Pawns in the war between Zionism and Islam

William Guy Carr, the author of “Pawns in the Game,” predicts in his 1939 book that some hidden forces in the West would “stir up” tensions between Political Zionism and Islam which would lead the world into World War Three.

It is interesting to note that the author has added the crux of his life long findings to the introduction of his eighth book in 1958, after 19 years of its publication. As a Commander in Royal Canadian Navy, he participated in both WW-1 and WW-2 and some of his books were specially bound for inclusion in The Library of The Imperial War Museum, and the Sir Millington Drake Library.

The rest of the introduction shows how some evil things were planned way back in 18th and 19th century by the hidden forces in the US. The long range nature of the planning, and that it has all come true, validates the existence of the evil forces which most of the analysts of history and scholars in current affairs tend to ignore.

The author of “Jerusalem in the Qur’an” also explains exactly the same phenomenon and draws similar conclusion in the light of the Qur’anic knowledge. What William Carr explains as the existence of Illuminati, the Satanic/Lucifarian elements, are referred to by Imran N. Hosein as Dajjal and Gog and Mogog. He noted this aspect biblically and Qur’anically, in connection with the world order and future events.

Professor Robinson’s book, Proofs f a Conspiracy, written in 1997 at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland, also documents, in meticulous detail, the existence of the Illuminati, their Satanic and Subversive nature and their plans to abolish all religions.

Professor Robinson was invited by Adam Weishaupt to become a member of the Order of the Illuminate. He visited their Grand Orient Masonic Lodges in Europe, he observed their rituals, but he kept it all to himself and later exposed it in his book. The book was a best seller back then but has largely been suppressed since.

Imran Hosein is also of the view that Gog and Magog have overturned Christian European civilization and transformed it into the present godless civilization. Gog and Magog are actually behind establishing the Zionist movement and the State of Israel.

Non Muslim researchers have concluded that presentation of half-truths –” as attempted by Freiderich Hayek in his book The Road to Serfdom –” are unconvincing without the acknowledgment of evil forces behind godless systems from socialism, to communism and now secularism. They believe that people will not clearly see the full truth when they are presented only with half truth.

Muslim researchers also conclude that the ‘internal reality’ of the world today, as understood through the Qur’an, is quite different from the ‘external appearances’ on the basis of which such people form judgments. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) warned that the age of Dajjl, the False Messiah, would be an age in which ‘appearance’ and ‘reality’ would be completely different from each other.

There is a striking similarity between the thesis of well-known authors such as William Carr and Islamic scholars such as Imran Hosein. Mr. Carr writes in the introduction to his book that the “Luciferian” plan is “to prevent God’s Plan for the rule of the universe being established on earth” and pave the way for establishing a “One World Government.”

Explaining the same phenomenon, Imran Hosein gives reference to the Qur’anic verse 21:95-96 –”: “And there is a ban on (the people of) a town which We destroyed: that they (the people of the town [Jerusalem]) shall not return (to reclaim their town) until Gog and Magogare released and (eventually) they descend from every height (or spread out in every direction)” Qur’an 21:95-6 –” and concludes: “When Gog and Magog do so they assume control over the world and rule the world in the World Order of Gog and Magog… The return of the Israelite Jews to the Holy Land confirms that Y’ajoj (Gog) and M’ajoj (Magog) have already been released.”

Muslims prove it from the Qur’an and sayings of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) that the “World Order which today rules over the world is the World Order of Gog and Magog.” It is mentioned in the Qur’an (Chapter al-Kahf) that the world order of Gog and Magog would be one of Fasad (i.e., oppression and wickedness) as opposed to punishing the oppressor for establishing a harmony between the world order here on earth with the heavenly world order above. (i.e., a harmony of temporal reality with spiritual reality).

Non-Muslim researchers, such as David Pappen, President of Harvard University, conclude from their experience and research way back in 1798 that it is “Illuminati” that wants to destroy all religions and governments. Just repeating the words of the Qur’an for the rule of Gog and Magog, Illuminative is believed to use their invincible power (built on foundations of Godlessness) to oppress and establish here on earth a world order which would be in total conflict with the heavenly order above.

Imran Hosein proves how the evil forces behind the scene planned and conducted World Wars to shift the Ruling State power from UK to US and to establish the state of Israel. William Carr reached the same conclusion more than half a century ago, when he wrote that Illuminate pushed the world into World War Two to “increase power of the political Zionists” and that “the sovereign state of Israel could be established.”

The Qur’an predicted the return of Jews to the Promised Land and Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) clearly warned of the most deadly war in the Middle East. Similarly, William Carr predicted in 1958 that the “World War Three is to be fomented by using the differences the agentur of the Illuminati stir up between Political Zionists and the leaders of the Moslem world.”

We may reject, as we do, one side described above as religious fanatics and the other as conspiracy theorists. However, it is hard to close our eyes to the reality that for more than fifty four years since the birth of Israel the world is helplessly watching the never ending oppression. Israel’s expansion and exploitation of the US policies have not as yet ceased. In the name of security, Israel is preparing to unleash a major war on the Arabs through which the frontiers of the Jewish State would dramatically expand.

In this unfolding war between Zionism and Islam, Blair, Bush and their allies are no more than pawns in the hands of real evil forces behind the scene. Men of understanding have reached the Truth. They are only describing it in different terminologies. The difference we notice is only due to looking at the reality from totally different perspectives.

Majority of us is living in denial. Our persistent denial of the reality, like many other rejectionists of the clear signs from their prophets before us, is making the coming conflict between Zionism and Islam inevitable.

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