare a war on non-Muslims unless the non-Muslims have already declared a war against them on the account of religion and have driven them out from their homes, how can the Pakistani regime declare and justify a war on its own people who have not driven other Pakistanis out from their home or stopped them from practicing their faith. Even in war with non-Muslims, the Qur’an says, show them kindness and deal them justly. Where is kindness and justice in the Mush war on his own people?

Indiscriminate bombings, shelling civilian population, collective punishments, allowing the US to bomb Pakistani territory and then accepting responsibility[8] for it –” where is sanity in all this, let alone justice.

Helicopter gunships have been used to spew fire from safe stand off heights from where, by implication, it is impossible to separate a terrorist from accompanying civilians. Heavy artillery –” an even more undiscriminating weapon –” is regularly employed. US U-2 spy planes, flying at 70,000 feet, unmanned Predator drones, equipped with Hellfire missiles, and unattended ground sensors (UGS) dropped from air at passes on the Hindu Kush are samples of the technological weight thrown against a people for the eradicating the non-existent, mythical al-Qaeeda. This is totally against international law and the clear message of the Qur’an.

In Pakistan, the major targets of the aggression of Pakistan army are mosques,[9] just as we see destruction of mosques at the hands of occupation forces in Iraq and Afghanistan.[10] All houses of worship are sacrosanct, including mosques and the non-Muslim houses of worship of all faiths and religions. Therefore, these places of worship may not be attacked, appropriated, or in any other way used as a haven to perpetrate acts in contravention of Shari’a.

Necessarily therefore, it is incumbent upon all Muslims, and Pakistani soldiers in particular to adopt caution and vigilance against all attempts to sow division among them, break their ranks, or incite sedition, strife, and hate to corrupt their divine spiritual bonds with each other as brothers of a single ummah. Regardless of a job in the military, regardless of the military’s accesses against one’s loved one, all attacks on each other –” the war within Islam –” must stop immediately.

There is no place for aggression (Pakistan’s military) and the counter-attacks (retaliation in revenge) in Islam. It perpetuates the ongoing bloodshed amongst Muslims. The more responsible faction –” the Pakistan army –” has to stop provoking retaliation. It has to stop the war on Muslims. It has to pull back. It has to stop this war of madness. If there are criminals, brought them to justice in a court of law and punish them as a lesson for others. But this blanked war or terror must end. Otherwise the ruling is clear. They are fighting in the cause of neocons-Zionists and corporate terrorists. They are simply on the highway to hell. Pakistan army –” both the generals and the foot soldiers – have to stop this madness even if it cost them their job.

Being in the position of power, Pakistan army is bound to provide security, protection and means of decent livelihood to all categories and sections of the Pakistani people and to uphold justice among them, principally, by ensuring the release of innocent detainees, by bringing to speedy and fair trial, and executing the ruling against, those indicted of crime, while observing strictly the principle of equality among all citizens.


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