Pearls of Wisdom?

With a newest allure for global peace, President Bush has said that there should be respect and peace in the House of Abraham, the first Prophet common to the revealed religious of Judaism, Christianity and Islam, whatever their culture differences.

Speaking at the Galatasary University in Istanbul, he said ‘trust and goodwill come more easily when men and women clear their minds and their hearts of suspicion, prejudice and unreasoned fear’.

It’s really heart warming to listen to such pearls of wisdom from a man like George W. Bush, who has proven himself to be an arch enemy of the Muslims with his oppressive conduct over the past three and a half years of his presidency.

As is indexed by historians, the actions of Bush are, on the other hand, a broad negation of his professions. If wisdom has dawned on him now, it will be appropriate that he should apply his new vision of intra religion harmony on himself and his neo-con associates to refrain from targeting the Muslim countries.

The reality is that he and his neo-con associates have bewildered the Muslim world.

Afghanistan and Iraq have been occupied in the name of terrorism, while Iran and Syria are being hassled on one pretext or the other. Libya has already been made to succumb to the US whims.

Pakistan is being mocked and targeted on a habitual basis primarily for being a Muslim realm with nuclear capability, despite its unprecedented support to its war on terrorism in Afghanistan.

If the parameters of equilibrium–”in a judicious way are applied–”a greater responsibility devolves on the United States as the lone superpower to promote goodwill and understanding among Muslims, Christians and Jews, because all of them are, by an all-inclusive pragmatism the sons of Prophet Abraham.

Amid this analytical and realistic viewpoint, its’ simply disgusting that no other American President has prompted Jews so much to target the Palestinians as Bush has done–”to-date. Instead, he should have played a positive role to promote harmony between Israel and Muslim countries in the Middle East in keeping with his call for peace in the House of Abraham.

Islam is a religion of peace, moderation, tolerance, compassion and forbearance, yet it has been projected negatively–”explicitly in post-Nine/Eleven scenario–”by the Western ‘cerebrals and intellectuals’–”of-course with mysterious and ulterior motives.

If–”at-all, Bush is truly stern about his views for ‘peace on earth’, it is imperative that he should better encourage the Western writers and scholars to shun and eschew prejudice against Islam–”and instead promote synchronization, love, amity and harmony among the followers of three divide religions. They are ought to be kept far away from projecting perilous and reckless views which are piteous of–”any religious norms, ethics, ethnicity, customs and traditions.

Amid escalating and swelling dot of human causalities on the sacred soils of Iraq, of-course at the hands of US-led marines, the real perceptions, of the Chieftain of the administration at the podium of the Statute of Liberty–”the United States, which poses itself as the solo super power on the Orb plus rays its ‘Love’ vis-à-vis Islam, virtually proves itself other-way-round as it [the US] stand exposed as bare as the overt Skies. Its’ not too far off when George W Bush in a televised speech had aired to the globe the ‘lofty magnitude’ of his adore for the sacrosanct Faith.

Yet the follow-up acts by the US President unveiled the actuality that his lexis was nothing except a ‘powerful device’ to galvanize peoples’ favor–”as a part of the election crusade with an ultimate goal to win, come-what-may. So time has proved, the expressions of the ‘Master of the World Today’–”nothing more than a typical ploy to dupe the public opinion.

Whatever is happening in Iraq is well-known to the community of nations. Every dawn brings along a new ‘Pandora’s’ Box’ for the innocent souls–”tied in the religion of Islam. The number of deaths and the size of destruction is clutching heights–”as high as the Himalayan or Mount Everest peaks. The populous on the soils, which is pragmatically –” as Muslims, is being crushed with an iron-hand. Just for requiring their bona fide right of freedom. Freedom with no alien command and interventions, at-all, whereby, in return, they get bullets in place of a bow by the invaders, wherever they have come in.

Not to talk of Iraq alone, what type of callous treatment is being meted with the people of Palestine? Whosoever asks for striking the yardstick of equilibrium is being targeted to the extent that each one of such spirited souls is made vanished by the atrocious gun-ship helicopter of the ‘cute baby’ of Washington and that too in a spur of moment. Neither Iraqis nor the Palestinians are insisting for Moons or Mars. They have no designs which can, in any wall, be indexed as zest for expansionism. They are all-set to achieve their righteous aims and objectives–”the exit of US-led troops from Iraq and an independent free and sovereign state, titled as Palestine.

Paradoxically, the Bush Administration doesn’t seem in a mood to accept the legitimate demand of the people of these realms and is still adamant towards its’ fictitious aspires. Almost in the same fashion, as India has been and is doing with the people of the Muslim-dominated Himalayan State of Jammu & Kashmir. Yet, every realist fully knows that such an appetite or thirst to override the real owners of such terrains, can be extinguished with no other way–”except an eventual exit, as any illegitimate act has no other way-out in any style.

Hence, the only apposite way, left for every alien rule is to eschew lust for expansionism and instead go for a track which harbingers crowns of dignity and honor instead of a global disgust with hate and odium. Such examples are cataloged by truthful historians in their works–”which are to stay intact till eternity.

Well-acquainted with the episodes of the past, Mr. Bush is ought to know the fate of his own aficionado, the United Kingdom. It ruled the world for centuries. Right from the origin of the rise of Sun to the point where it, ultimately sets-in, every day. Yet ultimately, it was left with no choice, but to quit–”every locale, it was ruling. So, now, even confined to an elfin land, it [UK] enjoys the almost the same impact, esteem and veneration, as it have had–”as a ruler of a celestial or Martian empire. If Mr. Bush has a little revere for Islam or Muslims, with abode in the United States [as he very often beams through his own dialect]–”one would have a genuine right to pose him a simple question; ‘Is it the way [unvarying blitz on Iraq and to keep deprived the Palestinians of a sovereign domain and domicile in the silhouette of an autonomous State or for that matter, Kashmiris of their birth right to self-determination] with his ‘outlook’ which, prima facie articulates his respect [even] for those, who are linked in the bonds of Islamic affinity and brotherhood?

He knows, the Nature has its’ own course to operate–”like the fall of the Soviet Union. Isn’t this correct? At the same time the US-Boss is well familiar with the maxim: ‘It is your attitude and not your aptitude that determines your altitude.’ And, simultaneously: ‘Success is not for ever and failure is not fatal.’ With this reality, why not to go-by your visions towards Islam–”which teaches love and rejects hatred–”in its all forms and manifestations. If at all, the US is ‘resolute’ to wipe out the guiltless peoples by applying the Law of Jungle [setting aside the Law of Torts] even in the most modern epoch of Millennium, than why don’t you hit with a perilous stroke? Only the Creator shall retort here in this world and hereafter. No faith, cast, color, creed or credo can deny this.

Going by a story of recent past, yet another facet which emerges is the outlook of an aficionado of President Bush–”the British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw, who too beamed his perceptions on the blessed religion of Islam.

The Jack had said, while on a visit to Pakistan that West is eager to remove the existing mistrust with cohorts of diverse faiths.

Speaking to newsmen at the end of his visit to a religious institution in Peshawar, before getting back home, Jack Straw said that to achieve this objective, the British Empire has embarked on some tangible steps and clergy in Britain has started work to build bridges of understanding between Muslims and Christians–”via a process of dialogue.

If viewed, pragmatically, no belief preaches violence, discrimination and hatred. On the contrary, all religions stand for–”peace, love and affection.

As Islam and Christianity preach peace there is no raison d’être why their followers should be at loggerheads.

On the contrary, its’ ironic that Muslims have remained target of the West–”most exclusively of the US for decades, in reality for centuries, overtly due to the covert motives of Christian clergy and a sort of a galaxy of intellectuals–”at such realms.

As is keyed–”in the pages of history–”concepts like ‘Clash of Civilizations’ were projected in the 20th century with the drive to deepen rancor n’ animosity between Muslims and Christians.

And eventually–”the Muslims are today being blamed by the West–”for anything detrimental–”taking place anywhere around the orb.

Ironically, a dismal scenario of Islam’s punching n’ bashing–”is explicit everywhere in the West.

To quote a few instances–”no one can deny that the perilous issues of Kashmir, Palestine, and Chechnya–”stand as the ciphers n’ icons of flagrant injustice, being constantly–”inflicted on the Muslim world.

There is, thus, a validation for the Muslims to feel hurt n’ upset. Plausibly, the Nine/Eleven tragedy is being put up as a podium for–”the upshot of the perpetual prejudice and bigotry–”to which the Muslims have been subjected by the ‘civilized world’, titled as–”the West.

With every parameter of justice and fair-play–”its’ for the West to bring its policies towards the Muslim world synchronizing–”with its professions and get rid of the symbols of injustice against the Muslims to prove its truthfulness about amputation of all types of qualms, which have been–”flanked by now.

We admire Jack Straw’s avowal that Britain has taken positive steps–”vis-à-vis this significant and crucial topic, even though the ground realities, by now, are entirely dissimilar.

The occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq, confrontation with Iran and Syria, blind support to Israel and concepts like greater Middle East are–”in a way–”a total contrast to the Jack Straw’s contentions.

It’s envisioned that the West–”led by the United States–”will try to comprehend that it cannot live in peace, if it would not allow others to live in peace. Muslims too are part of humanity and should–”in no way–”be treated with disdain, bias and abhorrence–”as such a course, if persists, is bound to generate disgust in the Muslims as well–”of-course, as a natural phenomenon.

As was divulged and acknowledged by Jack Straw during a discourse with a select assemblage of visionaries with scholastic perceptions Islam is a religion of peace, amity, harmony and adore for all, with equilibrium as its’ pedestal, we feel optimistic that this fabulous visualization–”which is based in a pragmatic mindset shall stand translated into a reality, and shall not rest as a mere illusion, flummox or a fantasy–”in times ahead.

With the emergence of the new world-order, this planet–”as a matter of realism–”has turned into a global village, always equipped with zest n’ delight for a tranquil environ.

No one–”even with the status of ‘commanding-ones’ can neither live in seclusion nor can inflict their divergent n’ atypical aspires on any-one else. With this veracity, it’s only the mutual regard, respect n’ reverence that is, in the long-run going to triumph to clutch charismatic savors–”for peace all-over.

Such an point of view is no less than a mystic river–”which is ought to flow with optimal velocity–”for swift dissemination of the memo of love n’ adore–”to the eventual comfy affluence of the humankind, wherever it dwells on this planet. This approach would simultaneously make extinguish n’ evaporate all ‘idols of malevolence’ engaged in evil acts terrorism–”in a hideous style, posing perils to–”none else except the humanity.

So let there be a milieu for every-one to drift along the fabulous n’ sacrosanct emblem in the silhouette of a mystic ocean which is ought to obliterate impious n’ wicked species by falling-over terrorism, in its’ all forms n’ manifestations–”and all-set for opening a serene ambiance for the pacifists, irrespective of ones’ devotion towards a specific belief of his own option–”all-over.

While airing to the sphere this down-to-earth n’ logical valuation, one feels sanguine that the terminology of Jack Straw who undertook voyage to Pakistan–”as an emissary of the majestic British empire shall also induce, Washington as London is reckoned as its’ top adherent to trail the alike telepathic n’ sage illustration that has been elucidated by him [Starw] on the sanctified soils of Pakistan and that too, without any elusiveness.

We feel optimistic that the US President shall translate his marvelous perceptions, aired on the soils of a Muslim domain–”Turkey into a reality via his unconcealed acts and demeanor.

With this optimism, every amiable soul and spirit looks forward an abrupt change in the attitude of the United States towards humanity which shall fetch good for it [the US] before any benefits are accrued by any of all those, now-a-days facing perils with an awful scenario, marked by ‘hit and go’ [in coffins] the feeble nations or if otherwise phrased alike–”Catch-22. So why not to opt for a mystic oceanic, which has no limits and is to stay alive till time without end?