Peace on Earth


Holidays are the time for celebrating family tradition values and beliefs. Every one has their own traditions. It is such a coincidence that this year most of the holidays are celebrated in the month of November and December. The best way to celebrate Holidays is to emphasize World Peace. We can do several acts to achieve world peace but the most significant is that we need to recognize that every individual is different from one another. We should listen to each other with open mind. Recognize each other’s differences and tolerate each other.

As it is the beauty of this World that we all are different from each other. If the world is a forest and all the people were the trees, Palm and Pine, bamboo and willow. Live and grow in harmony. What if all the trees were oaks, how plain the world would seem; No maple syrup, banana splits, and how would orange juice be? Imagine a world where all the people are look alike. Same skin color, same language a! nd same family name. Wouldn’t this World be so dull without the different colors of the flowers? If all the people were the same, wouldn’t it be a boring place?

The beauty of God blooms every where. God created this World in such a manner that every individual is different from each other, but we all are one; we all are connected and peace and love exist within each and every one of us. We are here to help each other. I learn from you and you from me. We need to live together in peace and harmony.

Youth are our future; so in-order to have a peaceful future we need to teach our kids the importance of tolerance and acceptance of each other’s. Franklin Roosevelt said that “We cannot always build the future but we can build our youth for the future”. As we believe that there is no education like adversity. The best education academy is the one who are recognizing and respecting every individual. Apple tree Montessori is an institution and academy of education that is doing a great job not just academically but are trying to provide a peaceful future as well. They are celebrating their Holidays in a unique tradition. For Halloween, every class had been assigned to a different country. For a month we studied about that country’s history, civilization, language, geography, culture and people. Students learned about different nations and religions. It helps them to recognize and accepts each other’s differences.

In the month of November and December, we all celebrated different traditions and Holidays. The significant and appreciable aspects of Apple Tree Montessori’s curriculum are that they are teaching and learning about each and every tradition and Holidays. I am also a teacher in this School. I listened and observed some interesting reactions from the students. There are Muslims students who do not believe in Santa Clause but they are happy to make a colorful Christmas tree and love to sing the song about Hanukkah “The Festival of Light”. I saw Jewish kids giggling and dancing on Jingo Bells. Non Muslims kids are learning about Ramadan and the importance of fasting. They are eager to learn about the different values and traditions. As we all enjoy to break a Piniada on our Birthdays but do we know the background of Piniada? Kids were thrilled to know that it s a part of Mexican celebration called Persoda. We all glad to learn about the African American celebration called Kwanza that is celebrated from 26th of December and last seven days. This is the best way to inspire Children to learn more about other countries, culture and people.

In-order to emphasize the World’s peace there should be peace in each and every heart. There will be no discrimination, prejudices and violence. But we can’t expect World’s peace when we can’t be at peace with our coworkers, classmates or our blood relatives. I believe that we should teach our kids the importance of tolerance and respect to each other.

Change starts at the individual’s level then spread like wildfire to the hearts and minds of everyone. Imagine a world where every one greets you with a smile. Imagine a world full of love, health, peace, and harmony. One in which the loving spirit in you, recognize the loving spirit in everyone. Imagine a world in which each of its inhabitants is a living example of love, peace, patience and harmony.